Chat Wrap: Teyo Johnson

Sept. 10, 2002

Mike (Washington DC): Teyo, what was the Chris Lewis situation last week? Are you at liberty to tell us what rule he broke?

Teyo Johnson: (2:51 PM ET ) I'm sorry I'm not allowed to speak about any Chris Lewis suspension questions right now.

Wenatchee: Teyo: Coach Waters here. I saw the game against B.C. The first half was great. Why was #5 not called in the second half - were you injured or dehydrated. I'm pulling for you. I'm going to try to get to a game this year again when you guys come up to Washington. I hope to see you then. Have a good year, your friend Coach Waters

Teyo Johnson: (2:54 PM ET ) What's up coach! No I wasn't dehydrated in the 2nd half, we just couldn't put things together.

Real Gee-Ahuntsic: Is it true that soon after FSU's national title victory in the 2000 sugar bowl, Some Seminole coach (C. Amato)held a cell phone to the crowd and said: ``Why don't you come and join us for moments like this...``

Teyo Johnson: (2:56 PM ET ) Yes that is correct, it was coach Richt , who is now the head coach at Georgia, they made it very hard to say no.

George Mclain (Everett WA): Teyo, I have watched you ball since you werein Junior High. Tell me, from then to now,Did you ever think you would be whereyou are now? And how does is feel to be regarded as one of the most touted receiversin the nation? Good luck the rest of the season, I'll be watching!

Teyo Johnson: (2:59 PM ET ) Thanks for the long time support. I must say that coming up as a youngster I watched both my older brothers play big time college football, so naturally I pictured myself doing the same since I was young. Thanks!

Kyle Rose(Murray, Ky): How do you think Alex Smith will do now that he must replace Brett Pierce as your starting tight end? How does it effect your game?

Teyo Johnson: (3:01 PM ET ) Alex Smith is a very good athlete and will be very solid for us a tight end, he worked very hard in the summer to get this opportunity.

T-REV Put your 4's UP (San Diego): Teyo, when you reflect on this year, how are you going to determine whether or not you enter the NFL draft? Especially when you weigh the possibility of Chris Lewis returning for his senior year.

Teyo Johnson: (3:03 PM ET ) I try my best not to think about the NFL at this point. The future will take care of itself if you focus on one game at a time. My main concern right now is the secondary at San Jose State. Your Alma Mater

Mouth Piece (San Diego): If you could vacation anywhere with any crew who would your dream crew be and where would you go?

Teyo Johnson: (3:06 PM ET ) I'd probably take my best friends from Stanford and my crew from San Diego and we'd tour all the wonderful cities in Canada

Pac-10: Which team do you see as being the toughest in the conference this year?

Teyo Johnson: (3:07 PM ET ) Stanford

Girls in the Office: We are all well aware of your ability to get open. We hear that the 7 route is your favorite, is that because you are so dangerous along the sidelines?

Teyo Johnson: (3:10 PM ET ) Contrary to popular belief, the deep fly route is actually my favorite, however the corner route is a close second. All routes where I can catch the ball with space and use my size, I like.

David, San Diego: Teyo, Being a San Diego native, would you like to comeback to San Diego and play a processional sport either for the chargers or hopefullyfor a SAN DIEGO NBA TEAM?

Teyo Johnson: (3:11 PM ET ) That would be awesome.

Jeff (Menlo Park): Teyo-With your size and athleticism, is there a corner in the country who can guard you one on one?

Teyo Johnson: (3:13 PM ET ) I haven't met him yet.

Funo (Los Angeles): What's you major and your plans for after football?

Teyo Johnson: (3:16 PM ET ) To hopefully own a advertising agency and restaurant. (Class Clowns)

Adam: what sport do you like better football or basketball? do u see your self playing 2 sports in pros?

Teyo Johnson: (3:17 PM ET ) I don't think you could reach your full potential in one sport if you trying to play another professionally. Maybe you could get picked up for the playoffs though.

Jason, Mukilteo: Teyo, I used to referee your Boys Club Basketball've come a long way! My question concerns your usage as an athlete at Stanford...with your success at wide out do you see yourself getting the opportunity to play quarterback again and is basketball still worth pursuing seriously?

Teyo Johnson: (3:19 PM ET ) Those are all very good questions, unfortunately I don't know the answer to them at this time. Thanks for all the bogus foul calls. J/K

Christina (West Lag): Do you have any pre-game rituals you go through? Are they different for Football or Basketball? Boxers or briefs dude?

TeyoJohnson: (3:21 PM ET ) Always boxers. Before games I just chill outand listen to music, I also usually drink a double mocha to stay awake while Iwait in the locker for two hours before the game.

Teyo Johnson: (3:22 PM ET ) Amon Gordon and I have been best buds since high school. We help each other get through all tough times, including college.

Ty Allushuski, Ann Arbor: If you could add one team to the schedule who would it be?

Teyo Johnson: (3:23 PM ET ) Miami

Alex (DC): do you feel that the Stanford gets the credit it deserves consideringit is hard to be consistently competitive with the academic requirements and howdoes the school do it?

Teyo Johnson: (3:24 PM ET ) I think that Stanford likes to remain low key and let the Sears Cups speak for themselves.

Justin (San Jose): Teyo, firs off you are a beast. Hmm I usually go toall the Stanford Home games and any Stanford game that is around the bay, butthis Saturday there is a dance at my school that starts at 8 pm. I was thinkingof of just going to the first hour of the game, Help me decide

Teyo Johnson: (3:26 PM ET ) Go cut a rug Justin. See you in a few weeks.

cj: Teyo would you be willing to make the transition to tight end in prosor do you think you will stay at wideout?

TeyoJohnson: (3:27 PM ET ) That will all get sorted out in the near future.

Jamie, Granada Hills: Hey Teyo, How is the team reacting to the recentsuccess of the Cal football team. Does the Big Game get a bottle bigger?

Teyo Johnson: (3:28 PM ET ) It's always big.

TeyoJohnson: (3:30 PM ET ) I'm really sorry ladies and gentleman, I mustgo now. Thank you very much for your questions and interest. Please keep followingStanford this season and wish us the best. God Bless.
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