Chat Wrap: Curtis Borchardt

Feb. 6, 2002

CurtisBorchardt: (7:16 PM ET ) Hi everyone. I am just sitting down and will start to answer your questions.

Rhett Reese (Los Angeles): Hey Curtis, where'd you get the 'Praying Mantis' nickname?

CurtisBorchardt: (7:18 PM ET ) One of my high school AAU teammates gave it to me. He said that my long skinny arms reminded him of a praying mantis. The name just stuck.

Gannon Stahl (Tucson, AZ): What's up Curtis. I haven't seen you in a while but have been keeping up with your play. I was wondering what your opinion of the Pac-10 tournament is. There seems to be very strong opinions both ways. Keep up the hard work

CurtisBorchardt: (7:19 PM ET ) Gannon, what's up man? I am not a big fan of the tournament. I think a team should be judged over the course of a whole season. To be crowned a conference champion by winning just a couple games doesn't sit well with me.

Gus Reno: HiHi Curtis, I think you are having a great year! Tell me the best and worst thing about being 7'0 feet tall. Thank you.

CurtisBorchardt: (7:22 PM ET ) The best thing about being seven feet tall is being able to play basketball. The worst thing about being seven feet tall is having everyone ask me how tall I am. But I have gotten used to it and I don't mind too much.

ValleyBoy (Mountain View): Curtis,I love watching you control the paint on the defensive end and swat shots.What part of your game do you think you need the most improvement?PS- hope to see you in Cardinal and White again next year :-)

CurtisBorchardt: (7:25 PM ET ) Valleyboy- I really need to work on my low post offensive game. I need to improve my leg strength during the offseason so that I can finish stronger. Also, defensively I need to learn how to guard my man without relying on blocking his shot.

Frank(Cleveland): How much were you able to learn playing behind the very talented Collins Twins?

CurtisBorchardt: (7:27 PM ET ) I learned a great deal from both Jarron and Jason. Mark Madsen taught me a lot as well. From the twins I learned how important it is to be consistent. Anyone can have a good game now and again. The truly great players find a way to help their team win every game.

boomboom2010 (Oakland, CA): Curtis, it seems this year's team has more athleticism than ones in the past, but not as much experience. I am curious to know how Coach Montgomery has adjusted his style of coaching style from your past years to this season?

CurtisBorchardt: (7:30 PM ET ) I think you are right about this years team being a more athletic one. Coach Montgomery has not drastically altered any of our half court set offense. However, he has encouraged us to run on the 'break' more often so that we can get more easy baskets.

Michele Chunn: Hi Curtis. My 13 yr. old son (whose dream is to play basketball at Stanford one day) and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Long Beach game which turned out to be autograph night and I was very impressed with the way you talked to the kids even as you soaked your feet in the Gatorade bucket filled with ice ! You were all great and he has the framed poster in a place of honor in his room. I just wanted to say 'Thanks' and keep up the great play.

CurtisBorchardt: (7:32 PM ET ) Michele,
First of all, thank you for coming to watch me play! I make sure to ice my feet every time I practice or play. It was my pleasure to give your son an autograph. Not long ago I was the tall and skinny kid going to the college games asking for autographs. I think it is important for athletes to realize that.

Sourpatch (Candyland): I hear you used to 'pimp' yourself so people would give you money so you could buy candy. Tell me about it?

CurtisBorchardt: (7:34 PM ET ) Pimp is an awfully strong word. I was addicted to candy in high school which is why I was soooo skinny coming into college. However, I kicked that habit and I now weigh a respectable 240 lbs thank you very much.

Bob (Spokane): Curtis, I admire your style of play. I'm a Gonzaga fan/alum and am wondering how good you think your friend/acquaintance Sean Mallon will be at Gonzaga...and do you wish he was a Card? Thanks and best to you.

CurtisBorchardt: (7:37 PM ET ) Bob-
I haven't had much of a chance to see Sean play the last couple of years but Ihear he is playing very well. Of course I wish he was a Cardinal. We already havethree guys on the team from Washington with Tyler, Teyo, and I. We could alwaysuse another.

