Chat Wrap: Lindsey Yamasaki

Oct. 30, 2002

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:07 PM ET ) Hello out there, it's Lindsey! Thanks for submitting your questions, and (hopefully) supporting Stanford! Well, here goes.

Pepepoppo(Thailand): I really like Logan Tom. I saw her playing for nationalteam in Germany. How do you feel about her and also the others in your team?

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:11 PM ET ) Wow, I hope you had a fun time in Germany. Logan and I are close friends, I can personally say, not only is she an amazing player, she is an amazing person. The thing I admire most about her is her laid back personality and how humble she has remained after all she has accomplished.
My teammates are all great people as well. We have a very close team, we enjoy each others company on and off the court.

Maymox (San Jose): Hey Lindsey!! Loved your pancake at the USC game. Iwas wondering if you use any of your volleyball skills to help you in playingbasketball?? And I was also wondering if you can beat Logan Tom one-on-one? Don'tbe modest now... :-)

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:16 PM ET ) Unfortunately a pancake isn't necessarily something you practice, it just happens, but thank you nonetheless.
Volleyball and basketball are two sports that compliment one another very well, so I think there are a few related skills. I try to use my quick reaction skills from volleyball when playing defense in basketball. Volleyball also conditions your legs to get in a defensive stance and stay there.
As for beating Logan one-on-one, considering her Olympic status, I wouldn't put anything past her:)

Det/Kags (o-town): What was the nickname the team gave you your first year on the team in 1999? Did you like it, Frosh?

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:18 PM ET ) Hmmmmmmmm, very interesting question Raumen and....Punk, but I don't recall such nickname 'Frosh'.

Antdeezy (San Diego): Lindsey,Hey lady...I just wanted to give you a shout and wish you and the team good luck in LA this weekend. I wish I could be there but I'm sure Tara will be loud enough for the both of us.

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:19 PM ET ) Thanks for the support Deez, you're right, Tara will throw down if anyone tries to mess...:)

Det and Kags, Oakland: So what did you do after you lost the national championship in Hawaii? Were you sad? How did you feel the next day?

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:22 PM ET ) As you can imagine I was very disappointed and 'tuckered out' from such a long season. I did some serious moping throughout the evening and the next day. It was definitely hard for me to get rid of that bug.

TheMayor- ft. Lauderdale: Lindsey, how much adjustment has been involvedgoing back and playing volleyball again after being away from the game playingbasketball, and has the transition from a professional back to a college atmospherebeen difficult? I think you are great!! :)

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:27 PM ET ) It has taken me the majority of the season to reacquaint myself with volleyball, and I wouldn't say I'm completely comfortable out there yet. Reacquainting myself with Stanford has been a different story. Within my first few hours on campus I was back in the swing of things with my friends, classes, and practice. I feel like I've gotten another chance to have my 'final days' her at school, and I love it.

Person (CA): Are you ready for the match against USC? What did you workon most this week to prepare for the match? Wish you good luck~! Btw, what doyou girls do in your free time? :)

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:31 PM ET ) It is hard to know if you are completely ready for a match until you are actually playing it, but after the next day or so I think I'll be as ready as I am able to be. More than mentally preparing for a 'battle' with such a difficult match, there is also a lot of scouting and game plan preparation that goes into it. Over the next few days I think our team and myself will be pretty squared away. Let's not forget that UCLA is as hungry as USC, so I'm trying to focus on them first.

KatAimDen - Palo Alto: I hear you do most of the hairdo's on the team. Are you going to pursue this career after your WNBA career. I hear your dad really would like to see you do this.

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:36 PM ET ) It is true, I'm the 'hairdoer' on the team. I'm hoping that my WNBA career will be a long and prosperous one, leading to infinite fame and fortune (yeah right), so there will be no need for future beauty school endeavors. However, if hair is what I choose, I'm sure my dad will visit my chair for a cleanup.

Stanford fan: Do you still keep in touch with past Stanford basketballand vball players? what about the other alumni in the WNBA?

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:41 PM ET ) I try to follow and keep in touch with as many players as I know, and luckily I have run into several of them on different occasions. This past summer, playing with the Miami Sol, I was fortunate enough to have Vanessa Nyggard (Stanford bball alum) on my team, and also got to play against Kristin Fokyl (Stanford vball and bball alum). It is nice to see so many ex Stanford players out in the 'real world', especially when they can lead me in the right direction.

Ann (San Francisco): Lindsey, welcome back to the volleyball team! You're a terrific athletic and an all-round player. In your freshman year, you played the outside hitter position. What is your current position with this year's team?? Noticed in the matches against Oregon, you were in the OPP position for Ashley Ivy and in some matches you're the backrow/serving specialist. Good luck this week in LA especially against USC!!

Lindsey Yamasaki: (3:47 PM ET ) I was an outside hitter my first year with the team, and as you can see a lot has changed since then. Being out of the game for as many years as I was (3), it is hard to come back and expect your old position to be waiting for you. I would consider myself to be like any other player that is new to a team, I'm just trying to get in where I fit in. At this point in the year I would consider myself to be a backup outside hitter, backup opposite and a defensive specialist. I have the ability to play each of those positions and depending on the situation that is where I play.
Thanks for your support :)

John (Menlo Park): Hi Lindsay, I have a daughter who plays vball and bball in high school. Did you have coaches pressure you to give one up or the other? How did you deal with that?

Lindsey Yamasaki: (4:02 PM ET ) I was pressured at different times in my career, in high school and in college, to choose one sport over the other, but it has been my decision. I have enjoyed playing two sports because it keeps things interesting, but I feel like focusing on one has helped me channel my attention and free time to improving that sport. I think with your daughter it is a matter of recognizing why she plays both sports, if she enjoys both, and where her potential lies. In the end it should be her decision, but make sure she recognizes the consequences of each side.

Lindsey Yamasaki: (4:04 PM ET ) Thank you all for your questions and support, and sorry I wasn't able to reach everyone. I have to run to class...I'm not on the beach in Miami anymore, I guess school does have its drawbacks.

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