Jason Gesser Chat Wrap

Jason Gesser: I am here and ready for your questions. Let's get started.

Lindsay (Richmond, VA): How do you feel about playing your first 'home' game in Seattle rather than in Pullman? Sounds like there's already been more tickets sold than there are seats in Martin Stadium. Best of luck with the season...Go Cougs!

Jason Gesser: This is great to have the opportunity to play in a world-class city and in that new stadium. It is nice to have that many fans excited to see us play and not have to drive four hours to come to Pullman. I think it is awesome as far as I am concerned.

James (Greensburg): How do you feel about Washington State being picked to win the Pac-10 and going to the Rose Bowl? Do you think that this team can go farther and contend for the national title?

Jason Gesser: I think we can go as far as we let ourselves go. Every game will cme down to us playing our best football. Last season in the two games we lost, we beat ourselves. I think we control where we can go if we play to our potential. If we do that, I think we can go to the Rose Bowl and maybe further. It won't matter what the other teams do, it will be how well we play as a team.

Broc (Phoenix): Hey Jason, what team in the Pac-10 do you think will be your toughtest challenge along the way this year. Washington? Oregon? or someone else?

Jason Gesser: That is tough. With the Pac-10, every Saturday is a huge challenge. Both those teams will be up there but so will USC. Plus, we end the season with UCLA. That is just the way the Pac-10 is, you have to show up every Saturday or you will lose. We have to show up to play.

Greg - Warrenton, VA: As a WSU alum living on the east coast, I can tell you that the Cougs do not get much media coverage. What would you tell east coast college football fans about the Cougs? What distinguishes this team from your first 3 years at Wazzu? Good luck this year and see you in Columbus on Sept 14th.

Jason Gesser: I think it is just the experience we have. When I got here, we didn't have a good team put together. We didn't have great leaders or great chemistry. Going through those season has helped us this year. We have been through all those tough times and that has helped bring this team together.

Rob (Toppenish): What's up jason? hey, a lot of people out there (kirk herbstreit a great example) have said the cougs won't be able to deal with the preseason pressure and won't have the great season we are all expecting. what would you say to those negative thinkers to help them understand why they might be, and probably are wrong?

Jason Gesser: The reason people are thinking negatively about us is because we haven't been in this position before. It is new territory. But we don't care what people are saying about us. Guys on this team decide what happens on Saturday, not the media guys. They don't win games for us. We understand that as a team and we know what it is like to be the underdog and picked to finish last. We know that we can't have the attitude that you can just show up and win.

Mark (Pullman): Hey Jason! How excited are you about playing at Ohio St. in the Horseshoe? It will be a huge test to see where we stand. Good luck, and we'll see you in Pasadena!

Jason Gesser: It is going to be real exciting. It is great to get to go to a place with that much tradition. It is a lifetime opportunity. You always want to play on the other team's home turf in front of all those fans. It will be a huge test for us and a game we are looking forward too. It will be fun and a great test for us. But we first have to get through the Nevada and Idaho games or playing Ohio State won't mean anything.

Mike (davidson): I know no player wants to look ahead, but how do you solve the Buckeyes defense especially Doss in the secondary?

Jason Gesser: To tell you the truth we haven't really gotten a chance to break them down. We did watch their first game but I don't usually break down film for games two, three games ahead.But from the game I saw, they are going to be a handfull. They like to move Doss around and make plays. But with our experience I think we will have a game plan on how to handle them. It will be a huge test for us.

UWHuskies#1 (Seattle): Jason- Is it frusturating to come out every once in a while for your apprentice, Matt Kegal?

Jason Gesser: At first it was because I didn't understand it. But now I realize he needs to get some experience in a game. At the start the second half, there isn't as much pressure so he can learn and get some experience. It is not frustrating for me at all now and I realize it is part of the game.

Justin(Walla Walla,WA): Hi Jason, What would it mean to you personally to have a chance to pass Cougar greats Thompson,Bledsoe,and Rypien for Passing records at the school? Go Cougars!!

Jason Gesser: It would mean the world to me but winning the Pac-10 title would mean more. If I break all those records and we don't win, it means nothing. But it is an honor to be mentioned with those guys. I don't think I am as good as those guys because I don't think I have proven myself in college yet and all those guys did. But the Pac-10 title is what I am shooting for and to break the records and get the title would be icing on the cake.

Kevin: You've been known for your aggressiveness, some would say borderline recklessness, when you're outside the pocket and scrambling for a few extra yards. Being as valuable as you are to the Cougars this year, have Mike Price or Aaron Price instructed you to slide instead of taking a hit and, if so, do you intend to comply with their direction?

Jason Gesser: I really have to learn to limit the unneccessary hits I have taken the last couple of years. When I have a chance to duck out of bounds, I have to take it. I have learned my lesson after taking some serious hits last year. But I will always stay aggressive because that is how I have been taught -- do whatever it takes to get that first down and move the chains. But yeah, I will try and limit those hits.

Bob (Chicago): Jason- What drew a Hawaiian native to Wazzu? Do you think our recent (and continued) success has broadened the recruiting horizon? Go Cougs!!

Jason Gesser: It was everything. The main thing was the offense and Coach Price. My coach in Hawaii told me to make sure that where ever you go, make sure you get along with your position coach or you won't enjoy your experience. I really enjoy Mike and Aaron Price. I got a great feeling about Washington State when I visited. We have a great program and they produce QBs.

Dan (Spokane): Jason, What was one thing you learned during your first couple seasons as a Coug, while they were struggling and you were watching from the sideline, that you recognize has helped you as a player?

Jason Gesser: Learning how to go about things when things aren't going right. Coming from the success I had, I wasn't used to not having success. Going through tough seasons has really helped me as a player. Those experiences have helped me relate to my teammates and that experience only made me better.

Greg (Battle Ground, Wa.): How much of a distraction is all of this media attention getting to be?

Jason Gesser: It is really not that bad. Every since I have been here, I haven't really paid attention to things written about me. If you do that, it is not that bad. I just have to get used to doing all the interviews but that is part of being a QB. Win or lose, they always want to talk with the QB. It is not a burden, just time consuming.

Thomas Soteros-McNamara (Honolulu): Do you regret the decision of Washington State to cancel its November 30th game against Hawai'i as a chance for you to have a homecoming of sorts, or is winning the conference enough?

Jason Gesser: I really don't. I understand the position of the school and the program. It would have been really tough to play the Apple Cup here, fly to Hawaii and then come back and go to California to play UCLA. We would have been in a world of hurt. It would have been fun but I understand. When they told me, I said I was cool with it but they needed to explain the decision to the folks back home.

Bryan Dickson, Tacoma WA: Who has surprised you the most on the team as far as improvement from last year to this year, and how big is Devard Darling going to be to the offense?

Jason Gesser: I would have to say Darling. He came in last year and had to redshirt. He had a lot of raw talent with speed and size but didn't know how to use it. Now he has learned the technical part of the position and he has made huge strides being able to practice with us.

Jason Gesser: That is all the time I have for now. I wish I could answer more questions but I have a pretty hectic schedule. We'll try and do this later in the season. Thanks again for all the support. Take care.

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