Chat Wrap: Katy Herbert

March 22, 2002

GYMFAN in San Mateo: Katy...Congrats on the impressive season. I am an Arizona State alum (sorry!) and was wondering how the girls feel about Coach Smyth. She is awesome and helped the Sun Devils in her time there! Thanx again and good luck on Saturday.

KatyHerbert: We all love Kristen--she is a great role model, and wonderful coach. I feel really lucky to have such a great staff.

Mom (Chandler): Hi Sweets! How did finals go? Are you getting plenty of rest before this weekend?

KatyHerbert: Hey Mom :o) Glad you found the site. Yeah, I'm really glad to be done with finals, it was definitely a hard week. But now I'm ready to focus on Pac10's--It should be fun! Love you! Tell the family I said hi!

Trent in Palo Alto: Which event do you like the best. I know you're an all-around girl, but you must have a favorite.

KatyHerbert: Hi, Trent--thanks for the question. My favorite event would have to be the beam. I think it's consistently been my favorite since I was about 11.

Mark (Atherton): When people come to your meets to offer support, can you hear them when you compete? I feel like it must be distracting when fans are yelling at you during your beam routine!

KatyHerbert: Actually, I think we all really love to hear the fans support when we're going. Even on beam. When you're up there, you really concentrate on what you're doing, and can't hear too much outside stuff. But it's great to know that people are out there supporting you! Thanks for the question. Hope you can come out and cheer us on tomorrow night!

Paula (Palo alto): What is the hardest part about being a gymnast?

KatyHerbert: Whoa, that's a tough one. I think the hardest part for me is the mental aspect. You really have to believe in what you're doing, and trust yourself and your coaches. Some days are tougher than others, but those are the ones that really make you strong!

Christie (Denver): What do you like to do when you're not doing gymnastics?

KatyHerbert: Well, I like to hang out with my friends or watch movies or read. Basically, anything that's relaxing (and doesn't involve schoolwork!).

Sam (Arizona): Who is your favorite sibling?Love, Sam

KatyHerbert: Hey Johnny 5! Thanks for asking me a question....and you know I couldn't pick the best sibling: with 5 of you all, there's just too many to choose from! Love you--can't wait until you come out to visit.

Sevon (Menlo park): In your opinion, what is the most difficult event ingymnastics?

KatyHerbert: I think the most difficult event is definitely a matter of personal opinion. For me, it's always been the vault--I even swore I'd never do vault again when I came to college, but then changed my mind. So it totally depends on the person. And I have to admit--a lot of it's mental :o)

Dana (San Francisco): What is your greatest gymnastics moment?

KatyHerbert:I had a really great time at Pac-10s last year--it was so exciting for everyoneto compete at their very best at a meet like that. I can't wait to go out andsee what we can do tomorrow night in Maples--hope you can make it out to the meet!

Kendra (Tahoe, CA): Does it ever hurt when you fall during your beam routine? I'm almost ready to start adding back flips into my routine, but I'm just afraid of getting hurt.

KatyHerbert: Doing beam is definitely about confidence--you can't do anything halfway. If your coach thinks you're ready, and you've done the timers and drills necessary, learning a layout (or back flip) on the beam will be a step-by-step process and you won't get hurt. Good luck! (and even when you do fall--it usually doesn't hurt that much, so don't worry....)

DeMarco (Stanford): If you could play another sport at Stanford, what would you play?

KatyHerbert: I love soccer! I actually played varsity soccer for my high school (go Chandler High!) my sophomore year, and it was really fun. I'm definitely NOT good enough to even begin to play here, but it's a great sport.

Lynn- Branner-: Hey Katy,This is a younger team, with a lot of sophomores and juniors. What's it like being one of three seniors leading the group?

KatyHerbert:Our team is absolutely GREAT! I love the girls on the team--from all the classes.I think we get along so well, and really have a good time together. It makes beinga senior really easy. I'm definitely going to miss all the girls--I love you guys!!

Steve, Redwood City: What do you hope to do after graduation? Any plans yet?

KatyHerbert: That's definitely the question everyone keeps asking...I have some plans, but nothing totally long-term. Right now, I got accepted into the Sociology coterminal program here at Stanford, so that'll keep me here until at least December. After that, my sister and I hope to travel around Europe for a little while....After THAT--I don't know. Maybe go to El Paso :o) I love you, David.

Dad-chandler: hey roo! what a celebrity. How's it going?

KatyHerbert: Hey Dad! I'm surprised to see you on here :o) I love you--wish you guys could be here!

Sarah (Dallas): Do you have any friends on other teams?

KatyHerbert: Actually, people think it's kind of funny, because we all have friends on almost every team! So you compete your best, and then you go congratulate your friends on competing their best. It's hard to root against anyone that you grew up doing gymnastics with (some of the girls on ASU have been my teammates since I was really young--I'm excited to see them this weekend).

Sam (Johnny 5) The Real one: Hey Katy: The other sibling question wasn'tme, one I was in the shower, two I cant spell that well!

KatyHerbert:Really?? Do I have an impostor brother out there? Who's posing as my youngestbrother? Curtis....thanks for the questions--you're cracking me up :o)

George (Colorado Springs): When you are done with practice and school work, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Do you have a favorite TV show?

KatyHerbert: Unfortunately (b/c it sometimes gets in the way of studying) I have a couple of favorite TV shows. I love Seinfeld, and was heartbroken when it went off the air. I also watch Friends and West Wing--both thanks to my roommate (Hi Kezer!) and boyfriend....

