Men's Basketball Press Conference Quotes

Feb. 19, 2002

Stanford, Calif. -

On working on the press break for USC:
'We are and have been working on it. We always work on what the other team does.'

On Washington using the press:
'We just have to deal with it. The team just has to make the plays, but I am seeing improvements. USC uses the press and they do it well. They are very quick and unfortunately we can't simulate that in practice. Guys have to make the plays. Last time USC ran a variety of things, and at the end they got aggressive and physical and we did not respond. We played hot potato and passed it way too quick, and that shows up on tape. If they start trapping, we have to find the open man.'

On not having Curtis Borchardt last time against USC:
'It was definitely a factor, but the turnovers we made killed us. He is our best passing big guy. We have to have an outside game and Henry Bibby works real hard on match-ups. That will be more difficult with Curtis in there. Having to guard Curtis is something people have to consider. Curtis makes a good decisions, but USC is very quick and does a variety of defensive schemes.'

On the injury situation:
'Justin Davis will not be ready, but everyone else should be. Justin landed on his side and might have a bruised rib.'

On Casey Jacobsen's play:
'He is more relaxed now and is letting the offense come to him. At the beginning of the season he was pressing and forcing things. Now he is relaxed and is not straining. He looks good and is playing well. This is something that just happens during the course of the season. His scoring is great, but that is only one aspect of his game. He also wants to make other players better as well.'

On Casey's mindset:
'When he got the big number's, he took some pressure off himself. He is much more relaxed and knows that he is capable of scoring 40 or more points. Casey has been asked to be a leader, but he does his thing and everyone else does theirs. He leads by example.'

On defenses against Casey:
'He is hard to guard and our offense is hard to defend. Casey understands how to get open in our offense.'

On looking at these games as the start of the postseason:
'There are enough demands on them. There are six teams that have a chance to win the conference right now. We would like to finish on top, but one game will not be the downfall. We have to go out and do the best we can, we have four tough games ahead. The important thing now is to get enough wins to ensure a spot in the NCAA, and then winning the conference tournament. The team knows what we have left, the excitement speaks for itself.'

On the Pac-10 Tournament:
'There is a regular season champion and a tournament champion. After 18 games if we are on top, we are the conference champions.'

On saying earlier that four or five conference losses will win the Pac-10:
'I thought the league was well-balanced. It is just too tough from top to bottom, and some people underestimated some teams. Only one team can do it, especially since we all play each other.'

On Sam Clancy staying in school:
'It depends on what your motivation is. His motivation was his dad, who played in the league and knew the lifestyle. The issue is what your goal is. If it is just to get drafted and get the money, then you can go wherever. Others want to get their degree and just be a college kid for awhile. Some don't care how good they are, but want the money.'

On the effect of teams beating up on each other in the Pac-10:
'We have five teams in the top-25 right now, so as long as you don't have a bad loss you should be okay. If you are losing to teams that are good, then that is alright. You get into trouble with those bad losses. You have to be one of the top-28 teams with all the automatic bids in the NCAA Tournament to get in. It is not necessarily the top-64 teams in the country that get selected.'

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