Chat Wrap: Nicole Powell

Jan. 23, 2002

NicolePowell: (2:03 PM ET ) Hi Everyone! Let's get going!

Sweet P (Phoenix): Where did you get such a beautiful smile?

NicolePowell: (2:04 PM ET ) Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks for all your support, you guys are my biggest fans! I get my smile from you!! Love ya! #14

Jim Kortegast - Scottsdale, AZ: Hi, Nicole!I attended the Stanford vs. ASU game in Tempe, AZ just prior to Christmas. I was delighted to see you and The Cardinal play, and I rooted for your team.What are some of your favorite universities or basketball arenas to visit and play at besides Maples Pavilion?Best wishes for your team the rest of this season!

NicolePowell: (2:06 PM ET ) Hi Jim- Thanks for coming out to support the Cardinal in AZ. I really enjoy playing around all the Pac-10 sites, especially at ASU, Oregon, and in LA. I think it's great when we get a lot of fans to come out and cheer.

Marty (Chicago): Hello Nicole, Describe what it will take for Stanford to win 'The National Championship' this year in Women's College Basketball?

NicolePowell: (2:09 PM ET ) Hi Marty- I think for us to win the National Championship, we need to buckle down and do the 'little' things like rebounding and be able to execute on both ends of the court. I also think we need to raise our level of intensity and play our style of bball regardless of who we're playing.

Scrappy: Hi Nicole....I'm a HUGE fan of your's...but I don't get to seeyou play much, because I live in Southern California. I was wondering if you everplay Cal-State San Bernardino, cause they are local, and have a very good up andcoming program. Good luck the rest of the season!!

NicolePowell: (2:13 PM ET ) Hi Scrappy- I don't think we get a chance to play Cal-state Bernadino, but I have a friend who is a coach there and I know they're having a great season. Thanks for your support!!

Zoe (SF): As a season ticket holder, it's been an absolute joy to watch you these past two seasons. A question for you: this season, the PAC-10 hasn't been nearly as competitive as the SEC or Big 12. Do you feel this puts Stanford at a disadvantage going into the NCAA tournament in March?

NicolePowell: (2:16 PM ET ) Zoe- As a team we just come out and try to play our best against each opponent and we feel that if we play at a high level, post-season seeding will take care of itself.

Kim Burson (Redwood City) CA: Hi Nicole, Congratulations on your greatseason! We are going to come to the PAC-10 tourney to cheer for the team in March.Do you like the idea of the PAC-10 tournament to decide the PAC-10 championshipor do you think it should be based on PAC-10 record alone? Good luck in the games!Kim

NicolePowell: (2:18 PM ET ) Hey Kim- First of all, I think it's great that you'll be in Eugene to support the team! I think the Pac-10 tourney can do nothing but help our conference and it should be a lot of fun.

Chris, Tucson: Nicole, you played badminton in high school. Do you think, as the game is played at it's higher level, helped with your agility on the basketball court?

NicolePowell: (2:20 PM ET ) Hey Chris- Sure, I think badminton is definitelya fast paced game and even last spring I could see improvement in my footworkfor bball after playing badminton.

Jim Kortegast - Scottsdale, AZ: Greetings again, Nicole!I'd like to ask how you selected Stanford University for your education and also how you get along with your Cardinal teammates.Thank you!

NicolePowell: (2:24 PM ET ) Hi Jim- Obviously I think Stanford is a great place and I feel that the education here is one of the best in the nation. My teammates have been great this year and I enjoy all the time I spend with them.

Marty (Chicago): Hello Nicole, How would you describe your overall 'Game' as a Basketball Player at Stanford?

NicolePowell: (2:26 PM ET ) Hi Marty- I'd describe my game as versatile. I just try to contribute in all areas of the game, whether it be rebounding or getting the ball to our scorers

Angie #3: Hey Nicole! I'm from Seattle, and I just want to say congrats to all of your success. You got mad handles, and a great shot, but outside of basketball what do you like to do? Thanks! Go Stanford!

NicolePowell: (2:28 PM ET ) Hi Angie- I can never get enough of practice!, but outside of bball I just like to hang out w/friends and catch up on sleep as much as possible.

Kelli (Honolulu, HI): wow, I really admire the way you play, but I waswondering if the pressure of being so good, and expecting to perform ever getsto you? do you ever want people to just like stop talking and maybe not expectso much? thanks

NicolePowell: (2:31 PM ET ) Hi Kelli- I try not to let others' expectations of my play get to me, but I do have high expectations for myself and want to perform at the highest level every time I play.

Stanford Fan (San Jose): What are the biggest challenges facing the Cardinal for the remainder of the season? What will it take for this team to get to San Antonio?

NicolePowell: (2:34 PM ET ) Hey Stanford fan- I think the biggest challenge for us is to continue to improve and play with a high level of intensity everyday in practice.

JIMMY, Martinez: Hey Nicole, first of all I want to congratulate you onyour success thus far in the season! You are a very exciting player to watch.Never know what you are going to do next. I was wondering, what advice (as faras skills) would you give high school basketball players to make the game easierfor them? Thanks for your time, and Keep up the good work!!

NicolePowell: (2:36 PM ET ) Hi Jimmy- My advice to high school players would be to work hard in all areas of the game, regardless of position, and to always have fun. Thanks for your support!

SakiBomb25, Palo Alto: Great job this year Nicole! You are a rebounding machine! What other schools were you considering besides Stanford? Good luck this season and hopefully we'll see you in San Antonio!

NicolePowell: (2:39 PM ET ) Hi SakiBomb- Before I committed to Stanford I considered Duke, Vandy, and ND.

BC, New York: Hi Nicole I was at the games in New York, How was the trip for you both on and off the court?

NicolePowell: (2:42 PM ET ) I love NY!! Having the chance to visit the Big Apple was a lot of fun for our team. We would've liked to play better but we got the W's and hanging out at B.'s (Bethany Donaphin) house was entertaining. (Ms. Donaphin's greens are the bomb!!)

LSP (Phoenix): Your team is doing so well this year. What is the difference in the team this year than last year?

NicolePowell: (2:44 PM ET ) Hi Dad!! I think the difference between thisyear's team and last is a great deal of experience and an even stronger commitmentto playing at a higher level.

Abbie (Iowa): What's with your mouth piece? Is it different colors or what?

NicolePowell: (2:46 PM ET ) Hi Abbie- Most people are a bit alarmed when they see the mouthpiece because they think I've got a bloody mouth and half my teeth knocked out! But it's only red and white and I thought it was kind of cool.

Lynn (Sunnyvale, CA): Nicole, It's great watching you play with your outstanding skills, teamwork, and enthusiasm. What are some of your goals in basketball?

NicolePowell: (2:48 PM ET ) Hi Lynn- Right now my goals are to win the PAC-10championship and get to San Antonio with the team!

NicolePowell: (2:51 PM ET ) Thanks for all the questions, sorry I couldn'tanswer all of them. I appreciate everyone's support, GO STANFORD!!
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