In The Trenches With Jerome Stevens

Sept. 4, 2002

While Washington�s Aug. 31 contest with Michigan will long be remembered forhow it ended, it should be noted that the Huskies' unproven defensive lineplayed well, allowing a 59-yard carry on the game's second play, but holdingthe Wolverines to just 3.1 yards per carry over the rest of the this week spoke to the veteran of the defensive line, juniortackle Jerome Stevens, to get his thoughts on the game, his father�sbarbecue, and his favorite sports celebrity. What was it like going to Michigan and playing in theBig House?
Jerome Stevens: 'It was a good experience. That was my first timethere, and playing in front of 111,000 people was very nice. I am mad thatwe lost, but it was a good experience to be in the Big House. It has a lotof tradition, and over the years they have won a lot of games there.'

GH: How hard was it to fall short and lose the game to Michigan?
JS: 'It was hard, especially because I don't know how many times wedid that to other teams in the past couple of years. To have it done to usis heartbreaking.'

GH: What would you be doing if you weren't playing football?
JS:'I would probably be going to school back at home.'

GH: If you could be anyone famous who would it be?
JS: 'I probably wouldn't be anyone famous. If I could be anyone Iwould be my dad, because he is a hard worker. Ever since I was little he hasbeen doing projects and trying to get our business off the ground.'

GH: What kind of business is it?
JS: 'It's a barbecue business in Ventura, Calif. We started offselling sandwiches in front of grocery stores, catering different events andparties. In the end, it all worked out.'

GH: What is your favorite football movie?
JS: 'That would have to be 'The Program,' because there is a lot ofhard hitting and rough and tough guys.'

GH: If you could date anyone famous who would it be?
JS: 'Man, I've got a lot of those! One in particular would have to beVivica A. Fox. I like her because she is strong, beautiful and smart. I haveseen all her movies.'

GH: Do you have any pregame rituals?
JS: 'When I get taped, I get taped from right to left. I listen to mymusic, say my prayers and just keep to my self.'

GH: Who is the one athlete that you would pay to see?
JS: 'Shaquille O'Neal, because he is a superman. He is a powerhousethat dominates his sport.'

GH: What video game are you playing most right now?
JS: 'I really like Halo, on Xbox. I will shoot some people up inHalo.'

GH: Who is you favorite non-football Husky athlete?
JS: 'Former basketball center David Dixon, because he is my friend.He is a good basketball player, and I just hope that everything goes wellfor him.'

GH: Is there any NFL player that you can compare yourself to?
JS: 'I would have to say Seahawks defensive tackle John Randle,because he is mean, he's my height and he knows his stuff.'

GH: What is something that people might not know about you?
JS: 'I'm a cool guy to hang out with. I will be your friend. If youare nice to me I will be nice to you.'

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