Arizona Football Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 7, 2002

On the Wildcat defense:

'The whole defense played really hard on Saturday. Oregon came out and ran the power at us similar to what Wisconsin did, and they pounded on us for the first six to 12 plays. The defense was around the ball, and we moved around more than we had in previous games. We had a lot of people flying to the football more the other night. We played a very good offensive team last weekend. Oregon was sharp, and they didn't make a lot of mistakes. But, we definitely had more tackles on, near or behind the line of scrimmage than we've had in any other game this year.'

'There were some guys who played well and played hard. Spencer Larsen did a nice job. Young Thompson played real hard in the middle of the line and made some plays, and Gary Love had a really good game. Jason Martin was baptized into college football, and Jarvie Worcester was around the ball a lot.'

On freshman linebacker Spencer Larsen:

'Spencer Larsen played quite a bit. We thought that Spencer would play the run well. He is smart, and he is a collision player who plays hard, makes a lot of tackles and gets around the football. He does not get fooled a great deal. Our coaches felt it was a good opportunity for him to get in there and do some things, and he did that.'

On senior quarterback Jason Johnson:

'We need for Jason to play well. He had some great things going the other night. We had a couple of opportunities for big plays, but he didn't get the time to do it. When the score was 31-14, on the very first play out of the box, we had a guy open for a touchdown, and Jason couldn't get to it because Oregon broke through the line. Overall, he did a lot of good things Saturday night.'

On senior wide receiver Bobby Wade:

'Bobby's performance the other night really was a competitive performance. He caught a lot of balls and picked up extra yardage, which is what you need from a top player. He played at a high level of performance.'

On freshman cornerback Jason Martin:

'He really has quick feet. I think he would be a terrific receiver for us, but that's also what you need at corner. He is a guy who can run with the fastest receivers.'

On the Washington Huskies:

'We have played pretty well for the last two years up there. Last year's game up there was one of our better efforts of the whole year. It was at that point that we started playing our best football from there on out.'

'We are going to face lots of action from here on out because everyone we play will have a good quarterback. We have to be real sure that we don't get caught flat-footed on their play actions because that's where they got us last year. Cody Pickett had a terrific performance last year for a guy coming off a shoulder separation. He really sees the field very well. He has terrific timing and accuracy. He's only a junior, but he could be the top quarterback in the conference next year. I think he's that good.'

'Like everybody in the conference, it seems like every quarterback has a favorite receiver, and Cody Pickett's happens to be Reggie Williams. Williams is tall, and he gets a lot of attention. Most of the teams, if they have not double teamed him, have tried to get at least a safety on that side of the field without giving up some help in the middle of the field. He is a key target for their offense, especially in the scoring zone. They move the ball around really well, and seven different receivers have caught double-digit passes so far this season.'

On the Pac-10 Conference Schedule:

'If you want to be in the race, you have to step it up that second week because a team can't afford to lose two games in a row, especially the first two games. If you lose the first two games, you still have six more weeks to play after that.'

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