Arizona Football Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 14, 2002

On the Stanford Cardinal:

'They have gone back-to-back against two top-25 teams in the last two weeks. The Notre Dame game was close, and that was a good game for a long time. They have a very young defense. They started the season blitzing a lot, but they have not blitzed quite as much in the last couple of games. They are big and physical up front, and Matt Leonard is their key player. They are a very well-coached team, and they are smart.'

On the loss at Washington:

'We have played some really good football. The players should not feel the least bit discouraged about the quality of their play and what we've been able to do on the field. We laid it right on the line out there, and even though we were undermanned in terms of numbers on Saturday, we thought we'd win that game. We played well enough to win for most of the game, and I really believe that there was nobody on our sideline who felt differently from the fact that we would win it. We didn't win, but I am not the least bit discouraged in that regard because of the way we played.'

On the defense:

'Our defensive game plan on Saturday was a good plan. They were not running the ball well, and we did stop the run. We forced them to pass, and we did a good job of getting underneath their receivers. There were a number of occasions were Cody Pickett had to go to his second read, which is not usually the case with him. We forced him to throw the ball to other people instead of his usual targets at times. In that regard, I thought that we made some real progress there. Our linebacker corps stepped up and met the run better. Lance (Briggs) was back in there, and maybe that had something to do with it.'

On quarterback Jason Johnson and the wide receivers:

'Offensively, we made a couple little adjustments in our pass blocking, which bought Jason (Johnson) more time. And, our receivers were extremely crisp in running routes all day long. Jason got a lot of one-on-ones with Bobby (Wade) and Andrae (Thurman) for most of the game, and when he gets those one-on-ones with Bobby and Andrae, he is going to deliver the ball to them. When he doesn't get those opportunities, we have to create ways for him to get the ball to other people.'

On the personal foul penalties at Washington:

'I thought that both of the taunting calls were correct. No one should have the tolerance for that kind of behavior. We will handle it, but we have to handle the discipline internally. It is very disappointing to me, and it is disappointing to everyone. There really is no place for it.'

On freshman halfback Beau Carr:

'Beau Carr did a nice job for us on Saturday. The good thing he showed last week in practice is that he really learns the plays quickly, and he has shown that he is a good pass protector.'

On sophomore free safety Lee Patterson:

'I don't know if we could ask Lee to do any more than what he did. He had little or no practice and went in that game and played. He did everything we could have asked him to do. He is the type of player who works hard and will do anything for the team.'

On the offensive line:

'We have had to rotate so many people in and out that it has been difficult to get the kind of consistency that we need to have there. We haven't been able to tag two and three plays and get that depth that would allow us to build upon that. Three of the guys playing are true freshman. Tanner Bell played Saturday, John Parada played early in the season, and Kili Lefotu has played quite a bit. Those three guys have to play the rest of the year. John Parada was playing well enough to start, and Kili Lefotu is playing well enough to start. Tanner Bell should be playing quite a bit as well. We're trying not to play Keith Jackson, but including him in the mix, we only had seven available offensive lineman last week at Washington.'

On the play of the freshmen (true and redshirt freshmen):

'So many freshmen have gone in there and given us such great effort and performance. They really have done such a good job in so many things. I don't know if we could expect a whole lot more from them. Some of them have been thrust into the position where they have to carry the load.'

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