Dantzscher Wins Vault, Floor Titles

April 20, 2002

Tuscaloosa, Ala. - The UCLA gymnastics team concluded its NCAA Championships competition with two more national titles for sophomore Jamie Dantzscher at the Individual Event Finals Saturday night at the University of Alabama's Coleman Coliseum. Dantzscher, who won the all-around competition on Thursday, also took home first-place honors on vault with an average of 9.957 and tied for first on floor with a 9.95.

Dantzscher was the final competitor on vault and earned a 9.938 on a Yurchenko full then stuck a Yurchenko layout half, a vault she has not competed in five years, for a 9.975 to average a 9.9563.

Dantzscher struck again on floor with a stunning routine that earned a standing ovation from UCLA, Michigan, Georgia and Alabama fans alike and a 9.95 score that tied with LSU's Nicki Arnstad. Onnie Willis also hit a strong routine, scoring a 9.9 to tie for sixth.

Dantzscher's three event titles this year are the most by a gymnast in a single year since Jenny Hansen won four in 1995. UCLA now has 19 individual NCAA titles to rank third amongst all schools. In addition, this marks the fifth consecutive year in which UCLA has won at least two individual titles. Dantzscher is UCLA's second consecutive floor champion, following in the footsteps of Mohini Bhardwaj, who won in 2001, and the title is UCLA's seventh on floor. Dantzscher's vault title was UCLA's fourth.

'Tonight was really exciting,' Dantzscher said. 'It was the first time I competed all-around three nights in a row, and my body is really tired. I'm half dead right now, but I made it through. Winning two events tonight was really cool.'

Doni Thompson earned a second-place finish on the uneven bars despite being the first competitor on the event after nailing a flawless routine with a high reverse hecht and stuck full-in dismount for a second-place score of 9.9125. Yvonne Tousek followed suit with another great performance, hitting a piked Jaeger, Pak salto and stuck double layout dismount to score a 9.8625 to tie for fifth. Onnie Willis was next up on bars and also hit a great routine for a 9.9 with the only noticeable deduction coming from a close but stuck double front with a half-twist landing. Dantzscher's hop on the dismount dropped her to a tie for fifth with a 9.8625. Alabama's Andree' Pickens took first-place with a 9.925.

'I'm very excited,' said Thompson. 'All the girls today did their best possible, and that's a good feeling to have no regrets.'

On the balance beam, Alyssa Beckerman was the first competitor for the Bruins in the fifth position and performed a clean, graceful routine but did not connect her two ring jumps, dropping her start value to 9.9. She still scored a 9.825, good for a tie for seventh with Utah's Shannon Bowles. Dantzscher had a great routine going with a flawless flight series and punch front-wolf jump-swing down combo series but sat down her gainer 1.5 dismount. She finished with a 9.425. Michigan's Elise Ray won the title with a 9.925.

1. Jamie Dantzscher, UCLA - 9.9563, 2. Marline Stephens, Georgia - 9.95, 3. Andree' Pickens, Alabama - 9.925, 4. Elise Ray, Michigan - 9.8625, 5. AJ Lamb, Nebraska - 9.85, 6. Alexis Brion, Alabama - 9.825, 7. Alexis Maday, Iowa - 9.825, 8. Kendall Beck, Stanford - 9.7625, 9. Jess Wertz, Nebraska - 9.7438, 10. Cory Fritzinger, Georgia - 9.5563

1. Andree' Pickens, Alabama - 9.925, 2. Doni Thompson, UCLA - 9.9125, 3. Onnie Willis, UCLA - 9.9, 4. Natalie Barrington, Alabama - 9.8875, 5T. Jamie Dantzscher, UCLA - 9.8625, 5T. Yvonne Tousek, UCLA - 9.8625, 5T. Alexis Maday, Iowa - 9.8625, 5T. Theresa Kulikowski, Utah - 9.8625, 9. AJ Lamb, Nebraska - 9.8375, 10. Julie Houk, Nebraska - 9.8, 11T. Elise Ray, Michigan - 9.7875, 11T. Elizabeth Jillson, OSU - 9.7875, 13. Chelsa Byrd, Georgia - 9.75

1. Elise Ray, Michigan - 9.925, 2. Jeana Rice, Alabama - 9.9125, 3. Kristin Sterner, Alabama - 9.9, 4. Theresa Kulikowski, Utah - 9.9, 5. Andree' Pickens, Alabama - 9.8625, 6. Lise Leveille, Stanford - 9.8375, 7T. Shannon Bowles, Utah - 9.825, 7T. Alyssa Beckerman, UCLA - 9.825, 9. Shannon Hrozek, Alabama - 9.8, 10. Calli Ryals, Michigan - 9.7875, 11. Cory Fritzinger, Georgia - 9.7625, 12. Lindsay Wing, Stanford - 9.75, 13. Jamie Dantzscher, UCLA - 9.425.

1T. Jamie Dantzscher, UCLA - 9.95, 1T. Nicki Arnstad, LSU - 9.95, 3. Shannon Bowles, Utah - 9.925, 4T. Alexis Brion, Alabama - 9.9125, 4T. Talya Vexler, Georgia - 9.9125, 6T. Andree' Pickens, Alabama - 9.9, 6T. Onnie Willis, UCLA - 9.9, 6T. Calli Ryals, Michigan - 9.9, 9T. MaryAnne Kelley, Minnesota - 9.875, 9T. Lauren Companioni, LSU - 9.875, 11T. Theresa Kulikowski, Utah - 9.8625, 11T. Kristin Sterner, Alabama - 9.8625, 13. Janessa Grieco, Michigan - 9.85, 14T. Annie Laatsch, Nebraska - 9.825, 14T. Melissa Vituj, Alabama - 9.825

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