Volleyball Checks in From Czech Republic

Aug. 17, 2002

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, we are in the Czech Republic today, Brno actually. The weather everywhere we have been has been fine. No flooding of any sort. I think we are just missing it. We are still waiting to hear about Prague. Hopefully soon as we go there tomorrow, but as of right now, we are still on schedule.

We are undefeated in Europe which is very exciting. Every meal has been awesome and all of the cities are amazing. We cannot wait to see Prague. I think we have all been waiting just to get there.

Today we had our first day off and have spent the entire day in Brno shopping. And don't worry, all of our parents and friends are getting great gifts when we get back. Only a few days left then back to Pullman.

We are having a great time and to all of the parents of girls that you haven't heard from yet, we are all doing wonderfully and don't worry about us. The seniors are taking good care of our little freshmen.

See you soon. Nashledanou! Adrian and Holly

Kortney Jamtaas writes:I finally got to a computer, so much to do with so little time. Right now we are in Brno, Czech Republic, and managing to avoid the flooding. You guys know more about the flooding than we do.

I am so impressed by the sites that we have seen. So far my favorite place has been Salzburg Austria, the place were the Sound of Music was filmed. I guess when I go home I will have to see the movie again!

I love playing the libero - so much action!

Today is our first day off since we got off the plane and we are soaking it all in. We take off to Prauge tomorrow and as of now they are letting people in so cross your fingers! But the volleyball trip of a lifetime, I am having such a good time. Sorry this is so short, time is money! I hope everyone at home is doing good. See you in a week!Kortney

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