Chat Wrap: Sam Fuld

May 23, 2002

Sam Fuld: Hey, this is Sam, I am ready to answer your questions.

Jerome, Rochester: Sam, I played against you in legion. I play for Southern New Hampshire University (A D2 school up here). I think it is very tough to keep up with both baseball and classes. Do you find it hard to do both at Stanford? Good luck in the postseason.

Sam Fuld: It is very hard to keep up with baseball and school, but the important thing is to maintain your focus and set some goals. Taking advantage of your limited time is very important.

Bret, MA: Sam, I would like to ask you if your play of late is directly correlated to the immaculate success of the Boston Red Sox, and if you feel you are playing off their recent tear through MLB, or if they are in fact trying merely to emanate your level of play?

Sam Fuld: Great question. I know the Sox' great play of late has definitely inspired me. Johnny Damon and Shea are my new heroes.

Dr. Mario: Baller! What do you have to say about the Cardinal chances at winning the Pac-10 this year? How does the team feel knowing it has to depend on a UCLA win to capture a piece of the title? Much obliged for taking time to answer these questions. Best of luck to you. Keep up the hard work and dominance both on and off the field.

Sam Fuld: Our main focus is on Washington State this weekend and not on what UCLA does. If we happen to win the Pac-10, great, but if USC and us both sweep, then oh well, at least we've got some momentum going into the postseason.

Bill (stanford area): Are you glad you don't have to face prior this year? Who do you think is the pitcher you fear most this year without prior being there?

Sam Fuld: Yeah, I think one year of facing Prior was enough for me. Any lefty that throws at 3/4 or lower strikes the most fear in me.

Dan Pasternack (Redwood City): First off, it's good to see that you're doing so well at Stanford Sammy, and I wish you luck in CWS. My question is pretty simple, just how did you turn that corner and get on this tear you are on? And are you planning on leaving Stanford early for the draft, or will you stay the full 4 years? That's all from me, and I wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the season.

Sam Fuld: Thanks for the good luck, Dan. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what made me start swinging better of late. It was probably just a couple of minor adjustments in my swing, and once I strung together a couple of good games, my confidence rose. Confidence, to me, is one of the most important aspects of hitting.

Don G of San Jose: Congrats on another great season. It appeared to me that you concentrated more on hitting to the opposite field during mid week games. True or were they just staying away from your power?

Sam Fuld: I doubt they were staying away from any power of mine. I feel like I am at my best whenever I can drive the ball the other way, so it may have been I was just feeling good during those mid-week games.

Julian San Francisco: Gil Fuld - Are you related to Gil Fuld, who was my baseball coach in 1955 at summer camp back East. I still remember the lessons he taught me about team play and sportsmanship. What happened to him?

Sam Fuld: Chances are I am related to any Fuld in the U.S. The name Gil rings a bell, but my Dad would be the one to ask for a definite answer.

Geoff (Salem): For your throngs of East Coast fans, when do you suppose we'll have the chance to watch you play live, or will ESPN have to do until the Sox call you up for your Fenway debut?

Sam Fuld: Geoff- Hopefully I will make Team USA again, in which case I will be all over the East Coast this summer- Lowell, MA, Keene and Concord, NH, Sanford, ME, just to name a few. If not Team USA, then I will hopefully catch on with a Cape League team.

M&D (Durham): Go get 'em this weekend. We'll see you next week. How about a 2002-03 Pats, Celtics, Red Sox, Stanford sweep?!!

Sam Fuld: Thanks Mom and Dad. This is definitely the year of Boston sports, so maybe Andrew Cleary and I can bring a little of that New England magic over to Palo Alto. Miss you both, and I will see you soon!

Sam Fuld: Thanks for the questions, everyone. I have to run to practice. Hope to see you at Sunken this weekend.
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