Chat Wrap: John Dunning

Oct. 3, 2002

JohnDunning: (4:26 PM ET ) Hi I am here. I f you have any questions I will try to answer them for the next half hour.

Steve (Morgan Hill): John, what is the greatest challenge you face, generally, when coaching a team of intelligent student-athletes, like those on the Stanford Women's Volleyball team?

JohnDunning: (4:28 PM ET ) My greatest challenge with every team is to get them to be a team at all times.

Amy, Santa Cruz: Hi John,I am a huge fan of Stanford volleyball. It was so great to watch the team win the championship last year. What do you think is key for handing the Trojans their first loss of the season? Also, do you think that Logan Tom will have the success this year like she did last year? Good luck, I'll see you at Maples!

JohnDunning: (4:30 PM ET ) The key will be to fight through their great moments. They are a terrific team!!!!! I love these matches.

North Hollywood : How has Lindsey Yamasaki adjusted to playing high level volleyball again after so many years of college basketball and playing in the WNBA this summer?

JohnDunning: (4:33 PM ET ) Lindsey is great!! Very mature, very talented and working very hard to play volleyball at a high level again. She has been a great addition to our team.

Ellen (Palo Alto): What do you think of the new libero position? Does it help Stanford?

JohnDunning: (4:34 PM ET ) IN the long run it will effect volleyball more than rally scoring from the team's standpoint.

Erin (Los Angeles): What are your thoughts on the upcoming match against USC?

JohnDunning: (4:36 PM ET ) They are a great team, we can't wait to see how we match up against them. We could all be able to see some great plays this weekend.

Donna (Santa Cruz): I know the international pursuit rule is being used this year in collegiate volleyball. But I don't see a lot of teams running down balls. Why?

JohnDunning: (4:37 PM ET ) I think this is a stupid rule. I pray no one gets hurt badly.

Eugene (Los Angeles): Big Stanford fan here. I'm curious of your sense of how Logan Tom is readjusting to the team now. In 2000, it took a while to readjust, and Stanford had a bad year. Will the readjustment be any easier this year?

JohnDunning: (4:41 PM ET ) Yes, it iwill be easier, she is more mature and experienced now. We all know more of what to expect than in the past. We all appreciate how difficult this is for her and are happy she is now with us.

Carson (Burlingame): I noticed that you've let Ogonna Nnamani jump serve a few times lately as well as Jennifer Hucke? Are you trying to incorporate more jump servers into the lineup?

JohnDunning: (4:42 PM ET ) Yes, our philosophy is to be as aggressive as is possible for the service line.

Haley (San Diego): What will it take to win the national championship this year?

JohnDunning: (4:43 PM ET ) The team that wins will be the team that improves until the last day. We are going to try to be that team.

john (menlo park): Traditionally, all-americans have been players who play all the way around. with the introduction of the libero, do you think that could change? what about a libero all-american?

JohnDunning: (4:45 PM ET ) All-Americans have never been picked by position, that shouldn't change now.

Amber (San Mateo): Do you have to play club volleyball to get recruited for college volleyball?

JohnDunning: (4:47 PM ET ) No, it just makes it easier. Time during our season is hard to come by so we don't tend to go watch as much as in the spring.

Derek (Palo Alto): Hi John, congrats on all your success. With so much talent, and a championship already under your belt, what is the most rewarding aspect of coaching at Stanford for you?GO CARDINAL!

JohnDunning: (4:49 PM ET ) So far everyone in the program has chosen to be very committed to the team being the most important thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>�S

Susie (Belmont): Why is Stanford such a good blocking team? Tall middles? Good technique?

JohnDunning: (4:51 PM ET ) I am happy you feel we are a good blocking team, we work very hard on it every day! A lot of the credit has to go to Katy Ripp for all her help in this area.

Brian (San Diego): What was it like winnning the national championship last year?

JohnDunning: (4:53 PM ET ) Like a fairytale!! An amazing team effort, we were all just lucky to be part of it!

Bo (Stanford/Stockton): Congratulations on a great run at stanford last year. Im a long time fan of Stanford, I like to brag that I'm the biggest fan. But as a new student at University of the Pacific I find myself torn. Who will your family be rooting for when the Stanford/UOP match comes around this year? help coach, I need guidance....

JohnDunning: (4:56 PM ET ) Let your heart be your guide. I hope all is well in Stockton, Bo. I hope you love being at UOP, I did.

