Chat Wrap: Richard Quick

Feb. 14, 2002

RichardQuick: (1:01 PM ET ) Hi, this is Richard. I'm here and ready to start taking your questions.

Derek (Palo Alto): First of all, congratulations on all your success. Welldone. My question is, with so much accomplished, so many outstanding student-athletesyou've guided over the years, what is there left to prove? What drives you today?Thanks for all the wonderful memories!

RichardQuick: (1:03 PM ET ) I don't feel there is anything left to prove. The thing that excites me and therefore drives me are the dreams of the athletes that I get to help on a day-to-day basis. Working with those athletes towards their goals is an exciting and fulfilling activity for me. I just love working with the type of student-athlete that is here at Stanford.

Stanford's fan: Coach, lately Stanford has been weak in the area of sprintingand breastwork (except Tara Kirk). Why aren't there sprinters or breaststrokerscome to Stanford? And whatever happens to Jenny Thompson these days? Thanks.

RichardQuick: (1:06 PM ET ) We just haven't been able to have some of the sprinter we would love to have be accepted to school, or they've chosen to go to other universities. I can't explain exactly why. We feel that our sprinters this year are greatly improved, led by Lacey Boutwell. She has a long way to go to live up to Jenny Thompson's accomplishments, but she is moving in that direction both in practice and in meets. On the breaststroke side of the question, we do have an outstanding breaststroker in Tara Kirk, and we're excited about the three our other freshman breaststrokers that we have on our team now.

Shannon (San Francisco): Any chance of you writing a book? Either a coachingbook or an autobiography? Both would be fascinating!

RichardQuick: (1:07 PM ET ) Well, certainly not an autobiography, but I have considered writing a motivational book or a coaching book. It's not a very high priority, but I might get to it some day.

Jessica and Shelly (Stanford): Richard We hear that you have some pretty cool captains for your team this year. Is this true? Are they really the coolest captains ever? Inquiring minds want to know.

RichardQuick: (1:08 PM ET ) Our captains this year, Jessica Foschi and Shelly Ripple, are as good a pair of captains that we've ever had at Stanford University. They're great leaders in and out of the pool, and except for being hard to work with ... no actually, their cool!

Rommel (Manila): Who do you think is your biggest challenge for the NCAA this year? Where do you still need to improve to strengthen your bid? Good luck!

RichardQuick: (1:10 PM ET ) Who do you think is your biggest challenge. I really think Auburn is the team to beat this year. They have two or three athletes that are tough to beat in every event, led by world champion Maggie Bowen in the individual medley. However, defending champion Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Arizona and USC all have a chance of winning the meet, and I'd like to think we're in that picture also. We have to improve most in sprint freestyle and depth in all other areas, which really means that our freshmen need to improve a great deal in order to have a chance to win. Diving is one of our strongest event and will make a big difference in our team's performance at the NCAA Championships.

Neal (San Francisco): Who do you compete with for the top recruits? And why do people choose Stanford?

RichardQuick: (1:13 PM ET ) We really compete with all of the top swimming schools in the country -- Georgia, Florida, Auburn, Texas, Arizona, Cal and USC. I think people choose Stanford because it offers excellence athletically and academically. People interested in both areas have a hard time passing up Stanford if they have the opportunity of attending.

Tim (Iowa City): At a school with such an amazing facility, topnotch academicand athletic reputation, what is your biggest challenge as a coach at Stanford?

RichardQuick:(1:14 PM ET ) The biggest challenge for me is evaluating athletes intheir junior year in high school with regard to their development and goals incollege. I'm looking for athletes that are hungry, improving and have very highgoals both academically and athletically ... and that's always a challenge.

Ted (Palo Alto): When you are on the pool deck, you seem to have such an amazing passion and focus. How do you think this effects your athletes?

RichardQuick: (1:16 PM ET ) I hope it effects them in a positive way. I am a person that believes that nothing great happens without enthusiasm. I show my enthusiasm, and I hope it is well-received.

Andy (Worcester): You seem to be very animated at competitions.... Have you ever done anything to embarrass your athletes?

