Chat Wrap: Tara VanDerveer II

March 22, 2002

Marty (Chicago): Hello Tara, Describe what it will take for Stanford to beat Colorado this weekend at the Women's NCAA Basketball Tournament?

TaraVanDerveer: (2:40 PM ET ) I think we have to play like we playedall season -- play good defense, execute our offense and rebound.

I think it will be very challenging because they are an excellent team.

Lynne(San Francisco): Coach VanDerveer, What has surprised you the mostin this years NCAA tournament? It has been a joy watching the Cardinal this year.I hope you go far.

TaraVanDerveer: (2:41 PM ET ) Maybe the upsets of Purdue and Iowa State. They were playing at home and had great teams. I think it points to the parity in women's basketball now.

Deborah, Scottsboro, AL: It's been a joy watching you coach over the years.My question is, Nicole Powell is a player with such raw talent, I love to see her takethe ball from one end to the other, do some moves and score, but some situationsshe seems out of control. How do you encourage her to be offensive minded withoutholding that raw talent back?? thanks for you time.

TaraVanDerveer: (2:44 PM ET ) Thank you for the compliment.

Nicole is a great talent and very smart and coachable. She pretty much does what we need her to do.

Kim, Sacramento: Can you briefly talk about the progression of Cori's game the last few years? She definitely has a loud chorus of fans this season!

TaraVanDerveer:(2:45 PM ET ) I think she has been working real hard and playing withmore confidence and I think that had to do with playing on the World Universitygame. She is having a really great year.

Fatty: Is Lindsey close to 100% yet? Also, what do you think her chances, as well as those of the other seniors, are of making it in the WNBA?

TaraVanDerveer: (2:46 PM ET ) I would say about 95%.
I think she has a great chance to make the WNBA but it will all depend on how hard she works.

KM (Waterbury): Do you think your team can beat Uconn?

TaraVanDerveer: (2:47 PM ET ) For us, we have to be able to play them first. I think that any team will have to play extremely well and play their own game. So it is hard to say about other teams. I would love to be answering that question for real.

Rat: Is Purdue ever for real?

TaraVanDerveer: (2:48 PM ET ) I think they have an excellent team but they didn't survive so you'll really have to wait to next year.

Marty: Hello Tara, Describe what it's like Coaching in The Women's NCAA Basketball Tournament?

TaraVanDerveer: (2:49 PM ET ) This year's team is a lot of fun and has worked hard and we are enjoying ourselves. We just want to keep going.

Bob from San Fran: Good Luck Tara, Will we see more pressure defense inthe next two games ?

TaraVanDerveer: (2:51 PM ET ) I don't see us changing our defensive game plan from what has gotten us here.

Kim, Sacramento: Coach we've been hearing a lot about your talent on the piano. Think you'll be doing any numbers with the Stanford band?

TaraVanDerveer: (2:52 PM ET ) You never know. That band might be the one band I can play with.

Kim, Sacramento: Tara can you give us an update on Susan King? Can we expect her back on the court next season and will the health of her knee be an ongoing concern?

TaraVanDerveer: (2:52 PM ET ) She had ACE surgery and is rehabbing very well. I think she will be back and the knee won't be a concern.

TaraVanDerveer: (2:54 PM ET ) That is all the time I have for now. We are expecting Colorado to be very aggressive defensively, they are well coached and they are well disciplined. Plus, they rebound very well. We will just have to do that better than them. We are excited the game is on ESPN and hope everyone will watch. We are excited to be playing and we hope we can get a chance to play in the Final Four. Take care everyone.

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