Chat Wrap: Kirk & Foschi

March 14, 2002

JessicaFoschi: (2:58 PM ET ) Hey everyone, this is Jess. I'm ready to start taking your questions now.

TaraKirk: (2:58 PM ET ) hey, this is Tara, I guess that I'm ready to go, I hope you guys have some fun questions for Jess and I

Tarpon Springs, FL: Jessica, Congratulations to a GREAT ATHLETE and a future bright star in whatever your endeavor might be. Do you have Standard or Motto that you live by and what is it and why?

JessicaFoschi:(3:02 PM ET ) Hi Nanna, thanks for writing. Hope the weather is nicedown in Florida! I try to live by what my grandmother (and the rest of my family)has taught me! Love you.

RQ--Stanford: I understand that your coach is really a very good looking,funny, motivational,charismatic, guy. How do you stand not being with him thehours you are not training?

TaraKirk:(3:04 PM ET ) we do have a really cool coach, sometimes I think thathe may be a little crazy but somehow I manage to make it through the day withouthim because I can always look forward to afternoon practice

JessicaFoschi: (3:04 PM ET ) Well, Richard is kind of cool, I guess. Luckily, there are not many hours that we are NOT training, so I am able to make it from practice to practice. Seriously, Richard is a wonderful coach, but his big orange sunglasses are pretty lame.

Kimmy (Palo Alto): Hi Tara. I am 10 years old and I swim. I wanted to tell you that you are my hero. I think you are the greatest. You are the greatest aren't you?

TaraKirk: (3:07 PM ET ) Kimmy, thanks for writing, I wouldn't say that I am the greatest but I work hard to be the best I can be. I think that because I have fun swimming it makes swimming fast much easier

Do you remember Venice then that night in Germany?: So...What happenedto Stanford in the Seattle Bowl? I thought you guys were good, and then when I'mwatching the game all I noticed was how bad Georgia Tech was beating those sorryCardinal?

JessicaFoschi: (3:09 PM ET ) Just remember that you are still my LITTLE brother. You guys just got lucky in the bowl game. Hope all is well in Atlanta, I'll see you next week in Austin.

SakiBomb25, Palo Alto: Congratulations on a fine season and hopefully youwill be able to cap it off with an NCAA championship! A couple of questions: Jessica- how did you take your loss in the 500m in the recent Pac-10 Championship? Areyou ready now to defend your title? What other individual titles do you thinkyou have a shot at winning? Tara - Do you think you will be able to win both breastraces? You seem like a lock in the 100 and a contender in the 200. Who do yousee as your challengers in both races? Also, are you excited that your sisterwill be joining you on the Farm next year? What does she swim and how big of animpact do you think she will make next year? Congrats and good luck!

TaraKirk:(3:14 PM ET ) I am thrilled that Dana will be joining me here at Stanfordnext year. She is an amazing swimmer. Last summer she won the 100 fly at nationalsand was second in the 200. She will make a big impact her freshman year, I'm reallylooking forward to it. As for NCAAs, I think that the 200 will definitely be arace, Agnes Kovacs will be fun to swim against. I am looking forward to swimmingboth breaststrokes.

JessicaFoschi: (3:15 PM ET ) SakiBomb, thanks for the question. I was initially pretty upset about being second in the 500 at Pac-10s. It is my favorite race and it had been about 2 years since I had last lost that race. However, I quickly got over it because I had other races to swim and I know I can swim a lot faster than I did in that race. If anything, it just made me realize that I don't like to lose, so I'll get it back next weekend when it really counts. I am really excited about my chances in both the 200 and 1650 to score lots of points for the team. My speed so far has been really good, and the mile will be a great race. Thanks.

Jdawg (Stanford): Good Job at the Pac-10's ladies. What is your take on the freshman this season? Seems like they have been doing well. Good Luck!

JessicaFoschi: (3:17 PM ET ) The freshmen have been amazing this year. They are all wonderful people as well as athletes and have given so much to our team's spirit and personality. They have clearly made a huge difference for us in terms of depth too.

TaraKirk:(3:18 PM ET ) Our freshmen are doing a great job. They have added aton of excitement to the team. Their impact is going to be a major factor at NCAAs

Annette Griffus, The Sun, Bremerton: Each year you keep getting betterand better, what's left for you to accomplish at the collegiate level?

TaraKirk: (3:21 PM ET ) Annete, there is a lot for me to accomplish at the college level. Not only are there always new people to race but there are always faster times to go for. Richard (our coach) has talked to us about having zero as a goal .

CJ: What's the longest distance you have ever swam?

