Mike Montgomery Press Conference Quotes

March 18, 2002

If the team is satisfied with the season:
'I think they realized how tough it is and that there were things that we did not do very well. You can worry about what is not, which I always tend to do, or you can say to get 20 wins, finish second in the conference and win one in the NCAA Tournament is pretty good. If you are a competitor you are not satisfied. There were games we could have won and I think they know that.'

On the mental toughness of the team throughout the year:
'I think that if you look at the games we lost it seemed to me that there was a common thread. We lost pretty much to good teams, so it was not like they were not talented. Some of the games we lost were just because they were better and played better, some of the games that we did not look very good was due to their intensity and toughness. I don't think experience was much of a factor, but more of the nature of kids. I am hoping the off-season strength and conditioning program will help.'

If anybody's primary role will change for next year:
'I hope so. If I am doing my job, I have to take a serious look at what we did not do. I am a believe that the problems we had at the end of the year were a result of what we did not accomplish at the beginning of the year in terms of preparation. I have to look at the areas that were not effective. I don't want us to be dependant on Casey Jacobsen and Curtis Borchardt to be the only two guys to score. I want everybody to be involved. Julius Barnes will probably have to handle the point guard spot more, I certainly have a lot of confidence in Chris Hernandez, but we have to put our best lineup on the floor in different combinations.'

On changing the offense:
'The point guard is a real hard position on our team. You have to set everything up and that is really hard to do if you do not have good handles. A lot of what we do is getting a guy in the right spot and reversing the ball, and now the guy is not in the right spot any more. We struggled against Kansas and got stuck. We have to figure out some way to handle pressure in the half court. We may do some changes, but I don't know yet.'

On Casey and Curtis' status for next year:
'We are anticipating that they will be back in a Cardinal uniform and get their degree.'

On the freshmen gaining experience this year and making Stanford better next season:
'I think it is going to help and all three of those kids (Josh Childress, Chris Hernandez and Rob Little) have a much better understanding of what it takes. I think that they have a great work ethic. I was really pleased with their progress and their attitude as the season went on. I think they all improved and hopefully they will have a good spring.'

On Casey's play this year:
'Everybody knows how much you benefit when you have great players around you, and I think Casey realized that this year more than ever before. We have always stressed that you have to be more than a shooter and you need to put the ball on the floor and go to the hoop. He did a lot of that and got to the line. Hopefully we will get a blend that if he is played tough on the outside he will put the ball down and finish, or if not he will jump out and shoot it.'

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