Chat Wrap: Julius Barnes

Feb. 20, 2002

Nick (Palo Alto): Really enjoy watching you play Julius. Especially when you matched up on Jason Williams (Duke) last year at the Newell Challenge. On that note, who do you think has been the toughest match up for you defensively? And on the flip side whose defensive game has challenged your offensive skills most? See you in downtown Paly sometime!!!

JuliusBarnes:(7:14 PM ET ) What's up Nick? Well the toughest match up so far hasnot only been Jason Williams but Freddie Jones of Oregon. Being a 6'1 two guard,it's harder for me to defend athletic guys like Freddie who can post up and hitturn around jumpers. As far as when I'm on offense...Juan Dixon last year in theElite Eight. He's very quick and as you know has quick hands as well.

Up (Bay Area): You have sick hops, Julius. Your two-handed baseline jam earlier this year in Maples was the best I've seen at Stanford. Who's the best dunker on the team, and what's your best dunk?

JuliusBarnes: (7:16 PM ET ) Not to sound all cocky or anything but I honestly think I'm the best dunker on the team... Josh has some stuff that I'm not able to do though because he's all tall and lanky...I think my best dunk would be a leaning windmill...sorta like the one Jordan did way back when.

Deus: You were recruited to Stanford as a point guard, but your first real success was and has been at the 2 guard spot. Since then, though, you've been back and fourth at the point, with Chris Hernandez also taking some of the time at one. As the season wears on, where do you see yourself playing the most, and what do you expect to see at the point guard position in general?

JuliusBarnes:(7:22 PM ET ) Deus...I see you decided to take a little break fromyour regular activities. I think where I play all decides on the matchups. IfCoach thinks that I can take or defend the opposing one with my quickness thenhe might play me at the point. So far, I think that all three of us have donea fair job at the one. I really don't expect much to change at the one, exceptfor situations that come up like the win at UCLA.

Janice (Los Angeles): Are you a brief or boxer dude?

JuliusBarnes: (7:23 PM ET ) Hey Janice! Boxers are definitely for me. I don't think I'll ever wear a pair of tighty whiteys!

stan98 (Boston, ma): Hey Julius, What do you think is the key to Stanfordmaking a deep run this post-season? Love your game!

JuliusBarnes: (7:26 PM ET ) Sup Stan! I think that the key for us it to execute offensively and cut down on stupid turnovers. If we play sound defense, and are able to get out on the break then I think we'll be fine. I also think that we have to do this consistently or else the season will end quicker then we'd like.

Stephanie(Stanford): Hey Julius, Why did you decide to come to Stanford?Also, do the tall people on the basketball team like Curtis, and Rob need to havetheir beds specially made? Just wondering. Oh yeah I hope you guess BEAT USC tomorrow.

JuliusBarnes: (7:29 PM ET ) Hello Steph... I decided to come to Stanford for it's top notch academics and great athletic programs. I didn't think any other school could beat what Stanford had to offer. As for Rob and Borch, they sleep on the same beds that everyone else does. I think Borch is the only person here who has his feet dangle off the beds!

Cal Bear Fan: Hi Julius,First and foremost,I apologize for the behavior of Cal's fans after beating Stanford. What do you think of the Cal-Stanford rivalry and is it as much of a big deal on the Farm as it is here at Cal? Take care.

JuliusBarnes: (7:33 PM ET ) Apology accepted... I know you all can't be blamed for the actions of one person...I definitely feel that the rivalry is starting to heat up now, especially with how close the race to be on top of the Pac is. We obviously are pumped to play you guys and I know you guys feel the same way.

Yung Liu (Stanford): Mr. Barnes, do you think the academic environment at Stanford actually helps your development as a basketball player? Why would you (if you do) recommend the Stanford program to future recruits/players?

JuliusBarnes: (7:36 PM ET ) Hi Yung. I think that in a way the academic environment does help. I think that your competitive nature on the court transfers to the classroom. Now as far as being the smartest person in the class, I'm far from it. But I do my best to take care of business. I would recommend the program to future recruits because I don't think the combination of academics and athletics can be beat!

Sixth Man, Boston MA: You are a great player. Do you prefer to be a point guard or a shooting guard?

JuliusBarnes: (7:37 PM ET ) Sixth Man, I honestly don't care where I play as long as I'm playing. Obviously I like to score, but I think sometimes it's easier to score from the point then it is from the wing...although Coach would rather me think pass first when I do play the point!

West lag: Have you beaten Curtis in ping-pong yet?