JessicaFoschi: (3:24 PM ET ) The longest that I have ever swam in one shot is a 10K swim in the ocean in Florida. It took an hour and 50 minutes and I won the race by about a tenth of a second. I really love swimming distance - it gives you tons of time to think about everything :)

Michelle -Woodside: Hi Tara. I am 12 years old and I swim a lot. You aremy hero too. I heard you are pretty short. Is it true you can be a good swimmereven if you are below average height?

JessicaFoschi: (3:26 PM ET ) Michelle, it is true that I am pretty short compared to my teammates- only 5'6', and I think that you can be fast no matter how tall or short you are. Thanks, for the great question.

Dan (New Hyde Park): Jessica, can you recommend a good style speedo for when I go swimming in the summers?

JessicaFoschi: (3:28 PM ET ) Hi Dan Dan - miss you. I would definitely say that there really is no right way to go with a speedo for guys. I would stay away from them completely. Hope your doing well, Dan.

Danny Palo Alto: I come to all the swim meets I can with my parents, andYou guys are super. I'm doing a report on swimming, and I learned that you guyshave suits that make you swim like sharks. Are the suits good?

JessicaFoschi: (3:30 PM ET ) Danny, thanks for coming to our meets! We do wear special suits at our championship meets that make us faster. I don't usually think of myself as swimming like a shark but a lot of times my teammates remind me of sharks because they swim so fast!!

TaraKirk: (3:31 PM ET ) Danny - thanks for coming to all of our meets! The suits we use, made of the new FASTSKIN material, are great for competition. They act to channel the water in specific directions to make you as hydrodynamic as possible. They also make you feel really fast and so it gives you a mental edge too. Good luck with your report.

Lucy -Menlo Park: I'm 11 and I swim a lot too. How far can you swim holding your breath? Do you ever hold your breath in a race?

TaraKirk:(3:35 PM ET ) Lucy, our whole team practices underwater racing a loteven though our races aren't the main underwater races. Underwater racing is becominga major part of swimming today but I have never measured how long I can hold mybreath.

Margaret (Old Brookville): Why do your mom and dad call you 'Kate'?PS-I love to watch you swim!Go Stanford! Go Jessica Kate!

TaraKirk: (3:39 PM ET ) Hi mom. Well, Kate is middle name and it came from the musical 'Kiss Me Kate.' When I was born, my mom wanted to name me Jessica and my dad wanted Kate - of course, mom won and so I am Jessica Kate. Now, both of them often call me Kate anyway. Love you mom - talk to you later.

Pauline: Hi Tara, you did gymnastics before swimming,when did you startswimming and did you feel that you lost something when you quit gym. How manyyears have you been swimming for, and your sister Dana is a awesome swimmer soare YOU. Thanks

TaraKirk:(3:41 PM ET ) Sorry, that last answer was actually Jess. Pauline, Idid do gymnastics before I swam. I also played soccer. The reason that I quitgym was because I broke my arm doing a fly away, I guess that it was actuallya good thing because that's when I started swimming competitively. I've been racingfor about 8 years now.

JD(Palo Alto): Awesome job so far this season, ladies! Good luck in Texas!!!

My question is about stoke count. I had a coach tell me once that you should always count your strokes. Do you do that? Do you do it when you race, or just in practice?

JessicaFoschi: (3:45 PM ET ) Strole count is important, but not just on its own. We work on stroke count, stroke rate, and distance per stroke. If you can improve your distance per stroke as well as maintain a high stroke rate, you will swim faster . Using your stroke count, you can measure if you are improving in these areas. So, yes, stroke count is important, but in conjunction with rate and distance per stroke. Generally, we work on this in practice, so it becomes automatic in competition. Thanks for your question.

TaraKirk:(3:47 PM ET ) I counted my strokes a lot at the beginning of the seasonto improve my distance per stroke but I've stopped now that I am approaching mychampionship meet because I think that it is important to simply race in big meetsand not become distracted by trying to count my strokes.

Eeyore's Dad (Maineville, Ohio): Jess and Tara, just a quick note to wish you and your teammates well next week at NCAA'S. Thanks for the support you both have shown eeyore. She is a better person for knowing each of you.

JessicaFoschi: (3:50 PM ET ) Hi Mr. Ransom - thanks for writing and for all of your support. Its been a pleasure swimming with Tami this year -she has been such a great little freshman. See you soon.

Courtaline (Snippyville): Tara, now that you have an American record, doyou feel like you are too good for your roommates?

TaraKirk: (3:51 PM ET ) Courtaline, I have the best roommates (and drawmates) ever! They have really contributed to my swimming this year.

Christian (Old Brookville): Dear Jess, Do you think eating a cheeseburgerright before my 50 free will make me swim faster? P.S.-Go Cardinal!

