No. 11 UCLA Defeats No. 7 Stanford, 196.925-195.025

Feb. 10, 2002

Los Angeles, Calif. - The 11th-ranked UCLA gymnastics team defeated seventh-ranked Stanford in front of 2,174 at Pauley Pavilion,196.925-195.025. The team total represented a season-high for UCLA. Bruin sophomore Jamie Dantzscher won the all-around with a career-high 39.725 and recorded her fourth consecutive perfect 10 on the floor exercise.

The Bruins trailed the Cardinal after one rotation, scoring a 48.725 on vault to Stanford's 48.85 on bars. Junior Onnie Willis recorded the afternoon's highest vault score with a 9.9, and the Bruins also received season-best scores from Jamie Williams (9.475) and Malia Jones (9.65). Becky Meldrum paced the Cardinal with a 9.875 on bars.

UCLA jumped into the lead, 98.25-97.725, during rotation two, scoring a season-best 49.525 on bars. The Bruins received four consecutive 9.9+ season-best scores from Willis (9.9), Yvonne Tousek (9.95), Dantzscher (9.975) and Doni Thompson (9.9). On vault, meanwhile, Stanford recorded a 48.875, led by Caroline Fluhrer's 9.825.

The Bruins pulled away on beam by earning a team score of 49.2 to Stanford's 48.925 on floor. Alyssa Beckerman led all performers with a 9.9, while Dantzscher recorded a new career high with a 9.875.

On floor, the Bruins dominated, recording a season-high 49.475. Williams led off the set by tying her career high with a 9.775. Jones and Beckerman followed up with their first floor routines of the season, earning 9.8 and 9.875, respectively. Tousek and Willis each scored a 9.9, setting the stage for Dantzscher's perfect 10, the 12th of her career. Dantzscher has now scored a 10 in the Bruins' last five meets (vault at Georgia Jan. 13, floor at UCLA's last four meets). Stanford's 48.375 on beam was not enough to catch UCLA, despite a second-place effort by Lindsay Wing (9.875).

Today's meet will be broadcast on Fox Sports West on Feb. 14 at 1:30 pm PT.

UCLA's next meet will be Sunday afternoon, Feb. 17 at California against the Golden Bears, UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis.

Final Individual Standings:

Vault - 1. Onnie Willis (UCLA), 9.9, 2. Jamie Dantzscher (UCLA), 9.875, 3T. Yvonne Tousek (UCLA), 9.825, 3T. Caroline Fluhrer (Stanford), 9.825.

Bars - 1. Dantzscher (UCLA), 9.975, 2. Tousek (UCLA), 9.95, 3T. Doni Thompson (UCLA), 9.9, 3T. Willis (UCLA), 9.9.

Beam - 1. Alyssa Beckerman (UCLA), 9.9, 2T. Dantzscher (UCLA), 9.875, 2T. Lindsay Wing (Stanford), 9.875.

Floor - 1. Dantzscher (UCLA), 10, 2T. Willis (UCLA), 9.9, 2T. Tousek (UCLA), 9.9

All-Around - 1. Dantzscher (UCLA), 39.725, 2. Willis (UCLA), 39.55, 3. Tousek (UCLA), 39.525.

Play-by-play commentary by Jeanette Antolin.

Rotation One

UCLA - Vault (48.725)Lindsey Dong - Tsukahara layout, little low on landing and a little piked but overalla good vault - 9.35 (9.8 start value)Jamie Williams - Tsukahara layout, good flight, step on landing -9.475 (9.8 start value)Yvonne Tousek - Yurchenko layout half, nice extension, nice flight, a little hop on the landing -9.825 (10.0 start value)Malia Jones - Handspring front tuck, clean, small step on landing - 9.65 (9.8 SV)Onnie Willis - Yurchenko layout full - beautiful, good flight, good form stucklanding - 9.9 (10.0 SV)Jamie Dantzscher - Yurchenko layout full - slight step on landing but overall a goodvault, very high - 9.875 (10.0 SV)

Stanford - Bars (48.8)Kristin Jensen - 9.8Lise Leveille - 9.625Lindsay Wing - beautiful lines and nice swing on bars but over-rotated dismount andtook two steps - 9.7Caroline Fluhrer - 9.8Becky Meldrum - 9.875Abby Gair - nice Khorkina release move but sat down double pike dismount - 9.1

