Buddy Teevens Press Conference Quotes

Sept. 24, 2002

Opening Statement
'We're looking forward to the opportunity to play again after an off-week. Although it was early, the off-week came at a good time for us. We had a number of bumps and bruises that needed to heal. We gave the guys a bit of time away from the game so that they had a chance to recoup a bit, and they came back with a lot of enthusiasm in practice last evening. Their attitude is very strong.'

On Arizona State
'Arizona State has had great success this year. They run well on both sides of the football, are well coached and seem to be very physical. Terrell Suggs is as good of a defensive player that we have seen and probably will see this season. Jimmy Verdon is probably one of the most capable defensive ends I've seen in years. Arizona State puts great pressure on the passer and covers with a lot of man-to-man from their corners. Safety Jason Shivers is a really savvy football player and seems to be all over the field. Offensively, they have made some adjustments. Andrew Walter is now listed as their starting quarterback. Both he and Chad Christensen have been very effective. They both have a tremendous target in Shaun McDonald. McDonald is as quick and as fast of a receiver as we've seen. He'll hurt you underneath, he can run deep, he'll make the tough catch and can pick up yards after the catch. We have a tremendous awareness of him and what he's capable of doing. Their offensive line protects the passer well and is physical coming off the ball. Cornell Canidate is a tough inside runner and has some speed to break away. They are a very balanced football team and have been very successful with what they've been doing.'

On Stanford's Injury Status
'Kerry Carter was out of practice last week but is scheduled to practice this evening, and we expect him to be ready to go for the Arizona State game. Trey Freeman's situation is similar, and he should be ready to go Saturday as well. Chris Lewis practiced last week and should be 100%. Luke Powell hobbled a little last week but should be good to go. Greg Schindler has been running and should suit up for practice today. Our expectation is that most of our guys with injuries will be back, but we'll hold judgement to Wednesday for a couple of them.'

On Arizona State Seeing Only Two Stanford Games
'We had two different game plans against Boston College and San Jose State, based on our injuries and our opponents' personnel. Arizona State is looking at two different presentations. For Arizona State not to have an extra game on tape is beneficial to us and certainly creates more questions and concerns. But the bottom line is that they'll have a good semblance of what we do, and they'll have a plan in place. Our approach will be that we have a general idea of what they'll do and adjust as we start to play.'

On Stanford's Quarterbacks
'Chris Lewis has had only about a quarter and a half of action this year, so he's still learning under game conditions. But, he's seasoned and played a fair amount in the past. He's been mentally on top of what we're doing, and now it's about execution and decision making. He's shown the ability to do that. He was sharper in the second quarter (versus San Jose State). It is not unexpected if you haven't played in a game for eight or nine months, that there's an acclimation process. He's as close as you'd like given the circumstances.

Kyle Matter has stepped up and really given us a second answer. I feel much better about our entire quarterback situation (with the play of Kyle Matter). With a redshirt freshman, you just don't know. A guy either crumples or rises up, and he has risen up. The look in his eye in the second game when Chris (Lewis) went down was that he was ready to go. There was an air of confidence (in Kyle) that I hadn't seen before. The Boston College game removed some questions he may have had in his mind and certainly answered some questions our staff had. We feel very comfortable that Kyle can do what we need to do. We feel like we've got two quarterbacks we can win with.'

On Stanford's Priorities For The Arizona State Game
'Our priorities will be similar to those for the San Jose State game. We had some running backs that really played well in the last game with J.R. Lemon, Casey Moore, Kenneth Tolon and Kerry Carter before he was injured. Having the ability to successfully move the football on the ground created confidence in our offensive line. We do also need to protect the passer because we like to throw the football. We have a variety of presentations with multiple wide receiver sets so protecting the passer is important. Arizona State presents concerns because they have exceptional pass rushers. Our guys need to make sure to bring their 'A-game' to play against guys like that. Our quarterback play has been improved, but we need to secure the football. We need to eliminate interceptions and make good decisions.'

On The Expected Hot Weather At Arizona State
'Having a lot of people to play should be been beneficial, and I believe in playing a lot of guys. It was hot in Boston as well, and it's not going to be a whole lot different at Arizona State. Our attitude is don't accept distractions and don't make excuses. It it's hot, we can't change it. From an awareness standpoint, we obviously need to make sure we remain hydrated during the course of the week. But, the dry heat is a little more forgiving than the humidity. I'm happy that at least if it's going to be hot, it shouldn't be hot and humid.'

On Playing At Arizona State
'I'm anxious to see how our players will respond to playing in a conference game with a big crowd and a lot riding on the game. I'm confident our guys will play well, and I have that expectation every time we show up. Our guys are passionate about the game and take it very seriously. Their ability to focus and concentrate has impressed me.'

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