RichardQuick: (1:17 PM ET ) I'm sure I have. I don't know what it is, but I can tell by the looks in their eyes from time to time that they can't believe what I'm doing or saying. But, they usually forgive me and understand my enthusiasm.

Ann: Do you personally work with all of your swimmers or primarily the fastest ones?

RichardQuick: (1:18 PM ET ) Yes, I personally work with all of our swimmers. We do not have groups where our team is divided among our coaching staff. I teach all of our swimmers and desire the entire program. However, I have a tendency to gravitate towards those people that are working the hardest towards the highest goals. Hopefully, that filters down to everyone on the team, and they get caught up in trying to be in that group.

Indy Fan: How tough will it to be Cal this weekend? Who will you have faceCoughlin?

RichardQuick: (1:20 PM ET ) Cal will be very tough this weekend. Since Natalie Coughlin is leading the nation in seven of the NCAA events and is in the top five of two others, anyone on our team could be facing Natalie Coughlin ... and that's quite a chore. She's a great swimmer. My hope is that racing Natalie and the other great swimmers at Cal will bring out the best in our team. We'll need it.

Greg Ransom Cincinnati: Hello Richard: I hope and trust this finds you, your family and your team well and in great spirits. I have just one question for you this day and it has nothing to do with swimming. Who is your favorite Country music artist?. Past or present. My daughter teases me all the time in my choice of music. I tell her, If it's good enough for Richard, it's good enough for me.

RichardQuick: (1:21 PM ET ) My favorite country and western artist in the past is Willie Nelson with the late Waylon Jennings a close second. My present favorite artists are Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. Your daughter, Tami, teases me quite a bit also. Are you coming to the Cal meet?

Maggie (Osh Kosh): I have been a competitive swimmer since age 8. I havestarted playing water polo and really enjoy... I think it adds balance to my life.Are there any major disadvantages or advantages to playing water polo while strivingto be the best swimmer possible?

RichardQuick: (1:24 PM ET ) If you're trying to be the best swimmer possible, it is difficult to play water polo and compete against swimmers who are devoting 100% of their time to swimming, and be competitive with those athletes. Swimming and water polo can complement each other but you have to be very focused and realize that you are competing against athletes that are devoting 100% of their time to either one sport or the other if they're hoping to get to the very top level.

John (Palo Alto): What is the difference in coaching top student-athletes compared to coaching Olympic athletes? How does one evolve from an accomplished NCAA swimmer to an Olympic champion?

RichardQuick: (1:28 PM ET ) The main difference between coaching an NCAA athlete and an athlete that is totally focusing on the Olympic Games is that you must factor in the academic requirements and involvement that an NCAA has to have versus an Olympic athlete. However, we've had several of our NCAA athletes go on to Olympic success, including the only undergraduates in the last three Olympic Games to win individual gold medals as undergraduate students -- Summer Sanders in 1992 and Misty Hyman in 2000, both in the 200 butterfly. We are proud of the fact that at Stanford you can do both at the highest level.

Kim New York: Do you think your women want the Championship 'the most'after losing to Georgia at the final event of the meet last year? How does thatdrive their motivation to win? Best of luck with the remainder of the season.

RichardQuick: (1:31 PM ET ) I do think our team wants the championship. Losing by such a close margin last year reminds us on a daily basis how the little things can add up to make a big difference. The chemistry and focus of this team has been extraordinary. It's been a pleasure to strive towards the NCAA Championship with them.

Brian(Westfield): How much do you feel your dryland program contributes to the success of your program? Percentage wise?

RichardQuick: (1:34 PM ET ) The dryland program plays a very significant role in our program. It's based on weight training supervised by Robert Weir, Pilates exercises led by Tom McCook and June Quick, spinning and Tae Bo ... and we've just introduced impulse training into our program.

Leroy (high point, NC): What sort of diet do you recommend to your girls?

RichardQuick:(1:35 PM ET ) Nutritionally, I would like our athletes to make surethey get an adequate amounts of lean protein sources, and fruits and vegetables.

RichardQuick: (1:37 PM ET ) Thank you for the interesting questions. I hope to see many of you from the Bay Area at the Cal meet at Noon this Saturday (February 16) at the Avery Aquatic Center on our campus. It should be a great meet with some very fast swimming and outstanding diving.
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