Chat Wrap: Jessica Mendoza

April 17, 2002

JessicaMendoza: Hi! I'm here, just finished lunch and ready to answer your questions!

Lori (Walnut Creek): What is the hardest thing about being an outfielder? Do you get bored out there?

JessicaMendoza: I think the hardest part about being an outfielder is that there are many games where you may not see a lot of action. You have to always be ready every pitch, and sometimes that can be very challenging. I have a lot of fun playing out there though and definitely never get bored!

Katie (Stanford): When did you start playing softball? Was it always yourfirst choice?

JessicaMendoza: I started playing softball when I was about 7 or 8. I was a very hyper kid, so my parents signed me up for almost every sport (basketball, tennis, soccer, track, gymnastics). But I think it has always been my first choice.

Vera (Anaheim): What piece of advice would you give to a young softballplayer who wants to play in college someday?

JessicaMendoza: The best advice I would give is to set goals for yourself everyday and always work hard to get better. A piece of advice that I have taken with me since I was younger was to never be satisfied, no matter what you achieve. And that has been something that has stuck with me through everything.

Haley (Carson city): What was your favorite CWS moment?

JessicaMendoza: Just being at the College World Series was a moment in itself. Iloved every minute of it. But if I had to choose a favorite moment it would beafter we beat LSU for our first win . . . it was such a good game and the atmosphereafter we won was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

John (Palo Alto): Jessica: I really enjoy watching you hit because you have such a polished swing and great bat control. What is your hitting philosophy? How do you stay sharp in your hitting technique?Thanks

JessicaMendoza: Thank you for the compliment. To stay sharp in hitting, you have to work at it everyday, constantly making adjustments. My own philosophy changes from week to week, depending on what I am working on. Even when I am in a rhythm with hitting, I am still working with my technique. Thank you for your question!

Karen (Oxnard): Do you have time to have fun outside of school and sports? What do you do?

JessicaMendoza: Softball and school take up a big part of my life, but I definitely make time to have fun also! I love to travel, and I love the outdoors. In the summer I love spending a lot of time at the beach, and a lot of time on the slopes in the winter. I also enjoy spending time with my family (especially you mom :))

Summer (San Francisco): Do you have any heroes?

JessicaMendoza: This may seem a little mushy, but my hero has always been my dad. He has been a huge influence on my life and given me the motivation to become the player I am today. I love him very much!!!

Dani (San Francisco): What was it like playing with the USA Softball team over the summer?

JessicaMendoza: Playing for the USA team this summer was such an amazing experience. It was great to be on the same field with so many players that I have played against for the last few years. I definitely would not mind doing it again!!!

Gina (Stanford): If you could play another sport, what would it be?

JessicaMendoza: I played basketball all through high school and I miss it a lot. I play pick up games every now and then with friends and it is something that I've missed these last four years.

Foxy (Oklahoma): I just wanted to wish you luck with the rest of your season and if there is one word that could describe your experience on the farm what would that be?

JessicaMendoza: Okay Foxy . . . that's a hard one. One word, if there was one word it would have to simply be amazing. My time here has been greater than I could have ever imagined. I love everyday that I have been here and I am going to be very sad when the day comes to leave. Thanks again 'Foxy'

Jessie (Palo Alto): I hear that you have style ... what are your favorite shoes that you own?

JessicaMendoza: Thanks for the compliment . . . my favorite pair of shoes would definitely have to be my red Pumas. A friend of mine (who also has great taste but is a little flaky) and I bought them together a few months ago and those and my cleats are the only shoes you'll see me wear.

P (San Jose): What career do you plan to pursue after your softball career is over?

JessicaMendoza: Next year I am planning on attending grad school here at Stanford. There are many things that interest me as far as career opportunities, but right now I just want to concentrate on finishing my education and playing as long as I can.

Skippy (Camarillo): We have a huge group of us that think you are great and admire your many accomplishments. Have all of your dreams come true?

JessicaMendoza: Hi Camarillo! Thank you very much. Yes, all my dreams have come true. I couldn't have asked for anything better :)

JessicaMendoza: Thanks for all of your questions, sorry I didn't get to all of them! Come cheer us on this Friday, Saturday, Sunday against the Arizona's! Bye everyone!
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