No. 10 UCLA Records Season-Best 197.55 In Victory Over No. 19 Oregon State

Feb. 23, 2002

Los Angeles, Calif. -

The 10th-ranked UCLA gymnastics team set a new season-high in defeating 19th-ranked Oregon State, 197.55-194.925. Sophomore Jamie Dantzscher led UCLA with a career-high all-around total of 39.8 and took home first place honors on vault, bars and floor (sixth consecutive 10.0).

UCLA counted no score lower than 9.7 and scored above a 49 on all four apparatus, closing the meet out with season-highs on beam (49.475) and floor (49.575). Oregon State, which competed the night before in Fullerton, did not have to count a fall either but was unable to total an event score over 49.

The Bruins started the evening on vault and posted their third-highest total of the season, a 49.15. Dantzscher led the Bruin effort with her winning score of 9.925. Onnie Willis added a 9.9, and Kristin Parker made a triumphant return to the lineup after an ankle injury with a 9.85. The Beavers, meanwhile, on bars totaled a 48.925, led by Elizabeth Jillson's 9.9.

UCLA took a comfortable 98.5-97.025 lead after rotation two, scoring a 49.35 on bars to Oregon State's 48.15 on vault. Dantzscher again led the Bruins with her sixth 9.975 of the season. Yvonne Tousek preceded her with a 9.925.

In rotation three, the Bruins were impressive on beam, with no score falling below 9.825. Dantzscher set a new career-best mark with a 9.9, Malia Jones tied her career-best with a 9.875, and Alyssa Beckerman capped it off with a career-high 9.95 to capture first place. Oregon State on floor scored a 48.875 and was led by Annie Campbell's 9.875.

UCLA concluded the evening with great performances on floor. Beckerman set a new career high with a 9.9. Willis pleased the crowd with a 9.95, and Dantzscher capped the meet with her sixth-straight perfect 10, believed to be a national record.

Dantzscher won her third consecutive all-around. Willis placed second with a 39.475, and Tousek was third with a 39.45.

The Bruins will compete twice next week, first traveling to Washington to take on the Huskies and Seattle-Pacific on Friday, Mar. 1 then returning home to host Michigan, Minnesota and Cal State Fullerton in the annual UCLA Invitational on Mar. 3.


Team - 1. UCLA 197.55, 2. Oregon State 194.925

Vault - 1. Jamie Dantzscher (UCLA), 9.925, 2. Onnie Willis (UCLA), 9.9, 3. Kristin Parker (UCLA), 9.85

Bars - 1. Dantzscher (UCLA), 9.975, 2. Yvonne Tousek (UCLA), 9.925, 3. Elizabeth Jillson (OSU), 9.9

Beam - 1. Alyssa Beckerman (UCLA), 9.95, 2. Annie Campbell (OSU), 9.925, 3. Dantzscher (UCLA), 9.9

Floor - 1. Dantzscher (UCLA), 10, 2. Willis (UCLA), 9.95, 3. Beckerman (UCLA), 9.9

All-Around - 1. Dantzscher (UCLA), 39.8, 2. Willis (UCLA), 39.475, 3. Tousek (UCLA), 39.45.

Play-by-play commentary from Bruin gymnast Trishna Patel.

Rotation One

UCLA - Vault (49.15)Malia Jones - Handspring front tuck (9.8 SV) - nice height, step on landing - 9.5Yvonne Tousek - Yurchenko layout half (10.0 SV) - jumped forward on landing - 9.775Jeanette Antolin - Yurchenko layout full (10.0 SV) -clean form, jumped forward on landing - 9.7Onnie Willis - Yurchenko layout full (10.0 SV) - beautiful height, great landing - 9.9Kristin Parker - Handspring front pike half (10.0 SV) - powerful, great landing -9.85Jamie Dantzscher - Yurchenko layout full (10.0 SV) - clean, pretty form, stepped back onlanding - 9.925Exhibition - Natasha Desai - Handspring double twist (10.0 SV) - completed 1.5 twists

