In the Trenches with Greg Carothers

Nov. 6, 2002

Earlier this year, talked with junior safety Greg Carothers about his Montana heritage, the status of the Husky defense, and his personal goals for the 2002 season. With nine games under his belt this year, Carothers again sat down with to share his thoughts, though with a much lighter theme this time around. Here's what the strong safety, who has solidified the Huskies' rush defense with 52 tackles and six-and-a-half tackles for loss, had to say. It's a nice day today, but recently it has been record cold. How do you get through that at practice?
Greg Carothers: 'I'm from Montana, where it gets quite a bit colder than this, quite a bit faster. The moisture in the air makes it a little bit cold, but it's alright; you run around and it doesn't make you cold anymore.'

GH: Are you planning on going back to Montana for any of the upcoming holidays, and if it's so much colder, how are you going to keep from catching a cold?
Carothers: 'I'll go back for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, I don't make it back for Christmas [if UW is in a bowl game], but at the rate we're going, I might. I know how to keep warm, I've lived there my whole life.'

GH: What, were you born with long johns on or something?
Carothers: 'No, it's not that bad. I was born in July.'

GH: Let's jump to some entertainment. The critics are saying that the new Eminem movie, '8 Mile,' is actually decent. Do you think you will go see it?
Carothers: 'I probably won't see it. I went to see 'Jackass,' and was pretty impressed with that!'

GH: Really? What was your favorite part of that movie?
Carothers: (smiling) 'I don't think that's something I can talk about, publicly.'

GH: On to music, then! How do you feel about the recent death of Run DMC's JamMaster Jay? Is it going to send shockwaves through the hip-hop community?
Carothers: 'I suppose it probably will. Maybe you should ask some of my roommates. Khalif [Barnes], J-Rob [Justin Robbins], they're more into that Jam Master fella' than I am.'

GH: C'mon, I know JamMaster Jay has a huge influence on Montana's youth!
Carothers: 'Yeah, I think he went on tour there for a while, but it didn't quite turn out.'

GH The sequels to 'Harry Potter' and 'The Lord of the Rings' are coming out soon. Do you think you'll hit those up?
Carothers: 'I probably won't see 'Harry Potter' in the movie theatre, but I watched the other one. Somebody bought it at my home in Montana, and I was home one day and done lifting so I watched it. I actually didn't mind it; it was a pretty good movie. I'll watch the second one probably.'

GH: If not 'Harry Potter,' then what kind of a movie are you going to take your girlfriend to?
Carothers: 'I go to all the war movies, but I took my girlfriend to 'Jackass.' I choose the movies; I go to the ones I want to see. She has to put up with it.'

GH: Let me get this straight, she has no say in the matter?
Carothers: 'Very little.'

GH: You sure she isn't going to be ticked off at you when she reads this?
Carothers: (laughing) 'She probably will, but that's alright.'

GH: Are you much of a basketball fan, and if so, how do you feel about the Sonics being 3-0?
Carothers: 'I'm really not a Sonics fan; right now I'm focused on our season. I'll become a fan [of basketball] afterwards. Being from Montana, I don't have a hometown team to cheer for. I've got players that I like, but I don't really cheer for teams, I just kind of watch. That's how I am for all sports. I don't watch a lot of NFL football, but when I do, I've got players that I like to see do well, but not any team that I cheer for.'

GH: At least Montana has the Copper Kings, a minor league baseball team.
Carothers: 'Yeah, they've got that, but everybody there is a pretty big U of M or MSU fan. It's pretty much all football.'

GH: So how is it that you're not a University of Montana Grizzly?
Carothers: 'Coach Hauck is from Montana, too. He had a lot to do with getting me here. U of M has a great program, and has done really well in the time that I have been here. The teams I would've been able to play on, they've done really well. It wouldn't have been a bad decision for me at all, but coming here turned out to be the better choice.'

GH: The Seahawks - 2-6! Do you have any comment on them whatsoever?
Carothers: 'Do I have any comments? Other than that Jerramy Stevens plays there, I don't really have much to say.'

GH: Would you ever make your girlfriend go to a Seahawks game?
Carothers: (thinking) '... If we got in free, I probably would.'

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