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Nov. 6, 2002

Carson Palmer sat down on Wednesday and fielded questions from fans on the chatline:

Carson Palmer: I am here and ready to go!!!

Slimmer Kimmer (San Diego): What up Carson. How do you feel about the TOUGH pre-season schedule? Do you think the team would have benefitted by playing some easier teams and possibly be undefeated?

Carson Palmer: I loved our preseason schedule. The whole team loved it. It was great to play so many great teams early. It gets you ready for the reason. It's fun to go to KSU and Colorado and play in those kinds of environments. It's a great challenge.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trojans4Ever(CHill): Fight On Carson! What have been the reasons for your dramatic improvements as this season has progressed?

Carson Palmer: Confidence. I am finally comfortable with where I am and this offense. I just feel like I really have grasped this offense. Each week it just keeps getting easier and easier.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ryan (Los Angeles): Hey Carson, I am a fellow student of yours here at SC and getting ready to head up for the weekender on friday. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Stanford's defense, what do you think we will be able to do on offense against them?

Carson Palmer: They are a good team. They are only 2-6 but they are still a good team. They have a lot of experienced guys. Their only weakness is just their letdown in special teams from time to time. We hope to get good field position on them and put up some points.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Goose, In 'n' Out Burgers: Carson. What has been your fondest memory thus far in your career from USC football?

Carson Palmer: Probably beating UCLA last year when they had such a great season going. That was an amazing feeling.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jim - Madison: Not that you will need to, but if you had to sell yourself to an NFL scout, what would you say are your strengths and what do you bring to the table that other guys may not have ?

Carson Palmer: I'd probably say my leadership skills and being a leader on the field is my biggest strength. I'm good at making sure we are controlling the clock and keeping the flow of the game going.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Troy (LA): Just how good does it feel to finally get all those critics off your back who have been saying you have underachieved at USC? Do you think you have a good shot at winning the Heismen?

Carson Palmer: It feels good. I still have a long way to go though. We have four more games so there is a lot left to accomplish.

As for the Heisman, I'm not really thinking about it. I'm just trying to keep doing what I have been doing all season.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mark (Sonoma): SC is traditionally not a bad weather team. What else (besides practicing with a wet ball) will you do to prep for rain at Stanford?

Carson Palmer: We have played quite a few games in the rain so we aren't worried. We always practice with wet balls to help prepare for that. But we aren't worried about it. It shouldn't affect us.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kevin (Los Angeles): Is all this Heisman talk a distraction going into the Stanford game?

Carson Palmer: It hasn't bothered me so far. Anytime you are getting attention like that, it's not a bad thing. I'm doing a good job of not reading about it. I'm just concentrating on school and football.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------John: Any chance that SC is looking past Stanford to big-time matchup vs ASU?

Carson Palmer: We are definitely not looking past these guys. I have only beat them once, my freshman year. We have a lot of unfinished business with these guys. We have some big games coming up, but we know we have to take care of Stanford first.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Greg (Los Angeles): Any chance we will see you play some defensive back this year Heisman Palmer? We think you could snag some INTs.

Carson Palmer: I don't know about that! I have wanted to play a little nose guard though. I'm workin' on the d-line coach about that.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Elvis (Hollywood): Carson, how great is it to have a big target like Mike Williams at 6'5'?

Carson Palmer: It's great. Anytime you have a guy that is 6'6' he is going to have some mismatches. It just makes my job so much easier.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brian (Northridge): Carson, What is the reason that Norm Chow scratched the shotgun formation from the offense, and do you think that has helped you this season??

Carson Palmer: It has helped. The shotgun takes away from our timing and our rhythem. It has been great for us. When you are in the shotgun, you can have problems with the snap.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Andy (Anaheim): Do you think that Pete Carroll will bring USC a national championship soon? Which of the backup quarterbacks could make that possible in the next few years?

Carson Palmer: Definitely. I know he will. I would say within three years he will have this program completely turned around. Sometimes I wish I was a freshman because they are going to do so many great things in the future.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Marcus: How are you doing in school? Are you on schedule to graduate on time?

Carson Palmer: School is going well. I think I might have just failed a midterm in IR307 with Professor Manning though.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Adam (Los Angeles): Who do you think will be starting at QB next year for USC?

Carson Palmer: I'm not sure. It will be interesting to see. Matt Cassel has done a great job since he has been here. But he has some great competition.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gary (Los Angeles): My friends and I are making Heisman Palmer t-shirts. We were wondering if we could get you to sign them.

Carson Palmer: Yes, I'd sign them. Of course.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------shawn (bham): who has the best defense you have played all year?

Carson Palmer: I thought Oregon St. was really good. They had two great corners and good linebackers. They haven't been playing as well as they can but they are one of the top defenses in the Pac 10.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kate Toman (Waco, TX): I am big SC fan and a HUGE fan of yours. It is so good to see you having such a great year. Are you single?

Carson Palmer: No, I'm engaged.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sandeep: How does Brandon Hance look on scout teams?

Carson Palmer: He hasn't done much because of the shoulder injury. He should be practicing soon though.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------viva sc (la): do u think there is such a thing as an east coast bias?

Carson Palmer: Yes. It's tough because a lot of our games are on pretty late. All we hear out here is how good the East Coast teams are.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jeff: Everyone claims that the Norm Chow offense is really complex. What makes it different?

Carson Palmer: It's not as complex as we have seen. The West Coast Offense is the most complex I have seen. Our offense, there are so many different types of plays. We have a running game that is also very involved. There are so many things we can do. It is so wide open and that is what makes it different.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Banks (Long Beach): What do you think about our chance to make a BCS Bowl?

Carson Palmer: It's tough to tell right now. There are so many games to be played out. We are sitting at No. 9 in the BCS. Hopefully we can knock ND out at the end of the year and get into one of those games.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Brady (Portland): Who hits harder in the Pac-10 than Rien Long of Washington State, or do you remember anything after hitting the turf in Martin Stadium?

Carson Palmer: I don't even remember Rien to tell you the truth. There have to be guys who hit harder because I don't even remember him.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Marcus: How many options do you have to change the play when you approach the line of scrimmage? Do you come out of the huddle with one play, then switch up at the line?

Carson Palmer: There is a called play but I can always check to another play. We usually only have two options at the line.

Thanks for all the questions.. I appreciate all you writing in. Keep an eye on us the rest of the way. Take care.

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