JessicaFoschi:(3:54 PM ET ) Hey little brother. Christian, I would normally say thateating a cheeseburger right before you swim would be a bad idea. However, I knowthat you will swim fast if you are happy - and a cheeseburger would definitelydo the trick for you. I miss you and can't wait to see you next week. I hope youhave red paint, so Pam can't paint a big 'S' on your chest!

Ryan (exwrestlerville): Hey ladies, what has been the most rewarding part of swimming for both of you? Go Card!! Good luck at NCAA's.

JessicaFoschi: (3:57 PM ET ) Thanks, Ryan. After a lifetime of swimming, I still can't list all of the things that I feel are rewarding about the sport. It is such a great environment for dedicated athletes. I can say however, that I wouldn't give up my college swimming experience - the team, the fun, the coaches, and Stanford - for anything in the world.

TaraKirk: (3:57 PM ET ) the most rewarding part of swimming for me is the opportunity to swim on a team with a bunch of amazing people. I feel that my teammates have made me a better person from knowing them.

Philly Girl: Jessica- I hear that you are a master of Darrin's Dance Moves, are you going to be showing them in Austin next week?

JessicaFoschi: (4:01 PM ET ) Yes, my Allen Iverson loving-pink wearing-Philly native room mate brought the joys of Darrin's Dance grooves into our lives. I'm not sure that I'll be ready to display my dancing moves next weekend, but I've sure got some swimming moves in store for everyone. Hope you're having a productive work day :)

Eeyore (Hundred Acre Woods): Hey Tara, I hear you are rooming with the coolest person at NC's...You're pretty lucky eh?

TaraKirk: (4:03 PM ET ) Eeyore, yeah, well, I am rooming with this really cool girl at NC's I guess that the coaches wanted to be nice to me by matching me with someone who is going to be swimming out of her mind during the meet

Dan (Albuquerque): The Divers are looking pretty good this year. How important a part of the team do you think they are?

JessicaFoschi:(4:05 PM ET ) Dan, you are right. Our divers are absolutely awesome.It is incredible to have such strength in that area - we definitely feel thatthey are a huge part of our team. They are competing in their zone meet this weekendto qualify for the NCAAs so keep them in your thoughts.

Annette G., Bremerton: Tara: Are the Cardinal the team to beat at the NCAAs, and, what do you have on tap for this summer? Any events?

TaraKirk: (4:07 PM ET ) There will be many good teams at NCAAs this year. I think, however, that our team is going to be very strong. This summer I will be training for the selection meet in August.

Candace, Boston: Is it true that you had a teddy bear that you loved morethan life itself when you were younger?

JessicaFoschi:(4:09 PM ET ) Yes, and I still have it, although I don't talk to itanymore. My big bully sister used to tease me about it, but I've since forgivenher :) See you next week, Pammy.

Jennifer (Woodside): Hi Tara! What should I be eating if I want to swim faster? (My brother wants me to tell you that he thinks you're hot)

TaraKirk: (4:11 PM ET ) Jennifer, tell your brother I said thanks! As for eating, I think that it is important to eat healthy but not to get crazy about it. I enjoy eating good food in moderation at the right times of the season.

Michelle (Toronto): Who are the cutest guys on this year's men's team? Good luck in the NCAAs!

JessicaFoschi: (4:13 PM ET ) Tara and I both agree that all of the guys are pretty cute.

Helga (Finland): I am big fan of Stanford swimming. Tara and Jess are sogood. Do you look forward to representing America at Olympic games?

TaraKirk:(4:15 PM ET ) Helga, thanks for writing, I am looking forward to swimminginto 2004. The Olympics are part of my goals.

JessicaFoschi:(4:15 PM ET ) Helga, thanks for your compliments. Representing theUSA in the Olympics would be absolutely amazing and a lifelong dream.

Capt. Ben (Sunnyvale): Arrr, you're the best, Tara. Do you have any advice for someone who is forced to walk the plank in shark-infested waters?

TaraKirk:(4:18 PM ET ) Capt. Ben, as for walking the plank, I would suggestwearing a shark suit, that way not only would you blend in, but you would be bothmore buoyant and dense at the same time.

CJ: What is your most memorable moment?

JessicaFoschi: (4:19 PM ET ) My most memorable moment from swimming was definitely winning the 500 last year at NCAAs in front of my home town crowd. It was so awesome to feel the support that they gave me. I think the only thing that will top that is when we win the team championship next week in Austin. That would just make everything complete.

TaraKirk: (4:19 PM ET ) Sorry guys but I am out of time, unfortunately I have to go study for my finals. Thanks for all of your great questions!

JessicaFoschi: (4:22 PM ET ) Thank you to everyone who submitted questions today, it's been fun answering them. Take care.
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