Mike Montgomery Press Conference Quotes

March 5, 2002

Stanford, Calif. -

On Julius Barnes' development this year:
'I am very pleased with Julius taking the leadership role. Whether he is playing hard driving to the basket or playing great defense, he has improved. We need a fourth scorer, and he is becoming more and more consistent. He takes the ball better to the hole and is a better overall player then we started the year.'

On the bench contribution:
'I have to give them time in order for them to improve, so part of it is on my shoulders. I thought Matt Lottich and Joe Kirchofer did a good job last weekend. Their play was huge, especially with Casey Jacobsen being out. We held our own though and that gave them confidence. Right now I am just trying to win the game and not look at the future.'

On using the bench more this week with the possibility of playing three straight games:
'There is not going to be three games unless we win. I can not go into this weekend thinking about the NCAA Tournament, we need to win these games first.'

On Casey Jacobsen handling the attention:
'Casey likes the attention and tends to seek it. It wears him down a little bit, but the always says the right things. He is honest and tells it like it is.'

On USC saying they would prefer to play UCLA:
'If you ask every coach in this tournament, they would say that they have the toughest draw. Over the years we have had good battles with USC. USC saying that is not a major issue, but it is going to be a tough tournament.'

On the previous games against USC:
'Beating a team twice does not matter, but you have to be confident. We have to execute against them. You have to execute to win and the team has to have the confidence.'

On the match-up between Justin Davis and Sam Clancy:
'Justin has a better chance if he can board and not make mistakes. They both have been playing great.'

On the Pac-10 Tournament making a difference in the selection for the NCAA's:
'The committee already has an idea and know what they want to do heading into this weekend. This weekend might make a change in seeding, but if Washington or Arizona State wins the Pac-10 Tournament they would automatically go. So the issue becomes if the committee will take seven Pac-10 teams or not.'

On the team being call 'Casey's Team':
'No, that is not my style. I don't like us to be somebody's team. Casey does have to score for us to be successful, but we have to have balance and get others to score. He is a major part of our team and has responded well this year with all the attention.'

On Curtis Borchardt having only five shots against USC:
'We did not take advantage of certain situations to get Curtis the ball. We have to have confidence from all five guys on the floor. Curtis is an emotional and very competitive guy.'

On the value of the Pac-10 Tournament for the freshmen:
'It is a lot of work for everybody, but we know our opponents better then we will in the NCAA's. It can't hurt the freshmen, but I don't know that they will gain much from it.'

On the decision to stay at Stanford until Wednesday:
'We felt a day of class and staying around Tuesday night was important. It did not make a lot of sense for us to fly down tonight for an hour practice. It is hard on the kids and the more time we can stay around the better.'

On things to prepare for this weekend:
'There is only so much information that you can provide to them. There are a lot of other things you have to consider. Just hanging around down in Los Angeles did not seem like a benefit to anybody tomorrow. This is the third out of four weekends we have been gone. It is tough on these kids and it will pay a price when finals come around.'

'We need to attack their press better. They manage to disrupt our offense. They are big and strong so we will battle as well as we can. We can't do anything about that. USC does a good job of adjusting their press.'

On coming off a successful weekend in Arizona:
'There is an element of confidence, but you can't make too much of that. You have to look at the entire season.'

On Sam Clancy:
'I don't worry so much about Clancy, but putting Curtis on him risks the issue of him getting into foul trouble. It is the people around Clancy that makes it so tough. Clancy is the centerpiece of their offense.'

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