Cardinal Capsule: Katie Goldhahn

Oct. 17, 2002

Katie Goldhahn


Women's Volleyball



Best Book You Have Read:

The last one I read

Favorite Class:

Sign Language

Favorite Hobby:

Playing sports-of any kind

Favorite Athlete:
Allen Iverson

Favorite Non-Sports Activity:


One Word That Describes You:


Favorite CD:

'Everyday' by Dave Matthews Band

Best Vacation Or Trip You Have Ever Taken:

Italy and Portugal

Opponent You Would Most Like To Beat:


How Do You Prepare Before A Competition:

Listen to our cd mix in the team locker room

If You Could Play Another Sport At Stanford, What Would It Be:

Water polo

Somewhere You Have Never Been That You Would Most Like To Visit:


If You Could Have Dinner With A Famous Person, Who Would It Be:

Brad Pitt

Most Influential Person In Your Life:

My parents

What Made You Choose To Attend Stanford:

The amazing athletics and academics

What Is Something About Yourself That Few People Know:

I didn't play volleyball in high school

What Advice Would You Give To Young Athletes Who Want To Compete In College:

With dedication, effort, and love for your sport, you can accomplish anythingyou put your mind to

Favorite Breakfast Cereal:

Captain Crunch

Nobody Knows How Much I Like:

Tall shoes

Earliest Sport Memory:

Winning nationals in club volleyball

For me to improve as a player I need to:

Work hard on specific goals that I set for myself each time I walk into the gym

The thing I like about sports is:

It takes more than just you being good, you have to work well as a team

If I could add one team to the schedule it would be:

Long Beach or Nebraska

The most difficult opposing arena to play in is:


A friend from another college team:

Molly Mordaunt-University of the Pacific

Favorite professor:

Professor Haas

If I had to cook all of my meals, I'd probably survive on:

Mac'n cheese

Favorite T.V. show:

Saturday Night Live/Crank Yankers

My parents were right when they told me:

You only live life once, experience everything

Favorite website:

I'd like to switch places for a day with:

Michael Jordan

My most prized possession is:

My dog, Irma

Since coming to Stanford I have learned:

Time management...sort of

Ten years from now I hope to be:

Working in the broadcasting industry

If I won $1 million dollars, I would:

Buy a house, car and invest the rest

After my Stanford career is over, I'd like to be remembered as:

Hard working, competitive, friendly



Favorite Food:

Frozen yogurt

Favorite Music Artist:

Dave Matthews Band

Favorite Sports Team:

Sacramento Kings

Favorite Place To Hang Out:

The mall!!!

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