Chat Wrap: Bethany Donaphin

March 15, 2002

BethanyDonaphin: (5:16 PM ET ) Hey everyone! I am ready to answer any questions you might have.

Chaffon - Chicago: Hi Bethany!I have to give you your props. I love your bball skills. Okay to my question. What's the feelings, if you can describe them on how the team reaction was to being placed in the same region as Oklahoma? And is there a revenge factor on your mind from last season?Thanks and just to let you know, I think Stanford is a fabulous basketball team.GoCardinal!

BethanyDonaphin: (5:17 PM ET ) We are less concerned with the fact that we are in the same bracket with Oklahoma and more concerned with the teams that we have coming into Maples this weekend. Our only goals right now are to play the best Stanford basketball that we can play, regardless of who are opponent is. Thanks for supporting our team.

Palo Alto: Hey Bethany! I have to say: it is such an honor to watch you play! You and your teammates move with such grace and athleticism--you're all just gorgeous! My question: do you think the team could work more on steals? It seems like we have a tougher time against small quick teams like Oregon State and USC. Or is that just a stylistic difference?

BethanyDonaphin: (5:19 PM ET ) That our team does not get more steals per game is definitely something we are concerned with primarily because it signifies that we are not playing aggressive enough defense. Our focus this week has been on improving our defense and being more tenacious on the ball.

Kristine (San Bruno): Hi B! What separates your team from the other teams? What are the key elements for Stanford to go all the way and win the championship title?

BethanyDonaphin: (5:21 PM ET ) One thing that separates our team from others is our size. We have big guards with great vision who rebound well, and that will definitely be an advantage going in to the tournament. Also, we have five seniors that have one last run at a NCAA title. So we are hungry, and that will be a huge motivating factor as we get deeper into the tournament.

Saul: I am aware that Stanford has male practice managers who participate in drills and scrimmages. How much if at all does it help to practice against men in preparation for your games and how good are these guys?

BethanyDonaphin: (5:23 PM ET ) We have great male managers who are dedicated to helping our program. They provide more quickness, height, and pure athleticism than we would ordinarily come up against in a game. They also do a good job of simulating the offenses and defenses that our opponents play. They actually are pretty good!

NYC (NYC): Really enjoyed watching you play on your trip here in January. Where do you think you will end up after graduation--NY or in California? Liberty fans would love to see you here!

BethanyDonaphin: (5:25 PM ET ) Hi fellow New Yorker! I enjoyed playing in NY so much this year. It really was a treat to be home in front of family, friends, and people I knew in high school. I don't really know where I'll be after graduation, but I think I want to be in NY or LA because I am interested in pursuing a career in entertainment law, and the best places to get my feet wet in the entertainment industry are in those two cities. Hopefully I'll be strapping on some basketball shoes in the process.

Tree (Oakland): Hi Bethany! Congrats on a great year and getting the #2 seed in the West. I love your game and the way you enthusiastically block shots!As one of 5 seniors on the Cardinal squad that has not reached the Sweet 16, what are your thoughts and motivation going into the tourney, especially that you are hosting the Sub Regionals for the first time? Thanks and good luck!

BethanyDonaphin: (5:27 PM ET ) We are so excited about hosting a sub-regional this year. This is a goal that we have had since I was a freshman and we are only now achieving it. Better late than never! We realize we have a huge challenge on our hands this weekend with some great teams coming in, but our team is hungry, motivated, and extremely excited.

Kim, Sacamento: Is there anything special you're telling the freshman on the team?

BethanyDonaphin: (5:29 PM ET ) We have great freshmen on this team. They all get significant minutes and they provide great energy for our team. Playing in the Pac-10 Tournament gave them a taste of what post season play is like, and therefore they are approaching the tournament with an added advantage that none of the other people on our team had as freshmen. So I think they are going to do great, just like they have all season.

