Chat Wrap: Lindsey Yamasaki

Feb. 13, 2002

LindseyYamasaki: (2:36 PM ET ) Hello out there, it's me, LindseyYamasaki ! Thank you for all your questions and I hope you enjoy my responses.

Mr. A: What has been your most memorable moment in your career at Stanford?

LindseyYamasaki: (2:39 PM ET ) I am hoping that my most memorable moments are yet to come (NCAA's 2002)! Up to this point my most memorable moment was probably freshman year when we gave the number one team in the country their only loss of the season here at Maples Pavilion.

Jenny, Walnut Creek: Who first got you into playing basketball? Who is your inspirational role model?

LindseyYamasaki: (2:44 PM ET ) I began playing organized basketball at age 6, so it is hard to remember that first practice or game. Basketball has always been a big deal in my town so I'm pretty sure every young girl is pushed into the sport. My role models have always been those players that have paved the way and allowed me to follow in their footsteps. In high school, Tammy Arnold, Shelley Alderman, Ashley Smith, and Brianne Meharry, to name a few. Here at Stanford, Katie Steding, Jennifer Azzi, Jamila Wideman, and so on.

Drea (New York): Can you ladies sustain the defensive intensity to move in contention for the NCAA title? I know Susan King would have given this team a totally different and more dominating look. Have you worked on in practice how to break and score on the full court press? Both Connecticut and Tennessee employ this tactic in the early going of games to get easy buckets. Thanks for chatting!!!

LindseyYamasaki: (2:51 PM ET ) It's funny that you ask about Stanford's defense because personally I feel we have room for improvement. But that doesn't necessarily mean that we aren't a defensive force to be reckoned with, as of now I think we're on track to break the Pac-10 record for holding our opponent's to the lowest average shooting percentage. So, I think we'll be able to match up with people defensively. As for handling full and half court pressure I'm hoping we have gotten all our kinks out (from last year.) Susan certainly would have helped beat the pressure, but Nicole Powell and Kelley Suminski have done a phenomenal job thus far. In my opinion our versatility and athleticism will match up with any team in the country.

Barry (Phoenix): Given your tremendous athleticism to play volleyball and basketball, can you dunk?

LindseyYamasaki: (2:53 PM ET ) I will take this question as a compliment and without saying no, let's just say I'm working on it.

Jeff Johnson, Calistoga: Hi Lindsay,A quick note to say thanks from the kids in Calistoga. It was so great that you could meet them after the Cal game.Nothing more to chat about, except to say that Shawnee and I will see you for senior day this Saturday. We're staying at the same place as you're mom and dad, so it will be a great weekend!It's been a great season! We're proud of you!Jeff

LindseyYamasaki: (2:54 PM ET ) Thank you so much for coming and make sure you tell everyone that I appreciate their support! I can't wait to see you this week! :)

Robert Donaphin( Los Angeles ): Tell us about the emotions you and the other seniors feel about heading into your last two regular season games at Maples.

LindseyYamasaki:(2:57 PM ET ) This weekend will be a very exciting and emotional timeand in my opinion it is very significant of the senior's roller coaster of a career.But, I don't want to go into our last regular season home game feeling like thisis the end. Like I stated earlier, the best is yet to come!

WiZzY: Hi!

LindseyYamasaki: (2:58 PM ET ) Hello wizzy, thanks for the chat!

Jess (Woodside): What's it like being an ambassador for Asian American collegiate female athletes?

LindseyYamasaki: (3:01 PM ET ) I am honored that I can represent the Asian American community in such a positive way. I am so thankful that the recognition I receive reflects the Asian community and that I am seen as role model for young girls to pursue their dreams.

Alisa (San Francisco): Do you think you'll go to the WNBA next year or come back and win another national championship in volleyball with Logan and Oganna ?

LindseyYamasaki: (3:03 PM ET ) In all honesty I am hoping for the best and expecting the worst. In my case the best would be to play in the WNBA, and luckily the worst, (if it can even be titled that), would be coming back to the farm to play volleyball. It's pretty much a win-win situation!

Glenn Garvin Miami, FL: In a game of Horse, three-point shots only, who would win: you or Casey Jacobsen?

LindseyYamasaki: (3:06 PM ET ) Casey has range, there is no question, but I think I could give him a run for his money!

Roger, WA: Will your team win the national championship?

LindseyYamasaki: (3:07 PM ET ) We have as good a chance as anyone.

Anne (Mountain View): Lindsey, are you still close to the women's volleyball team and do you take inspiration from their great national championship run in December? Good luck the rest of the season!

LindseyYamasaki: (3:10 PM ET ) I am very close with several of the women's volleyball players and I am still an avid fan. I am so proud of their accomplishments this year and so happy that they were able to overcome the odds (beating the number one team). Now more than ever they set a perfect example for us to follow!

Cassie(Andrews): Good Luck with the Rest of the Season! But First, youwould you love to play against in the NCAA's?

LindseyYamasaki: (3:13 PM ET ) I have always felt that to become the best you must play the best. I want to play the best teams on their best nights so in the end the victory is that much sweeter!

LindseyYamasaki: (3:17 PM ET ) Thank you very much for your time and your thoughts! I am flattered by your comments and am honored that you would take the time to write. I hope to see you in the stands with your Cardinal colors! Keep supporting, we'll need you the rest of the way.
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