Marty: Hello Curtis, How difficult is the quality of competition in thePAC-10 Conference compared to the other Conferences in the Country?

CurtisBorchardt: (7:40 PM ET ) I think the Pac Ten is perennial powerhouse! This year, in particular, has been great. We are such a strong conference top to bottom. But we will see come tourney time.

Sim : Hey curtis. I met you after the game on Saturday vs Arizona. I'ma huge fan than you soo much for taking the time to talk to me. I can't wait towatch you play again UCLA (I'm going to that game ) but what do u think you needto do to win tomorrow nite?

CurtisBorchardt: (7:43 PM ET ) We need to focus and execute for 40 minutes. We came out last week against Arizona and played well for the first thirty minutes and fell apart. Also, we are going to have to try and slow down their offense as much as possible. I we can do both of those things I think it will be hard to beat us.

Ringo : #2 - Is it true that when you were a kid, you used to have to carry rocks in your pockets when you walked outside to keep from blowing away???

CurtisBorchardt: (7:44 PM ET ) Ha Ha. As I said before I now tip the scales at a hefty 240. I ditched those rocks when I hit 225. (:

Kells/Janice: Hey Curtis! We're really big fans and want to know, why did you pick Stanford? We'll be watching tomorrow and crossing our fingers for a victory!

CurtisBorchardt: (7:47 PM ET ) Stanford was an easy choice for me. I knew I wanted to go to a school first and a basketball program second. You can't beat the academics here and the basketball isn't too shabby either.

Meghan McKinney: Who has been the most influential person in helping you become the player that you are today?

CurtisBorchardt: (7:50 PM ET ) Their have been a bunch. I would like to thank my father for instilling a competitive spirit in me. My mom for the long legs. My junior high Coach Bruce Brown for focusing my desire. Steve Gordon for forcing me to expand my game. Rich Belcher for his direction and understanding. Lastly, my fiance Susan for showing me the meaning of dedication and hard work.

Rod & Betty Adams: This isn't a question, just a comment! I would have thought you would have said the worst thing about being 7' tall would have been trying to buy clothes! Love you big guy!

CurtisBorchardt: (7:53 PM ET ) I forgot about that Grandma and grandpa! Except buying clothes is the worst thing for grand parents who have a 7 foot grandson.

Ellie (San Francisco): Hey Curtis I wanna ask the question that's on everygirl's mind: Boxers or briefs

CurtisBorchardt: (7:55 PM ET ) It depends what kind of mood I'm in.

Tucson: Hey Curt, I heard you have some friends that live in Tucson, are you looking forward to playing at McKale this year.

CurtisBorchardt: (7:57 PM ET ) I am looking forward to paying at McKale. I haven't played there yet because of injuries and I do have a couple of scrubby friends up there as well.

Lizzie (Minnesota): What advice do you have for high school kids like myself that want to play sports in college? I want to run cross country, but I'malso playing basketball, for my you do anything special before biggames? any lucky charms? thanks, and keep rockin the court!!!

CurtisBorchardt:(7:59 PM ET ) Lizzie, my advice to you would be do not let anythingdistract you from your goal. If you have talent and you work to develop it, yougive yourself the best opportunity to be successful.

Gannon/Melissa: Us again....which arena do you find it to be the most difficult to play in?? And did Addy get a scholarship anywhere, where did he finally go?

CurtisBorchardt: (8:00 PM ET ) Ady is playing football at Colorado State University. He walked on but he is playing really well and enjoying it out there.

jamin: Curt I read something that Jay Bilas wrote that said you have explosivejumping ability and a good vertical. This isn't true is it?

CurtisBorchardt: (8:07 PM ET ) Jay Bilas was right on. ESPN commentators are never wrong about things like that. I just wish Jay could have seen my leaping ability in high school!

CurtisBorchardt: (8:08 PM ET ) Sorry to everyone who I couldn't get to. I could barely read all these questions let alone answer them. I hope you all have a nice day.
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