JuliusBarnes: (7:39 PM ET ) West Lag...I beat Borch all the time. He's too tall and slow to handle someone with a quick swing like me! LOL!

Monty (Stanford): What's your favorite pre-game meal?

JuliusBarnes:(7:42 PM ET ) Monty, my favorite pre-game meal is the Saut�edGulf Prawns at Sundance Steakhouse. We used to have milk shakes too, but our strengthcoach canceled those!

Steven Higa (Rowland Heights): I just wanted to say wassup from RowHigh, and congratulations on the great season your having. Earlier in your career though, you didn't see a lot of PT, what kept you motivated and what would you contribute your increased gameplay to?

JuliusBarnes: (7:44 PM ET ) What's up Steve? I haven't heard from you in awhile. I think the thing that kept me motivated was the fact that I knew I had the skills to be on the floor. My mom and grandma always told me that 'Good things come to those who wait!' So I kept that in mind and so far it has worked out. I think the increased PT has been due to hard work in the weight room and on the floor. Tell everybody I say HI!

Bud Lee : What is your favorite moment so far in your Stanford career? It has to be the 360 lay-in right??!!!

JuliusBarnes: (7:46 PM ET ) Hey Bud... I think my favorite moment so far was beating Duke last year in Oakland. To say that we beat the National Champs is always good. As for the 360 lay up, I think that has been my favorite individual moment.

Stanford98 (Belmont): Hey Julius If you could posterize any player in thecollege game who would it be that you would dunk on?

JuliusBarnes: (7:49 PM ET ) Hey 98! To tell you the truth, I would want to posterize my own teammate. Borch, if you're reading this, just because I missed the dunk at Nike Camp doesn't mean I won't try again. You're just too scared to go toes!

Curtis: So what was your worst moment? Would that be losing to MD last year in the Elite Eight?

JuliusBarnes: (7:50 PM ET ) Curt, I think the worst moment for me would be losing to SC and Arizona this year. I felt like we could have easily won the two games but didn't pull it off in the end. Hopefully we'll be able to redeem ourselves when we meet again.

Cardinal Lover (Palo Alto): Julius -- you're my favorite player, by the way and you're definitely the cutest guy on the Cardinal (but that's beside the point). Do you and your teammates have a renewed sense of confidence now that you're back in first place?

JuliusBarnes: (7:54 PM ET ) Cardinal Lover... thanks for the compliments! I think the other guys would be jealous that you think that! As for our confidence, I think being in first boosts it a little. However, a loss could easily put us back into a tie for third or fourth!

Boogiefresh from Rowland: What's up Julius? I've heard stories about your leaping ability. Is it true you once jumped over a guy like Vinsanity did in the Olympics and dunked on him?

JuliusBarnes: (7:56 PM ET ) Boogie, what up man? I haven't jumped over anyone like Vince. Don't get it twisted. If anybody can do it, it's probably my younger brother, Jamaal. The kid can do some stuff I can't even do!

Leslie/La Puente: Hey Julius, Just a quick question, what's the deal with the afro look?

JuliusBarnes:(7:58 PM ET ) Hi Leslie! The afro is just for the meantime. My momand grandma don't like it, but my dad thinks it's kind of cool. When the season'sover it's going to get braided!

JF in SF: Julius, though Casey gets the national press, a lot of Stanford fans I know think you are the most electrifying player on the team. Do you think you are an NBA caliber player and, if so, what do you think would raise your chances of getting drafted?

JuliusBarnes:(8:01 PM ET ) JF, thanks for the compliments. I've often heard thatI have the potential, but I do know that there are things that I still have towork on. This off-season, I'm going to work on the J and getting stronger. I'llprobably be dribbling a ball wherever I go too!

Aaron B.: Do opponents ever talk trash to you?

JuliusBarnes: (8:04 PM ET ) Sup Aaron! Some guys talk, other guys just like to get all physical and stuff. I don't like to talk back, I just hope my game is doing the talking!

Pablo (SF): C'mon JuJu...I say Colima Burgers, but what do you miss most about growing up in LA?RHS class of 1991 representing.

JuliusBarnes:(8:07 PM ET ) Sup Pablo! I miss the weather and the family most. Itgets kind of cold up here and there isn't really too much to do besides schoolwork and bball.

JuliusBarnes:(8:09 PM ET ) Hey guys, it's been nice chatting with you but I gotto run. I hope to hear you yelling tomorrow in the stands or at least be in frontof the TV doing the same. Stay up!
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