Curtis (Palo Alto): Katy! I'm getting hungry. Can I have one of your oranges by the ping pong table or not?

KatyHerbert: Yeah--go ahead and help yourself, but I think they're getting kind of old by now :o)

Jerry (New York City): Outside of your home town of Chandler, is there any place where you would love to see Nationals take place?

KatyHerbert: Maybe El Paso....Just kidding. But it would be fun to go to Texas.

Jess (DC): Katy, I'm Shelly's sister. Since I'm attached to a computer all day and can't come to the meets any more, I'm at least up to date on the team's website. Good luck this weekend (and congrats on finishing exams.)

KatyHerbert: Thanks! I wish you could come out too...hopefully we'll have a big crowd since it should be a great meet! Thanks for sending over a question and keeping up with us on the web.

Steph (Los Angeles): Do think you will be able to upset UCLA this weekend? What will it take?

KatyHerbert: I think it's going to be a great meet all the way around--it all depends on who hits and does the best routines. UCLA has a great team...but so do we :o)

Mom -- Chandler Heights: Hey Roo -- this is Mom. Are you having fun with this? We are so sad we won' be with you tomorrow for PAC-10's, but we will be cheering for you home!

KatyHerbert: This is really fun--thanks to everyone for sending in all of the questions, I only wish I could answer them faster! I wish you could be here too, mom, but I know you're here in spirit. I'll call you after the meet, love you.

Minneapolis: What time does your competition start this weekend?

KatyHerbert: We start at 6pm (pacific time) Saturday night...I think it'll be tape-delayed televised the following Friday too. There will also be live updates on the Stanford website as the rotations are happening--so hopefully you can catch it one of these places, if you can't be there in person! thanks for the question.

Jessica (Stanford): Soccer? Are you kidding? Why not swimming? Who wouldn't want to swim at Stanford. Come on Katy!

KatyHerbert: Hey Jess--sorry about that. Of course, I love swimming too!!

Sarah: Hey, Molly and I say hi.

KatyHerbert: Hi, sisters :o) Love you guys!

Uncle Karl: Katy, just thought I'd send in my support!! Congratulations on a great season so far and best wishes at the next meets...

KatyHerbert: Thanks Uncle Karl!! Tell Maria, Sydney, and Aunt Gina I say hello!

Coop(Stanford): Berty-bert, you're doing great...anyway, I have heard thatthe Stanford team is very fond of frozen you have a favorite yogurtshop near campus?

KatyHerbert: We LOVE Yumi's!!!! It's the best frozen yogurt around, even though it takes about 30 minutes to get there. Or you could go to Cold Stone Creamery, or there's also a great place down in Santa ummm yeah, we kind of like frozen yogurt. Except for Jensen that is--but we still love you Jensy!

Mom (also the real one): Do you ever regret staying in gymnastics?The other mom question wasn't me!

KatyHerbert: Everyone once in a while, on a really bad day, I might think for a split-second that I could've been something else, rather than a gymnast....but then I realize how lucky I am and how much I'm going to miss the sport when I'm all done! So no, I don't regret it--thanks for all the support you've given me over the years!

Molly : hi I miss you a lot& can't wait for you to come home I had a longerletter but it all got defeated. Molly Mo

KatyHerbert: I miss you too--more than you miss me!!! Thanks for sending me a post :o) I'll call you later, love you

Paige (Mesa): Why did you choose Stanford?

KatyHerbert:I'm having a hard time figuring out why people DON'T choose Stanford. Thepeople here are amazing, and it's hard to find a better combination of athleticsand academics. I feel really lucky to have the chance to compete for a great schoollike this. Plus, who wouldn't want to be a Stanford Tree?! Go Card!

dad-chandler: yeah, I know. We really wish we could be there for Pac-10's. Give it your best! Go Tree!!! Go

KatyHerbert: Thanks Dad!

Keri Monahan, '98 (Philadelphia): Hey Katy! Congrats on a great senior year so far, and good luck to everyone at Pac-10s this weekend. I'll be pulling for you guys over here in the city of brotherly love. Go Card!

KatyHerbert: Thanks Keri--it's been hard filling the shoes of all the seniors before us. Did you know you were quoted in our Sleep and Dreams textbook? I thought that was pretty neat :o) Thanks for the support! Go Stanford Gymnastics!

Mom (Chandler): Roo, I don't know who else out there thinks they are your mom! Anyway, Molly says she had a great time at your last home meet and she is sorry that we can't be there this weekend. We love you tons and good luck. Sam says, '10.0 for Katy all weekend!'

KatyHerbert: Geez, I really don't know which ones are really from you and which ones aren't! There's definitely an impostor out there! Thanks family (the real and fake members!).

big eyeball (lone star state): I hear you are a great interior decorator...what types of decor do you prefer to use in your dormroom, and how do your roommates like your particular style?

KatyHerbert: I love RANDOM things--my room is filled with color and fun stuff. And my roommate loves it, thank you very much.

Chandler: Which of your coaches in your career do you feel has helped you the most in developing into an All-American gymnast?

KatyHerbert: First of all, I feel really lucky to have had a bunch of fantastic coaches. But I have to say, that probably Neela or Bob gave me the confidence and basics I needed to get through all these years. So thank you both! I'll never forget all that you've done for me.

KatyHerbert:Alright, that's all the time I have for now, but thanks to everyone for submittingsuch great questions. I hope you all can make it out to Maples to see an excitingcompetition tomorrow night! Go Stanford!
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