Chat Wrap: Callie Withers

Oct. 2, 2002

CallieWithers: (4:04 PM ET ) Hi, this is CallieWithers and I am ready to answer your questions now

Peter (New York): What has been the biggest reason to your team's success this year?

CallieWithers: (4:07 PM ET ) I feel that in light of recent events, especially with our sudden change with coaches, we have definitely come together as a team. I don't think we have been this confident and together as a team during my 4 years here- and I think because of that, we are playing so well these days.

Amy (San Jose): Callie, how exciting is it to be part of the No. 1 team in the country right now?

CallieWithers: (4:11 PM ET ) To be honest, rankings really don't matter that much. I feel that as long as we feel good as a team and are playing our game, we rank ourselves number one no matter what. But yeah, I do agree that it's still pretty nice to be number one right now- but rankings change all the time:)

Rob (Toronto): What do you plan on doing when you finish college?

CallieWithers: (4:15 PM ET ) Well, I would love to play for WUSA, but that's not really in my control in so far as the draft. Other than that, I don't really know - I really would like to travel more, as I traveled to Australia and New Zeleand last year. Maybe grad school? But generally, I feel like things will come around and things will fall into place for me in the future.

Lapi (Gold River, CA): Hi Callie! How did you become such an amazing soccer player and person!? :)

CallieWithers:(4:20 PM ET ) Lapi!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you! So great to hear from you!I hear you are coming this weekend to see us play- great! You know, to answeryour question, I think the reason I am a great soccer player is because I havegrown so much as a person during my 4 years here at Stanford. AS cheesy as itmay sound, I am more centered, mature, and have a larger perspective about lifein general, and I feel that ultimately that sort of attitude in life carries overonto the field when I play. See you Friday!:):):):):)

John (Redwood City): Congrats on the season thus far! What would you say is your biggest asset to the team?

CallieWithers: (4:25 PM ET ) I think my strong physical presence and my quick feet despite my large size.

Tamika: Callie, although the draft is 'out of your hands,' is there a team in the WUSA that you would like to play for?

CallieWithers: (4:27 PM ET ) I must admit that I have connections here in my hometown, which makes me lean toward playing for a local team, but all in all, I would love to play for any team just to play.

Will (Alexandria, VA): Hey Callie Gallie! Man how did you get so popular?You are sooooo cool. You should go head to head with Pele. When you get rich asa soccer player are you going to support the needy family member?

CallieWithers: (4:32 PM ET ) Will!!!! My favorite cousin of all- so great to hear form you - tell Stuart I said hi:) How's your music going? and by the way, I think the only needy family member that I would be supporting would be you...haha. Hope to talk to you soon:)

Tempe, AZ: Which game in your career would you describe as the best gameyou have been a part of from a team standpoint? What made it special?

CallieWithers: (4:35 PM ET ) I would have to say with my local club teamwhen I was like 14 when we were in the semifinal game of Regionals. We weren'tthe most talented team but we had the most heart ever and ended up going to thefinals and the heart that made us play together made it special.

AZ: Hi Callie, what's better, having a perfect tackle or scoring??

CallieWithers: (4:43 PM ET ) It really does depend. Ideally, the best is when our whole team steps high, and then I step to intercept a ball through a tackle maybe, and then it's like there is a huge green light - meaning that it's on to go to goal- either to pass it off for someone to score, or shoot myself. I love stepping from deep midfield and turning the other team's attempt to build out of the back into our own attack.

Rob (Toronto): I hope you put the beats on No. 2 Carolina on Friday. Good luck!

CallieWithers: (4:47 PM ET ) Thanks! I think our team is more ready thanever because I think we all have this quiet underlying confidence and feelingthat we are the team to beat, not just in the game against north Carolina, butin all of our games this year. I can't tell you how exciting it is to feel thaton a team- to just know it inside and see that fierce look in your teammates eyes.

Stu-rit (Oxford, OH): No I thought I was your favorite cousin!!! When are you guys going to play Miami of Ohio?

CallieWithers: (4:50 PM ET ) Sturit!!!! Ha I love this- how did you and will find out about this. I was just saying he was my favorite cousin to be nice- no worries, you are my true favorite. We can just keep that a secret between us. We don't come to Ohio this year, but I will see you soon at some family function or I'll get my butt in gear to come over and visit you:) love you!

Sand Hill: Hey girl! Our women's and men's teams have been dominant this season. You've been awesome. With your soccer commitments, how do you balance school and life in general?

CallieWithers: (4:58 PM ET ) I agree with you- our soccer teams are great!I would have to say generally during season, I get my rest and sacrifice a littlefun that I usually have in the off season with friends. But its worth it you know.I think the best way of keeping my balance is always making a little time formyself to clear my head whether chats meditating or just relaxing so my mind doesn'tfeel overloaded with all of the normal stresses in life.

Ted (Gilroy): Hi Callie. You guys are very strong and fast. Can you beat Alisan in a foot race? ;)

CallieWithers: (5:00 PM ET ) Answering your question, hell no! Pabon is, I think, the fastest person in the entire universe and I love having her on the team because of that.

Matt: Callie - I coached you a bit at Gunn, and you were dominant in the mid there. I know there's a big difference at the Div 1 level, what's been the biggest challenge in dominating at this level?

CallieWithers: (5:06 PM ET ) Hi Matt! Good to hear from you. I think there are a lot of really good soccer players out there in the soccer world, but the ones that really make a difference and impact on the game are those that have that something special about them- whether that's with his or her technical ability or just overall understanding of the game. But generally, when it comes to Div 1, I think a big important thing for players is in finding that general understanding of the game.

CallieWithers: (5:10 PM ET ) Well I am off to practice now. Hi mom and dad. Sorry I didn't get to all of your questions, but hopefully I will hear you guys out there at the game on Friday- it's gonna be an exciting one!!
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