Chat Wrap: Markus Rogan

Feb. 22, 2002

MarkusRogan: Hello, I'm here and ready to answer some questions

Dani (San Mateo): What made you choose Stanford?

MarkusRogan: Primarily the swim team but also the general atmosphere.

Candace (Pasadena): What kind of foods do you eat to be a good swimmer?

MarkusRogan: I eat what tastes good, but nothing in excess. I really like sweets, but don't tell my coach.

Dan (Los Angeles): Do you ever get bored just swimming lap after lap? What do you think about?

MarkusRogan: Yes, but only during easy training. Whenever we get to a race of any length, it doesn't get boring. When I do get bored, I think of anything from songs to better ways to turn.

Carter (Half Moon Bay): What is your favorite Olympic memory?

MarkusRogan: participating in the opening ceremony. It really seems like people came together and there was nothing wrong with the world for those few hours

chef (Vienna): Hallo (Vize) Champ! hat sich die Aufregung wieder gelegt?

MarkusRogan: Yes, I like this questions. The excitement from Worlds has calmed down, but the excitement for this season is rising.

John (Seattle) age 12: Markus, I think you are a great swimmer, but I waswondering, what do you think of the Pac-10 this year, especially the Universityof Washington, with their new number 24 national ranking? Will you have your handsfull at the Pac-10 meet, of do you see it as a sure victory? Go Stanford!!

MarkusRogan: This is a good question. Thank you for your compliments. I can't wait to go to Pac 10's, and I'm gonna swim there as if it was the biggest meet I've gone to. I believe we have a good shot at winning, but it's not going to be a walk in the park. I believe the PAC 10 is the strongest conference out there. Maybe you will swim in it some day too!

Janice (Los Angeles): Are you a briefs or boxer dude?

MarkusRogan: boxerbriefs

Sasha (Palo Alto): Go Cardinal! Good luck against the Bears! What are the keys to swimming well against Cal?

MarkusRogan: Thanks for your motivation. We will have to perform as a team to beat Cal, they have some great swimmers. Especially our backstroke core will encounter a challenge

Pete (Los Angeles): Who is the best swimmer you've ever raced against?

MarkusRogan: I have swum against Olympic Champion Lenny Krayzelburg. But the best guy is one I swim against every day at practice and who I will have to beat to do well in Athens this year and in 2004, Peter Marshall

Jeff (Mercer Island): Markus, congratulations on all that you have accomplishedand good luck with the rest of your season. I am trying to improve my IM's butI struggle through the backstroke. What are your secrets to your incredible backstrokesplits. If you could help me out, that would be tight!

MarkusRogan: You seem to have some inside information. I just know that I can swim backstroke and that I have to rely on it to have a good IM. The best part is, everyone else in the race usually knows that too. That's enough motivation to go fast

Martin Sörös Vienna: Hy Markus, nett dich auf diese Art im Stanford-Chat wieder zu treffen. Verfolge deine Resultate genau und mit Freude ob der guten Leistungen. Gib weiter Vollgas, die Erntezeit wird kommen.Good luckMartin S�R�S

MarkusRogan: Thanks for your note, Martin. I bet there will be some good stories from the Cal meet

Ellen (San Francisco): How do you get motivated to swim?

MarkusRogan: Before each race I just believe that nobody is any more human than I am, so theoretically I should be able to beat them. Then during the race, I love to look over and just see how tired they are...

Lori (Walnut Creek): Beat Cal! Who is the fastest swimmer on the team?

MarkusRogan: That is a question I can't answer. We have an incredible team, anyone of us is good for an amazing swim

Jayme, Cincinnati: if I beat u, do I get a cookie?

MarkusRogan: I can't believe somebody posted that question. This Jayme Cramer guy must be a freshman. But yes, you could get a cookie that way

Cindi (Burlingame): What kind of music do you listen to?

MarkusRogan: I like trance music but also the Eagles and some Madonna

Lauren (Palo Alto): So do you wear speedos (the classic swimsuit) or those ugly things that go down to your knees,or even the full bodysuit? Don't you realizethat swimming has a huge draw as a spectator sport if you wear those little speedos? As a European, do you think Americans are way too uptight about speedos?

MarkusRogan: I like wearing the knee suits. I believe that the speedos might draw some more people to the stands, but the body suits leave more to the imagination which might get some people even more excited. I don't think Americans are too uptight about speedos, but I can see how some may think that. Maybe we will get see through suits some day for you

Pakboy: For how long can you swim?

MarkusRogan: until there is no water left in front of me. Then I turn and go back.

jb: What do u look for in girls?

MarkusRogan:She has to be intelligent and have something that sparks my curiosity

GoBlue (Michigan): Hi Markus, just wondered how much you enjoyed your visitto Ann Arbor and how does the pool accommodations rate with other colleges. Goodluck against Cal who I am sure is your biggest rival.

MarkusRogan: Thank you. I can't wait to swim tomorrow. I liked Ann Arbor, the pool is very fast, I swam all life time best or season best times there.

Jonathan (Toronto): Hello. Which event will you swim on Day 2 of the Pac10/NCAAs,400 IM or 100 back? Do you think you'll swim the back leadoff for the MR givenStanford's amazing depth on the backstroke? Good luck!

MarkusRogan: I don't know what I will swim yet, but it will be incredibly tough to make our MR.

Abbie (Palo Alto): What are your personal goals? -beat cal!

MarkusRogan: that's one of them. But mostly to just be able to look back and say I enjoyed and I can stand up to what I did. Of course I also have more traditional goals of competing and winning at the highest level

Pakboy: Which is the best campus you have ever visited for swimming?

MarkusRogan: The one I've visited 497 times, Stanford's.

a.s.k.31: Your funny dude!!

MarkusRogan: Alright!

Matt (newark, CA): hey do you have a strong accent still or do you soundjust like any American boy next door? what's the most interesting things abouthanging with an almost all American swim group? how is hanging out with swim teambuddies different here than in Austria?

MarkusRogan: I have an accent, but not everyone hears it right away. Nonetheless, I definitely don't sound like the American boy next door. It's a lot of to hang out with my American team mates. I like learning about Baseball and other cultural barriers between us. In general, the American boys are a little more relaxed but also listen to strange music.


MarkusRogan: Thanks man, keep it up

Alex (Sunnyvale): Hi Markus. What's your favorite memory as a Stanford student so far? Go Stanford!

MarkusRogan: I can't answer this because I'm not allowed to recruit young swimmers...but it's fun here.

Dan (Tucson): Which swimmers do you admire the most?

MarkusRogan: My team mates for stepping it up every day and Pieter van den Hoogenband for having the best attitude of any swimmer I've known

Casey (Los Angeles): How do you prepare for a meet? Any special routines, food, etc?

MarkusRogan:I get up in the morning and get a good wake up swim in. Foodwise, I don'teat any special way. It's mostly mental motivation.

Robyn (Menlo Park): What is your favorite event to swim?

MarkusRogan: Any event I am not expected to win but I have a good chance to.

Daniel (Palo Alto): What has been your greatest achievement in the pool to date?

MarkusRogan: to survive this year's practices

Debbie (Tempe): What do you think the team's chances are at NCAA's this year? Do you think you will bring home another national championship?

MarkusRogan: It's going to be exciting. I'd love to go and watch, but unfortunately I have to swim there and beat some Texans...haha. No, it will be a great race between Auburn, Texas and us, but Florida has been putting up some good times as well

MarkusRogan: Alright, sorry I couldn't get to all your questions, it's time for practice. I hope to see y'all at the meet tomorrow.
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