Doug Wrenn Chat Wrap

Feb. 13, 2002

A 1998 Parade All-American and Washington state prep Player of the Year, Wrenn red-shirted last season at UW after transferring from Connecticut. He was projected by Basketball News as the Pac-10's top newcomer. Wrenn, who prepped at Seattle's O'Dea High School, attended two East Coast prep schools in 1998-99 and played at UConn in 1999-2000.

The full transcript from Wrenn's Feb. 13 chat follows:

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Doug Wrenn: Hi, I know I'm a little early, but let's get started. I'll try to answer as many questions as possible before I leave for practice.

Ben (San Diego): What's it like playing in the Pac-10 after spending a year in the Big East? Is the style of play different? How would you compare the competitiveness of the two leagues?

Doug Wrenn: I'm happy to be playing anywhere right now after sitting out last season. The Pac-10 is a lot more physical than I thought it would be. The difference in styles is that the Big East is more big-man dominant. The Pac-10 is a guard oriented league. I haven't played any Big East ball in a while, but this year the Pac-10 is a really dominant league. One of the more dominant leagues in the nation.

Geoff Brown (Kirkland, WA): I know that this chat is about you, but please describe Charles Frederick's basketball skills. He was a bluechip recruit out of high school, but he has hardly played since he joined the team in January. Is he good?

Doug Wrenn: Charles can be a great player at this level, but a lot like me he hasn't played in a couple years. He's coming along here. Charles is so fast, he can finish shots and can shoot the ball. He is very athletic. He just floats. He can really dunk, especially for his size. The only thing he is missing is experience.

huskies vs. huskies: D,

from a personal and basketball standpoint how do you compare these huskies to the huskies from connecticut?

Doug Wrenn: That's a tough question because UConn is so different from when I was there two years ago. That was a group of guys coming off a national championship. It's hard to compare the two. Our team is young and lacks experience.

Bob (Seattle): Doug,

You are UNSTOPPABLE, BOY!!!! Please take 30 shots a game, and carry the Huskies to the Pac-10 tourney. I've already bought my tickets and made my travel arrangements!

Doug Wrenn: I wish it was that easy. I'll do what I can to help my team get there to the Pac-10 Tourney. I don't think 30 shots fits in the criteria though.

Bristol, CT: Why were you so horrible when you were in CT?

Doug Wrenn: Is this Dan or Stuart in Bristol? I just didn't have the opportunites to showcase my talent. This year I'm getting a chance to play through mistakes. That makes a difference.

Jon Peterson (Ann Arbor): What King County high school players were you most impressed by during your years at O'Dea High School?

Doug Wrenn: i would say off top jamal crawford one the best i went against. Michael Johnson from Ballard was good. There's a lot of other players, but those two stick out the most.

Jason(Seattle): Doug--What do the Huskies have to do to start competing for the top spot in the Pac 10 with Arizona, UCLA and Stanford? Can it happen while you're here? Good luck thursday, i'll be there in the student section rooting on the dawgs!!

Doug Wrenn: We have to keep bringing in the best players from in the state. This year's team just needs to grow up. We need experience. We'll have that next year. It will happen while I'm here. I'll make sure of that brother. Just keep coming to the games. Go Dawgs!

James, Cheney: Do you think the Huskies have the talent right now to develop into a Pac10 power in the next two years? A Pac10 power meaning winning a Pac10 title. Do you think this is will happen?

Doug Wrenn: Yes I think we do. See the previous question. With the Pac-10 Tourney anybody can grab the title.

Dawgfan (Seattle): Doug, Has the team lost confidence with its near miss losses? Do you think you can win every game?

Doug Wrenn: We haven't lost too much confidence. We're just going to continue to play hard and TRY to win every game.

Tempelis (Seattle): You've had a great season, and you definitely have a bright future ahead of you. However, I really hope that you play another year of college ball before you declare yourself eligible for the NBA draft.

I'm saying that for both UW's sake and yours. Although you're already a dominant college player, I think your mid-range jumper, long-range jumper, and ball handling skills need a little work before you'd stick on an NBA roster. It would really be a shame if you were to make Mark Sanford's mistake and leave too early, when all you'd really need is another season of college ball to fine tune your game.

You've been really fun to watch this season at Hec Ed, and I hope to see you back next year!

