Player Profile: Lindey Werdell

Oct. 6, 2002

In the second installment of this season's Soccer Player Profiles, Duck soccer fans get a chance to get to know a different side of starting midfielder Lindsey Werdell, a junior from a Churchill High School graduate and Eugene native.

  • Nickname: Wordel Or Word
  • Athlete Athlete You Admire The Most: Marion Jones
  • Worst Movie You've Ever Seen: O Brother Where Art Thou
  • Top 3 CD's: Dave Mathews Band, Sublime, Nelly
  • First Concert You Ever Saw: Never Seen One
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Peppermint
  • Funniest Thing About Any Teammate: Arlene (Tuttle) hates listening to people brush their teeth
  • Coolest Place You've Ever Visited: Glacier National Forest
  • Most Inspirational Book: The Power Of One, Lance Armstrong
  • Favorite Web Site:
  • Favorite Adam Sandler Movie: Happy Gilmore
  • Favorite Sporting Moment Off The Soccer Field: Marion Jones competing For five gold medals in the 2000 Olympics
  • Favorite Comedian/Comedienne? Chris Rock
  • If You Could Be Any Other Oregon Athlete Who Would You Be And Why: Catherine Kraayeveld, so I knew what it was like to be tall
  • Funniest Moment So Far As A Duck: Last week in practice I tripped on my shoelace, and Robi (Thayer) just happened to pass me the ball at the same time, and I scored for the other team on a diving header. I had the whole team on the ground laughing.
  • Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Oh's
  • Item You Have To Take On A Trip: A Book
  • Dream Job When You Graduate: Physical Therapist
  • Favorite Tv Show: ER
  • Favorite Muppet Character: Kermit The Frog
  • Favorite Pizza Toppings: BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Favorite Toy Growing Up: Chemistry set
  • Favorite Video Game: Mario Kart
  • Favorite Magazine: People
  • Favorite Kaoroke Song: Friends In Low Places, Garth Brooks
  • Least Favorite Vegetable: Tomatoes, it is a vegetable
  • Pregame Ritual/Superstition: Listen to my Pre-game Cd
  • Favorite Part About Oregon: Family and friends
  • The Make And Model Of Your First Car: Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Longest Word You Can Spell Correctly: Supercalafragilisticexpialadoshious
  • Favorite Cartoon (Tv Or Movie): Wildcats
  • Your Greatest Athletic Feat: Tieing The University Of Washington In 2001
  • Funniest Halloween Costume You've Ever Worn: A gleek
  • Favorite Gameshow Host: I don't know
  • Famous Celebrity Hairstyle You Admire The Most: Pink

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