Hoon (Los Gatos): Hi John, it's amazing what you've done so far. Stanford is lucky to have you - you're such a perfect fit for a school with such intellectually motivated athletes like you have at Stanford.

Do you think your drive and focus come from being at Fremont HS, where no matter how great your volleyball did team, of course it was overshadowed by how great the speech and debate team was there?

Can't wait to hear stories about your practices where your prior life as a math teacher comes out from time to time. High school kids are missing out that you're not teaching math - you definitely changed some kids' lives by reaching them and making math interesting.

JohnDunning: (4:57 PM ET ) Thank you Hoon! I loved teaching math.

Colin, Arlington, VA: Great 2001 season! Bringing some of the Pacific magic to the Farm I see. At setting position I noticed you're using a 6-2 offense not done at the beginning of this season (#1 USC and #2 Hawaii currently utilizes this offense system). Will you stick with this format the rest of the season or searching for the right quarterback?

JohnDunning: (4:59 PM ET ) We are using 2 setters part of the time, but not in a 6-2 at this time. Both are improving each week and will both play a big role in what ever success we have.

Neal, Waimanalo : You played in Hawaii this spring break when Hawaii beat Stanford in 4. Do you think Willougby has a good chance at being the National Player of the Year?

JohnDunning: (5:01 PM ET ) What a great spring match, 6000 people at an exhibition in April, wow! Only in Hawaii. I have always loved bringing teams to Hawaii to play, great fans!

KFC Girl, Downers Grove: Logan keeps the ball in front of her while Ogonna seems to charge for the ball and often runs under it. Has she developed more shots than her typical cross court and inside 3 set? She is athletically and physically gifted but what has she done to mix up her shots? By answering that question, you'll help me and many others with hitting tendencies. Love what your doing hon' keep it up!

JohnDunning: (5:03 PM ET ) Great name KFC. You know Ogonna? Ogonna is improving as a hitter everyday. Lots more shots, much better vision.

Mike (Indy): How do you feel about the change to rally scoring? Do you think it will be easier to sell to TV so maybe the nation can see more great matches?

JohnDunning: (5:05 PM ET ) I hope so! I love rally scoring, because it is now part of our game. Strategies are different, it has been fun to be forced to learn so much in the past two years.

Frank (San Francisco): You've done a great job coaching UOP and now Stanford. Any plans for the U.S. national team in the future?

JohnDunning: (5:07 PM ET ) I am flattered, but no. Toshi is a great coach. I woould love to go help in some way to learn from him. Go USA Volleyball!!!!!!!!

Sara (Palo Alto): In your opinion, what went wrong in the match against Florida? Do you think that if you met up with them again that the outcome might be different now that Logan is back?

JohnDunning: (5:09 PM ET ) Having Logan will help if we play them again. We served and passed very poorly and Florida played very well, a bad combination. They are terrific.

College Coach (Big West): If you're attempting to switch schools and inherited the former assistant staffing, how do you get them to translate your philosophy onto the team?

JohnDunning: (5:11 PM ET ) Sorry very complicated question. This could be a topic for a very long discussion, perhaps another time.

Kristee (Burmingham): Who did you choose in the polls as #1? I know you can't vote for yourself, and why?

JohnDunning: (5:12 PM ET ) I can vote for my own team, but I have been voting for USC. They have the most wins over top opponents and haven't lost.

Ken (San Francisco): Why is the slide such a successful play in the women's game, but not in the men's game?

JohnDunning: (5:14 PM ET ) Sorry, I don't know enough about men's volleyball to answer the question. It is a great play in the women's game!!!!!!!

Ann (San Francisco): Congratulations on a wonderful 2001 season!! I've been a long-time season ticket holder and noticed in the recent home matches that the rotation has been different in each game especially since the return of Logan in mid-September. Are you looking for the 'right' fit? Courtney has certainly done well in the libero position lately and Jen Hucke's jump serve is lethal. Keep up the hard work.

JohnDunning: (5:17 PM ET ) Another very well informed volleyball fan!!!!! We are going through a process to see who is the best team in December and we have many good players! We have to try the combinations which make sense. However, we will soon have to settle down into one lineup. see you this weekend.

JohnDunning: (5:20 PM ET ) Thanks for all your questions! I love chatting with people who also love volleyball. I hope to see all of you at our matches this weekend. 7 pm. Friday USC and 7 pm Saturday UCLA.
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