In the Trenches with Reggie Williams

Sept. 27, 2002

In just over one season of college football, sophomore Reggie Williams hasestablished himself as one of the Huskies� all-time leading receivers.Williams went for 134 yards in his first-career game, the springboard to aseason where he would post Pac-10 freshman records for receiving yards(973), single-season receptions (55), single-game receiving yards (203 vs.Washington State) and single-game receptions (11 vs. WSU). Through threegames of the 2002 season, Williams is averaging 110.7 receiving yards pergame and needs just 89 yards in Saturday�s contest with Idaho to bump DarrylFranklin out of the Huskies� all-time top-10 in that category. Ever wonderedwhat it�s like to be Reggie Williams? slowed down the receiverto find out: What was your inspiration to pick up a football andstart playing?
Reggie Williams: 'Watching it on TV and watching my brother playinspired me a lot. My brother�s four years older than m, so when he startedplaying pee-wee football, I liked it. That just made me want to play, too.'

GH: What kind of build-up goes on in the tunnel before you comingsprinting out onto the field?
Williams: 'It�s a lot of emotion. We�re getting hyped up. Personally,I�m trying to get hyped up and trying to stay loose at the same time, andstay focused on what I have to do. I can�t let myself get too tense, so Iwon�t mess up and do something stupid.'

GH: Is it hard to live up to the expectations that the media and fansput on you?
Williams: 'No, it isn�t hard living up to expectations. I expect moreout of myself every game and every day of practice. I think anyone inAmerica can put pressure on you, but I feel no pressure.'

GH: When you line up at wide receiver, do the defensive backs evertalk trash to you, try to take you out of your game?
Williams: 'No, not so far. Usually they talk after the play or duringthe game, not really before the play.'

GH:How do you block that stuff out?
Williams: 'I talk back. After I start talking, they start wanting totalk a little more.'

GH: Are you pumped that your high school, Lakes of Tacoma, is rollingover everyone this season?
Williams: 'Yeah, I�m glad Lakes is rolling. I was at the game whenthey beat Highline 87-0; I don�t think we ever beat anybody like that. I�mglad to see they�re getting more credit this year, they have some talentedathletes.'

GH: Do you think they are going to the state championship?
Williams: 'I�ll be very disappointed if they don�t at least go to thechampionship, and if they do go, they�d better win.'

GH: Whose doghouse do you fear the most: your parents�, or CoachNeuheisel�s?
Williams: 'I really don�t get in the doghouse too much, but I�drather not see my dad when I�m in there.'

GH: Is it nice being able to walk around in sweats all day? They lookcomfy.
Williams: 'Yeah, it�s nice. It�s morning time and I don�t have to goto school yet, so I just throw on some sweats and go to practice.'

GH: Your sophomore year officially starts Monday; are you nervous forclasses?
Williams: 'It�s been nice playing games and practicing, not having togo to school, but we�re about to go back to reality. It�ll be fine. Schoolis school. I�ve been doing it forever, it�s just one thing you have to dealwith.'

GH: Who�s a better dresser, you or Paul Arnold?
Williams: 'Better dresser � (thinking) I don�t know. We shop a lot ofthe same places. Some days he gets me, and some days I get him. We wear alot of the same things.'

GH: A good dresser knows it�s all about the shoes. What would I findin your closet?
Williams: 'Usually you�ll see me in some Jordans or Timberlands,maybe some Air Forces. I�d rather have a pair of OeJ�s than Timberlands,though.'

GH: Anything else you want to throw in?
Williams: 'Paul Arnold and Cody Pickett are my heroes. I want them tosign my jersey some day.'

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