In the Trenches with Paul Arnold

Sept. 17, 2002

One of the most sought-after recruits in Seattle history, senior Paul Arnoldhas failed to disappoint the Husky faithful since shunning other big-timecollege football programs in order to don the purple and gold of hishometown Huskies. After starring at tailback for two seasons, Arnold movedto wide receiver in 2001 and emerged as one of the Pac-10's most dangerousweapons, catching 43 passes for 649 yards and four touchdowns. Arnold wasalso the Huskies' big-play receiver, pulling in four catches for over 40yards. Now a leader of perhaps the nation's top corps of wide receivers,Arnold took a moment during the Huskies' bye week to reflect on the past,and look towards the future. Down 10-0 to San Jose State at halftime, were younervous?
Paul Arnold: 'We've been down before and we never panic. We knew wehad to come back out and execute, and let the game go our way. Nobody reallypanicked, we just had to sit back and say, 'It's time to go to business,'and finish our work.'

GH: With a night game coming up against Wyoming on Sept. 21, how doyou feel about playing at night?
Arnold: 'Night games are always exciting. We've had a couple sinceI've been here, and I think the crowd is a little more rowdy, and a lot moreanxious. You have all that to think about, and sit back on. I think they'refun and I enjoy them.'

GH: Who is the best defensive back in the Pac-10?
Arnold: 'It's hard to say ... that's a good question. I'm alwaysthinking about Ricky Manning down at UCLA. He's a little guy, but he's realstrong and has a good jam. It's hard to say, though. We'll just have to seethis season.'

GH: If you didn't play football, what sport would you play?
Arnold: 'Basketball. I wasn't a half-bad basketball player in highschool, but I kind of stopped growing. It feels like I've been six-foot allmy life, but I would play basketball. I like going out there and dunking,playing transition basketball, and defense.'

GH: Now the hard hitting question you've been waiting for ... what'syour favorite Disney movie?
Arnold: 'I am a big 'Toy Story 2' fan. I have a Buzz Lightyearfigurine at home and wrote my name on the bottom of his foot just like Andy,the character in the movie. I like a lot of Disney cartoons just because Ilove cartoons. So 'Toy Story 2' is first, then maybe 'Lion King.' Just aboutevery Disney movie that comes out, I make sure I watch it. I use my littlesister as my excuse to go and watch them so I don't look like a big wuss.'

GH: What's on the dinner plate during the season for you?
Arnold: 'Well, I have a high metabolism, so I can eat pretty muchanything I want and I won't gain too much weight. I'm a meat kind of guy,though. I like beef and chicken, stuff like that. I try to eat as much meatas possible. Right now, I'm really into pork chops. I take pork chops, andsmother them in gravy and mushrooms. I also like to barbecue chickenthighs.'

GH: So you're pretty good in the kitchen?
Arnold: 'Yeah, I can cook. I don't do so well with the side dishes --I used to mess up Minute Rice, believe it or not, but I figured that out.I'm learning about the side dishes, but usually if guys want to cook, I makethe meat and I leave the side dishes to someone else.'

GH: Do you mind the rain in Seattle?
Arnold: 'You know what? The rain isn't that big of a problem for me.I don't mind being cold or wet, I just hate when it's cold AND wet outside.One or the other is fine with me. When it gets 40 degrees and raining,that's when I have a problem.'

GH: So does the Seattle winter get to you, even though you went tohigh school here?
Arnold: 'People say I should be used to it, but you never get used toit, you just learn how to deal. I'm alright with it.'

contributing to Steve Hitchcock

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