Doug Wrenn: The NBA is really of no concern right now. Although I think my mid-range game is tops in the league, I'm still working on my long range. I've got two more years of college to perfect that. Keep coming out to the games. Go Dawgs!

BYD (Bellevue): May I have your autograph? I sit courtside at Hec Ed, directly across from the visitor's bench. I'm usually there with my 4 year-old son, who's usually wearing one of those foam Husky hats. Thanks!


Doug Wrenn: You can have my autograph anytime. Just come and introduce yourself. That's real flattering. How did you score the courtside seats?

Jon (Queen Anne): Have you ever had your vertical leap measured? If so, what is it? I swear, whenever you take a jumpshot, it looks like you sky about 3 feet over the defender.

Doug Wrenn: Last I checked I think I was in the 40s. But it's been a long season so we might be in the low 40s right now.

Sean (Mead, Washington): Hey Doug, is the A-Train (Anthony Reason)of Gonzaga the best defender that you have played against all year?

Doug Wrenn: He's a really good player, but it was more his team defense than himself alone.

Brian (Tucson): Which Pac 10 team is the best in your opinion?

Doug Wrenn: That's another hard question. Everybody is really good from the California schools to Oregon to Arizona. It's hard to pick whose going to win this Pac-10 Tournament, let alone the regular season title.

JMo (waterbury): D, i know its not polically correct or whatever to bad mouth your ex coaches, but i think Jim Calhoun is horrible, and UConn needs to get another coach. After being at Connecticut what do you think?

Doug Wrenn: I personally like Coach Calhoun. My time at UConn was a wonderful experience. Although it didn't finish out like we had wished that it would. Coach and I left on good terms and I'm still rooting for them.

Anthony (Tucson): Hi Wrenn, I thought you were awesome when you played us in Tucson, I had a question though, when you said that the crowd got a hold of you on your free throws, were you talking about the Band?

Doug Wrenn: Thank you for recognizing even though we lost. I don't think the crowd had anything to do with my missed free throws. It was just easy to put the blame on them at that time. I just slowed down and shot better at ASU, making 13-of-17.

Anthony(San Diego): With what Oregon has done this year by coming out of nowhere and leading the Pac-10, do you think Washington has the abilty to do that somewhere in the near future?

Doug Wrenn: I really think we do. All Oregon did was get older and gain experience. It shows on the court how they play together and their work ethic. I feel we have a chance to do that next year.

Kevin (Redmond): Why did you choose to attend the University of Washington? Are you happy with your decision? Would you recommend the school to other recruits?

Doug Wrenn: I wanted to be at home. I'm ecstatic and delighted with my decision. I know I made the right decision. With no hesitation I would recommend Washington to recruits.

Jason (Seattle): You seem to have a lot of fun on the court, harassing Charles Frederick before the game and pumping up the crowd (student section in particular) that because you haven't played in a year or have you always had that much fun playing?

Doug Wrenn: Without a doubt Jason, I feel like a little kid out there. E.T. (Charles) always messes with me and I have to get back at him. Being away from the game has brought a lot of love.

Andy Roberson (Brier): If you had to liken your game to any current or former NBA player, who would it be and why?

Doug Wrenn: The guys I watched the most are G.P., Rip Hamilton, Mike and Kobe. If I'm playing like any one of them I'll be alright.

Mike Cushman (Redmond, WA): What will it take to beat Stanford on Thursday?

Doug Wrenn: It will take us coming together as a team and playing 40 minutes of smart, confident basketball.

Evan (Seattle): Doug:Who is the toughest player you've face this year in the Pac-10? Also, since your arrival at the UW, what part of your game has improved the most? What part of your game do you think needs the most improvement? Thanks and Go Dawgs!

Doug Wrenn: Casey Jacobsen, all the Lukes (Oregon and Arizona) and Freddie J. at Oregon.

Jimmy (from Uconn): this is more of a shout out then a question. when you were a freshman during midnight madness. i was one of the judges during the dunk contest in which of course you won thanks to my 10, but anyway keep doing your thing in Washington!

Doug Wrenn: Thanks for still watching out for me brother. It's good to know my East Coast people haven't forgotten me.

Doug Wrenn: Thanks for having ESPN and thanks everyone for the questions. Sorry I didn't have time to get to everyone, but I've got to run to practice. We've got a big game coming up. Wish me luck. Go Dawgs!

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