Shantay Legans Chat Wrap

Feb. 5, 2002

On Tuesday, California junior Shantay Legans made a special visit to chat about the Golden Bear men's basketball program and the 2001-02 season. Legans, a 5-10 point guard from Goleta, Calif., is one of the key reasons Cal is making a run at a second consecutive NCAA Tournament berth. If you missed the live chat, here is the full transcript.

Moderator: (2:59 PM ET ) Shantay just arrived and we'll get started in just a couple of minutes.

S.K (Berkeley): Shantay,Has California, the school and basketball program, lived up to the expectations you had before you even started your first college course or basketball game?

Shantay Legans: (3:01 PM ET ) Yes. The school is the best public school in the nation, and it has more than lived up to what I expected. Basketball is always a great experience, and the people around the program have made it even better.

Alex (Berkeley): Hey, Shantay. As a Cal fan, I was particularly impressed with your recent performance at USC. What went through your mind in the several clutch moments you had?

Shantay Legans: (3:03 PM ET ) I wasn't really thinking. I was just playing. Coach drew up a play for Joe, but he was double teamed and threw it back to me. All I could do was shoot.

BearFan in Oaktown: Tell me about your Mom. Is that her at the corner of the court each game waving pom-poms and rooting for the team?

Shantay Legans: (3:05 PM ET ) She comes up to all our games and is usually the first person to be in line to get into Haas. She's never missed one of my games in California since about 5th grade.

John, Danville: You guys are a fun team to watch, and look like you have really good team chemistry. Is the rest of the team like a family to you?

Shantay Legans: (3:07 PM ET ) Yes. I'm one of the older guys on the team since I've been on the team about 2 1/2 years. The younger guys seem like little brothers. I see my team more than I see my family.

Marty (Chicago): Hello Shantay, Describe what it will take for The U. of California to make the NCAA Tournament in your opinion?

Shantay Legans: (3:09 PM ET ) First, we need to keep playing aggressive defense. We've got to get more production on the low block, getting the ball inside, and we need to start making more three-pointers. If we take care of business, we should be fine.

BearFanInPhilly (Mont Clare, PA): Who did you want to play like when you were a kid? And have you ever met that player?

Shantay Legans: (3:11 PM ET ) I always liked John Stockton, but I haven't met him yet. He's one of my favorite players. Even though he's getting a little old, he's still fun to watch.

Shantay Legans: (3:11 PM ET ) Of course, you can't forget Magic Johnson, the best point guard ever.

Eddie Fresno: Shantae, what is it like playing for head coach Ben Braun?

Shantay Legans: (3:13 PM ET ) It's a great experience because he teaches you both on and off the court. He's helped me with my academics and you can always to in to talk to him. I like playing for him.

blue and gold in salt lake city: Shante--Congrats on a great season thus far. Coach Braun uses a small lineup sometimes where you play the 2. How do you like playing the off guard? PS--tell Dennis, Ryan, and Solomon we'll be there for their home finale against USC.

Shantay Legans: (3:16 PM ET ) It's a lot of fun. I get to play with a lot more aggressiveness. I'm more offensive-minded and push the ball more.

Jacobs Brother #1: Tell me about Amit Tamir and what he has brought to the team this year. Has it surprised you?

Shantay Legans: (3:18 PM ET ) Amit is fun to play with. He doesn't really surprise me. He does some things in practice that people haven't seen in games yet. So, he'll still surprise teams down the road with what he can do.

Moderator: (3:19 PM ET ) We got time for just a couple of more questions before Shantay has to head off to practice.

CJ: What's your favorite part of playing in college basketball?

Shantay Legans: (3:21 PM ET ) The school atmostphere. I like the way the fans bind together at sporting events.

CB(Los Angeles): Shantay - as an alum, I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of the team and the way that you guys carry yourselves. As Pete Newell said, Cal alums just want to be proud of their team. And we are. Thank you.

Shantay Legans: (3:23 PM ET ) Thanks a lot. We really enjoy playing in front of all of our fans at Haas.

Shantay Legans: (3:24 PM ET ) Well, I've got to go to practice now to get ready for Thursday's game against Oregon State. Thanks for chatting with me today. Go Bears!

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