Donald (Horace Mann): Hey Bethany,Congratulations on the success you have had this year. I wanted to know what you guys need to do to get to the final four this year. I thought you were robbed of a number one seed out west, so how do you go about beating Oklahoma out west?

BethanyDonaphin: (5:31 PM ET ) To get to the Final Four we need to be extremely aggressive, play tenacious defense, and crach the boards hard. Those things coupled with enthusiasm and heart (not to mention a little luck) will take us far.

Sophia(Fremont): Hi Bethany! You totally rock! You guys are so inspirational, not just to me, but to all the girls out there that play basketball. Good luck tomorrow and I'm sure you guys will make it far in the tourney!

BethanyDonaphin: (5:34 PM ET ) Thanks so much. It means a lot that we can be role models to young girls. Your support means a lot to us too. There is so much that you can accomplish as a woman these days, and it is important for you to see women doing things like playing sports. Hope you come to support us at our game tomorrow. It'll be a great one!

SakiBomb25, Palo Alto: Congrats on your success so far this year. I had a couple of questions for you. I am just curious, what other schools were you considering before you ultimately chose Stanford? Also, in what way do you think the frosh have helped out the team? Who is the toughest player you have played against? Who is the toughest Cardinal player (present/past) you have played against? Good luck on your march towards San Antonio!

BethanyDonaphin: (5:38 PM ET ) I ultimately narrowed my decision to one between Duke, Harvard, and Notre Dame and ultimately chose Stanford because I thought it provided the best mix of rigorous academics and strong athletics. I am very happy with my decision. The freshmen help our team because they work so hard and are so energetic. T'Nae plays great post defense and rebounds, Kelley runs the floor, Seb is deadly from 3, and Azella is a nightmare to box out. Thanks for all your questions.

daneane, yorba linda: Hi Bethany! When and how did you start playing ball? Any other ball players in the family?

BethanyDonaphin: (5:40 PM ET ) I started playing basketball when I was about 13 because everyone said I was tall. I thought, 'might as well.' It turned into something I liked, and I became serious about basketball when I was about 16. My mom actually played when she was really young but stopped, and my dad played at Notre Dame.

hannah24 san jose : Can you describe your practice and your day at Stanford

BethanyDonaphin: (5:42 PM ET ) Practices are pretty hard. We just concentrate on the things we need to do to be better and do a lot of drills. We divide up into posts and guards and do skill specific stuff. And then we play. Practices are actually harder than games usually, because they are so intense and because our team is so competitive.

Sherre: Hey Bethany-How did the team respond after losing to ASU in the Pac 10 Championship and is Lindsey back and ready to play? It seemed at times the team was lost without her leadership and scoring on the court. Good luck in the NCAA tourney. Go Stanford

BethanyDonaphin: (5:44 PM ET ) I think our team responded well after losing to ASU. That was a tough game for us to play without Lindsey, and her presence would have been the difference. However, that game showed us a lot of the things we were doing wrong. It's easy to overlook the not-so-great things that you are doing when you are winning by 30 points. So we have really been concentrating on being a better defensive team. I think our minds are also in a better place after that loss, and we are happy to have Lindsey back.

Pierre (Pasadena): Is Cori expected to play a larger part during the tournament? Her play has unfortunately been sporadic during the season but all indications seem to be that she continues to play very well in practice. (True?) Her presence in the paint certainly provides a great complement to your quickness and agility, which is very useful, especially against some of the bigger teams lurking out there in later round of the tourney.

BethanyDonaphin: (5:46 PM ET ) Cori is playing great. When she is on our team has a completely different look that is hard to match by anyone in the country. I think people saw just how great she is in the Washington State game. She is big, but agile, and she is unstoppable once she gets going. She will definitely be a huge asset for us in the Tournament for the simple fact that she changes so many shots and is so hard to defend.

BethanyDonaphin: (5:47 PM ET ) Hi everyone. Thank you for submitting questions. I hope I addressed most of what you wanted to know. Gotta run to practice now so we can get ready for a long march to the Final Four!
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