Chad Prewitt Chat Wrap

Feb. 27, 2002

Chad Prewitt: (1:22 PM ET ) I'm here straight from the training room. Sorry I'm late.

CJ: What is the most memorable game in your career?

Chad Prewitt: (1:24 PM ET ) Tough call between the Cal game when Eddie scored 61 in double overtime and the UA game here this year. It was good to finally beat them.

Brandon (Los Angeles): Hi chad, I'm an ASU student, and I was wondering whom you are most interested in playing in the first round of the pac-10 tourney. With wins over teams like ucla, arizona, and ucla whom would u like to play first?-brandon

Chad Prewitt: (1:26 PM ET ) At the seventh seed, it does not matter who you play, they are all good. It would be fun to get another shot at UA, those are always good games.

CJ: What's your favorite part about college basketball?

Chad Prewitt: (1:27 PM ET ) Being involved with a group of guys that you enjoy being around. The excitment of the competition and the games.

Don (Phoenix): Chad, please tell us you're playing this weekend!!!

Chad Prewitt: (1:28 PM ET ) I will do everything possible to make sure I am out there. I have learned to handle much pain throughout my career, and this is nothing new.

Maverick: Hi Chad, What will your feelings be going into your last game against Stanford?

Chad Prewitt: (1:30 PM ET ) It's different than other years for other seniors because the Pac-10 Tournament is next week. But I look forward to possibly playing my last game in Wells Fargo against a good Stanford team which I have not won against yet.

Mike (Chandler): Chad,

There were a lot of expectations for this season, and suffice to say that it has been somewhat of a disapointment. What do you think were the main reason for this?

Chad Prewitt: (1:32 PM ET ) We were inconsistent early and the line is so fine between the great teams and the good teams. We are playing well now and we still to do everything we set out to do.

Matt Prewitt, Columbia MO: Chad, my last name is Prewitt also, any chance we are related?

Chad Prewitt: (1:35 PM ET ) If you have red hair and are from Wyoming, there is a good chance.

Katie (Flagstaff): You are having an awesome season! What's with the longer hair?? I like it though!

Chad Prewitt: (1:35 PM ET ) Thanks and I am too lazy to get my hair cut.

Eric (Tempe): Chad, thanks for four great years as a Sun Devil. I have enjoyed watching you play and seeing your improvement from the ASU student section.

In your opinion, what has 'clicked' with this year's team that has them beating the likes of UofA (woohoo!) and UCLA after losing to the likes of Portland State earlier in the season?

Thanks again. Good luck the rest of the season and in your pro career.

Chad Prewitt: (1:38 PM ET ) One thing people forget is our backcourt was brand new at the beginning of the year and it takes awhile for new players to learn the system. Now that Curtis and JB have played more games together you can tell how good they are going to be.

Tempe: CHAD PREWITT is argueably the most valuable player in the PAc 10 besides Jacobsen. Where would ASU be without big red? THey would certainly NOT have double digit wins. We are VERY worried about next year without Chad. WE have a couple big recruits, but it is nearly impossible that they will be able to fill in for Prewitt. Just want to thank Chad for being the key to ASU basketball and a hustler for the last 4 years. MUCH APPRECIATED CHAD! By the way what about Chad in the NBA? Prewitt is a much better player than Brian Scalabrine was for SC and he is in the Pros. With Cha'ds shooting ability and size he would make a nice backup powerforward on any NBA team!! GOOD LUCK CHAD and THANKS AGAIN!

Chad Prewitt: (1:39 PM ET ) The program is in good shape. With Coach Evans and the kids he is recruiting and the kids he already has we are headed in the right direction. I have a lot of respect for Coach Evans and the staff and I have no doubt they are winners and will get it done. Thanks for your compliments.

Keri(South Dakota): Who has been your favorite relative to watch your games? :-)

Chad Prewitt: (1:40 PM ET ) Kale, because he is around more. He moved to a real state.

Eric (Mountain View, CA): Chad, I remember walking by you on campus when you were a freshman and I pointed you out to a friend and told them that you probably wouldn't ever be a good player. Boy was I wrong! How have you improved so much during your time at ASU?

Chad Prewitt: (1:42 PM ET ) Thanks for the optimism! That is why fans cheer and coaches coach. But I thank you for your honesty. There is no substitute for hard work. The staff really worked hard for me and got me to where I am today.

BostonDevil: First of all, thanks for being a top-notch Sun Devil through the years and congratulations on a great career. As for my question, ASU has competed well against most of the league, but seems to struggle mightily against Southern Cal. Is there anything specific about them that presents problems, and what do you need to do differently if you match up in the tournament?

Chad Prewitt: (1:45 PM ET ) If we made our free throws we would have beaten USC. They do have some matchup difficulties but we need to compete better aganst them, something we did not do in LA. We need to not let them get away from us early.

Clay Idaho Falls: Chad,Who is your favorite aunt and uncle. Derek wants to see you slam one this weekend.

Chad Prewitt: (1:46 PM ET ) Obviosly, you and Jodi. Can't wait to see you this weekend.

Kevin (Fremont, CA): Chad, I love watching you play at ASU and think you're one of the most underrated players in the country. My question is this: What Pac-10 venue do you enjoy playing the most(other than your own, that is!)

Chad Prewitt: (1:47 PM ET ) I like playing at Stanford. They have some crazy fans and it is a good hoops environment.

Justin (Tempe): Chad, I just wanted to tell you that I think it was great that you, Tommy Smith, and Kyle Dodd showed up to the baseball game against Cal State Fullerton last weekend. Shows great school spirit!!! Good luck Chad in the future.

Chad Prewitt: (1:49 PM ET ) It was a lot of fun, but Justin Allen came with us. We tried to lose him, but he follows us wherever we go.

Chad Prewitt: (1:52 PM ET ) Thanks for your time and support. I need to go take care of this elbow and get ready for practice. Thanks and I hope to see you all this weekend.

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