Chat Wrap: Ryan Garko

RyanGarko: (3:29 PM ET ) Hey this is Ryan. I am ready to start answering questions.

Floyd (Los Angeles): Ryan, congratulations on a good start to the year. Some Pac-10 teams have struggled to start the year. Do you see your team having an easy time winning the conference title with teams like USC having such a tough time winning ball games?

Ryan,Garko: (3:31 PM ET ) I don't think that there is ever an easy yearto play in the PAC-10 It is so early in the season that I am sure most of theother teams in the PAC-10 are figuring out their lineups and pitching staffs,but by the time we start to play those teams they will be amongst the best inthe nation.

Willie Hinojosa: Hey there Ryan, I play baseball at a junior college in California and I'm a sophomore getting ready to transfer and play ball wherever a coach will accept me, but I wanted to ask was it a pain in the butt to decide on a college where to play baseball? What factored into your decision? Hopefully I'll be playing next year so can you give some pointers on how the game changed from high school to D-1 baseball? I appreciate you taking some time to answer my questions and of course I'll go to cheer on Stanford baseball I've been going to watch you guys since 1996, and good luck on your season and wish you guys the best, and this win it for the bay area. Please!

RyanGarko: (3:33 PM ET ) There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right college. I'd say try to find a place where you like both the school and the athletic program, obviously a place like Stanford combines the best of both worlds.

Bernard Bourdeaux (Natchitoches, LA) : Ryan ... Nice way to start the season.I would've preferred to see a couple more brooms (as in sweeps) this season, butI am confident those brooms will arrive just in time for those PAC-10 games ifnot sooner! Now to my question... Now that you have shed the 'budding' from yourprevious nickname and have become a flat-out 'superstar', who in your opinionis ready to take that moniker and become the next 'budding superstar'?

RyanGarko: (3:35 PM ET ) I think that Donny Lucy is going to be a greatplayer here at Stanford. He is already contributing offensively and is going tobe a real good catcher in the future as well.

Anngeo (Stanford): Hi Ryan. Florida State must have felt a lot different to you this year than it did when you played there as a freshman. You spent a fair amount of game time that first year on the bench or in the bullpen. How hard is that to deal with? Congratulations on moving past being a 'budding superstar.'

RyanGarko: (3:38 PM ET ) At Stanford there are guys that could start anywhere else in the country that rarely play, that is the type of talent and depth we have. Sitting that first year was difficult but it was also a learning experience because I got to see how guys like Damien Alvarado, Edmund Muth, and John Gall played the game and I learned a great deal from all of them.

Mike: Heard you are a big Tyrone Willingham fan...this isn't a baseball question but what do you think of Tyrone going to the Irish. Is he the next Parseghian? He beat the Irish every time just like Tyrone. What are the chances this is the turn around for ND?

RyanGarko: (3:39 PM ET ) I have nothing but respect for Coach Willingham and all that he has accomplished and I think he will do a great job at Notre Dame just like he did here at Stanford.

Mike (Palo Alto): Gark, what would you say is the greatest weakness for this year's squad? Secondly, many coaches around the country thought that your series with Fla. State was an early depiction of the National Championship matchup. I know it's early in the season, but how far do you think this talented team can go? Who knows, maybe you will get a second handshake from G-dub.

RyanGarko: (3:41 PM ET ) I think we need to get our pitching situation figured out and get some experience for some of the freshmen and sophomores that are going to help us down the road. I think this team can go as far as it wants to, as long as we stay focused and play the way we all know we can.

Ruben San Dimas: Playing at the top D1 level, and attending Stanford, what do you do in your free time or do you have any?

RyanGarko: (3:43 PM ET ) I beat Andrew Clearly in Madden 2002 once or twice every week and most of my other free time is spent studying or just resting.

Andrew: Ryan,I heard you were a big Patriots fan, what do you think about their big Super Bowl win?

RyanGarko: (3:45 PM ET ) I have been a Patriots fan my whole life and was so happy to see them finally win more than five games in a season, I just hope that they stick with Drew Bledsoe next year because that guy has the best arm in the NFL.

Greenville: All y'all need to watch out for ECU because they are going to Omaha to win it all just like my Dukies did in B-ball last year. Quit complaining about how the west gets no respect because the bottom line is NC collegiate sports are dominant.

RyanGarko: (3:48 PM ET ) I think you have to give some respect to westcoast baseball, the PAC-10 has got to be the best baseball conference year inand year out, and with so many professional athletes coming from Sacramento northernCalifornia can hold its own with any other state.

Burlingame: Do you like being a catcher, is it hard work?

RyanGarko: (3:54 PM ET ) I like catching a lot and always have, it is fun to me to be involved in every pitch and to have such an important job defensively. There is a physical toll on your body but it is worth it.

CD: Hey Ryan, being a girl (in college, in NC, don't listen to that other guy) and growing up around baseball, especially at the collegiate level, I have a different perspective from many other baseball fans. In my opinion you are a very talented player who has the ability to lead your team and will definitely go places (fingers crossed). My question is about your future. Do you find it easier to play game to game or do you shoot for the big picture? CWS, MLB? Good luck, I'm cheering for you.

RyanGarko: (3:57 PM ET ) Thank you, I believe that if I take the game pitchto pitch, at bat to at bat, things will fall into place as far as the payoffsand June draft go. It would be a dream come true to play pro ball one day butright now the only thing I have control over is tomorrow night's game againstSanta Clara.

Elisabeth (Santa Clara): Hi there! I noticed that your next series is against Santa Clara. What kind of games are you expecting? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the team? How have you all prepared for the series?

RyanGarko: (3:59 PM ET ) I am looking forward to playing Santa Clara this weekend. They have a real good club and I am sure Coach O'Brian is doing wonders for the program. We'll prepare by practicing hard today and getting ready to go out and play hard this weekend.

RyanGarko: (4:01 PM ET ) Thanks for your questions, sorry I couldn't getto all of them but I have to go to practice, and hello Caitlin I hope you arehaving fun at college.
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