Off the Court with Adrian Hankoff

Oct. 29, 2002

FAVORITES:Athlete - Michael Jordan and Karch Kiraly (I named my dog after him).Movie - I have a lot of favorite movies. I do like The Wizard of Oz and I enjoy Gladiator as well. But I also like The Patriot and Top Gun is good.Book - The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I read the short version in high school and then I read the long version last summer.TV Show - Friends.Food - Cheesecake.Class at WSU - I really enjoy my Consumer Behavior class and all my marketing classes are really interesting.Pro Team - Sacramento Kings.Musical Artists - *NSYNC.

Most memorable match - Beating Stanford in 2000 and I probably only played five minutes in that match. But I remember Logan Tom hitting the ball out and us winning. I still watch that tape and get chills.

Before each match I ...listen to Good Charlotte if I'm driving in my car. They're like a punk band from the East Coast. I go to the locker room really early, about one-half hour before we have to be there. I take my time getting ready. I have a ritual of getting dressed.

Which of your teammates can make you laugh by just looking at them? Zanda Bautre

Fantasy job - Working behind the scenes with a pro sports team. Or working for MTV.

Craziest ambition - Being on MTV's Real World. Or being a bartender, my dad doesn't really like that at all. You've seen Cocktail (the movie). There's good money to be made and you meet people. It would be fun.

The best thing about Washington State University - I love Pullman. This is a college town. I love being here and I don't want to leave. The community supports athletics so much and everywhere you go people know who you are outside of campus. Before I came here my dad told me that people in Washington are so nice. And I didn't really believe him but then the first couple years I was here I thought, 'they are really nice here.' It's a different environment than living in California where everyone is always in a hurry.

If you could bring one thing from your hometown, what would it be? The lake. And the beach. People here go to the river and it's fun but it is not Lake Tahoe.

One thing you absolutely have to do before you turn 40 - Get married and have kids. I don't know that I'll have them before I'm 40.

Most prized possession - My photo albums. I've worked pretty hard on it, not as hard as Holly's worked on her scrapbook. Its pretty impressive. I've thought about paying her for doing one for me.

SUV or pick-up truck - I've gone back and forth on this because I was at a stage in my life where I really wanted a pick-up but now I think the more economical car would be an SUV. To go on road trips, your friends want to sit in the SUV.

Tropical island vacation or powdery ski resort? Tropical island vacation.

If I could change one thing about my game it would be - Being more consistent especially at game point situations. Being more of a leader and being more verbally aggressive.

Conditioning drill you dislike the most - Sprints.

What advice you'd give a young volleyball player? Work hard and be coachable. That's the biggest thing coaches look for is if you are coachable. And work hard.

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