Rotation Two

UCLA - Bars (49.525, season high)Valerie Velasco - nice uprise, form break on uprise to handstand, nice, high double fronthalf dismount with a small step on the landing - 9.7Malia Jones - good handstands, nice Jaeger, nice straddle-back handstand, gooddouble layout dismount with a small step on the landing - good routine - 9.8Onnie Willis - uprise full, nice Tkachev, perfect straddle back handstand, good form,double front half dismount, small step, good routine - 9.9Yvonne Tousek - beautiful lines, agressive swing, nice release moves - Jaeger, Hindorff andPak Salto, beautiful double layout dismount - 9.95Jamie Dantzscher - very aggressive, confident swing, beautiful Geinger, great form,stuck full-in dismount - 9.975Doni Thompson - very unique bar routine, added some new skills (swivel hop counterswinginto a straddle back handstand, toe on straddle hecht to high bar) aggressive swing,stuck full-in dismount - 9.9

Stanford - Vault (48.875) Alissa Cooper - handspring front pike, low on landing - 9.6Katy Herbert - Yurchenko layout full, little hop on the landing - 9.725Mandy Delgado - handspring front pike with a half-twist - good height, small step on thelanding - 9.8Kendall Beck - Yurchenko layout full - tucked it, but it was a nice vault - 9.725Caroline Fluhrer - Yurchenko layout half - leg separation but good landing - 9.825Shelly Goldberg - Handspring front pike - one of the highest front pikes I've seen -awesome vault - 9.8

Standings after two rotations: 1. UCLA 98.25, 2. Stanford 97.725

Rotation Three

UCLA - Beam (49.2)Doni Thompson - bh/bh/lo - very solid, scissor/straddle/straddle jumps, little balancecheck on the full turn, wolf 3/4, gainer front full dismount, step to the side - 9.725Jamie Dantzscher - bh/bh/lo - slight balance check, straddle/straddle, nice punch front towolf jump to back straddle-down, backhandspring gainer layout 1.5 dismount, stuck -9.875(career high)Malia Jones - nice flexibility, bh/bh/lo - slight wobble, scissors/straddle/straddle,nice full turn, straddle 3/4 - fall, stuck gainer full dismount - 9.3Onnie Willis - punch front mount, piked Shoushanouva swing down, nice scissor side, perfectpunch front, bh/bh/double tuck dismount - step back on landing - 9.85Yvonne Tousek - bh/lo/bh - beautiful, balance check on straddle, straddle/tuck jump, wolf, tuckopen straddle down, reverse full turn, r/o double twist dismount - stuck landing - 9.85Alyssa Beckerman - full turn with leg 90 degrees, front aerial/bh stepout, ring jump/ring jump -beautiful, cartwheel gainer full dismount, stuck - 9.9

Stanford - Floor (48.925)Katy Herbert - 9.675Lindsay Wing - 9.675 (stepped out of bounds on second pass)Mandy Delgado - 9.725Caroline Fluhrer - 9.775Shelly Goldberg - first pass - nice double front - 9.875Lise Leveille - 9.875

Standings after three rotations: 1. UCLA 147.45, 2. Stanford 146.65

Rotation Four

UCLA - Floor (49.475)Jamie Williams - nice double pike, handspring layout full, front handspring/front layout/front layout - great routine! - 9.775 (ties career high)Malia Jones - whip/bh/bh/double pike, ro/bh/layout full, front handspring layout full -beautiful, exciting routine - 9.8Alyssa Beckerman - first floor performance as a Bruin, whip/double full, nice double turn withleg horizontal, front handspring/front flyspring/rudi, ro/whip half/front layout - exquisitedance, very original routine - 9.875Yvonne Tousek - triple twist, 2.5 twist, punch front - stuck, ro/whip/1.5/punch front - verysharp, aggressive routine, should score very well - 9.9Onnie Willis - front full/stepout/ro/bh/double tuck, slight step, front full/stepout/ro/stag jump/punch front, great double tuck to end - 9.9Jamie Dantzscher - beautiful double layout, very intricate second pass, hit nicely, doesthe worm across the floor, double tuck to close - a flawless routine, high elevation onthe tumbling - 10

Stanford - Beam (48.375)Becky Meldrum - 9.5Mandy Delgado - 9.65Katy Herbert - 9.725Caroline Fluhrer - 9.625Lindsay Wing - 9.875Lise Leveille - 9.2

Final Score - 1. UCLA 196.925, 2. Stanford - 195.025

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