Oregon State - Bars (48.925)Heidi Goehring - 9.65Lindsay Nelson - great height on the tkatchev, stuck double layout dismount - 9.75Annie Campbell - 9.775Tanya Ricioli - 9.85Jerra Lopez - 9.6Elizabeth Jillson - 9.9

Rotation Two

UCLA - Bars (49.35)Valerie Velasco - nice Geinger, high dismount, overall a nice routine - 9.75Malia Jones - nice form throughout, nice height on the dismount but took a slightstep back - 9.875Onnie Willis - too much power into the full-twisting giant and had to cover,but made a nice comeback - 9.75Yvonne Tousek - beautiful release moves, great form, just a step back on thedismount - 9.925Jamie Dantzscher - fluid swing, awesome releases, stuck dismount - 9.975Doni Thompson - tapped the low bar on her release move, powerful swing, nice release to thehigh bar, stepped back on the dismount - 9.825Exhibition: Jeanette Antolin - nice eagle giants, nice release move and double front halfdismount - 9.8

Oregon State - Vault (48.15)Meghan Jones - Handspring front tuck (9.8 SV) - nice height, cowboyed legs - 9.5Jerra Lopez - Handspring front tuck half (9.9 SV) - 9.525Tanya Ricioli - Handspring front pike (9.9 SV) - 9.7Therese Videan - Handspring front pike half (10.0 SV) - 9.8Heather Justus - Handpsring front pike (9.9 SV) - 9.25Annie Campbell - Yurchenko layout (9.8 SV) - 9.625

Standings after 2 rotations: 1. UCLA - 98.5, 2. OSU - 97.075

Rotation Three

UCLA - Beam (49.475)Doni Thompson - stuck her flight series, hit her new dismount - gainer back pike off thefront of the beam - 9.825Jamie Dantzscher - hit her flight series, high punch front, stuck 1.5 dismount,solid throughout the routine - 9.9 (career-high)Malia Jones - slightly off in the middle of her flight series but pulled it back inand stuck it solidly, cartwheeler gainer full off the side, agressive routine - 9.875(ties career-high)Yvonne Tousek - hit her flight series, beautiful back tuck open, slight hop on dismountbut agressive throughout - 9.875Onnie Willis - slightly off on punch front, awesome 2 back handsprings, double backdismount - powerful and high - 9.875Alyssa Beckerman - beautiful scale and holds, hit her flight series and double turn, expressivedance, stuck dismount - 9.95 (career-high)Exhibition: Michelle Conway - Unique mount - Homma Flairs, hit illusion, missed frontfoot on flight series, fell off on double turn

Oregon State - Floor (48.875)Heather Justus - 9.675Elaine Yoder - 9.55Therese Videan - 9.75Tanya Ricioli - 9.775Jerra Lopez - 9.8Annie Campbell - great, difficult tumbling, stuck all of her passes - 9.875

Standings after 3 rotations: 1. UCLA 147.975, 2. OSU 145.95

Rotation Four

UCLA - FloorMalia Jones - whip through to double tuck, short on landing, expressive dance,nice smile - 9.85Jamie Williams - stuck double pike to open, out of bounds on her second pass, hands downon third pass - 9.125Alyssa Beckerman - hit all of her tumbling passes, expressive, beautiful dance, niceturn combinations - 9.9 (career-high)Yvonne Tousek - high triple twist, hit tumbling passes, clean routine overall, dramaticdance - 9.875Onnie Willis - nice eye contact with the audience, powerful tumbling, dynamicroutine - 9.95Jamie Dantzscher - perfection - 10.0

Oregon State - Beam (48.975)Lindsay Nelson - 9.75Daylee Ingalls - 9.225Jerra Lopez - 9.875Elaine Yoder - 9.575Tanya Ricioli - 9.85Annie Campbell - 9.925

Final Score: 1. UCLA 197.55, 2. OSU 194.925

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