Off the Court with Chelsie Schafer

Nov. 7, 2002

Favorites:Movie - The Usual Suspects.Book - The Godfather by Mario Puzo.TV Show - I don't have a favorite TV show but I like watching the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. Those are my favorites. Kortney (Jamtaas) and Zanda (Bautre), my roommates, get really annoyed with me.Healthy Food - Sandwiches. I eat sandwiches 24/7.Forbidden Food - I really like chips and chocolate. I'm not a big candy fan, like sweets, but I like salt and dark chocolate.Class at WSU - I liked Gen Ed with Dr. Frank Hill. I only got a B in that class but he told stories all day long. And he told stories as if he hung out with these (historical) people at a pub. He was just so entertaining that I like going to that class.

Gatorade or Powerade - Powerade. We're too tired of Gatorade.

You've played outside hitter, right side/left side hitter, setter and even middle blocker for WSU. Which is your favorite? Right side hitter. I like hitting the line. Most players don't hit line very often, most players hit cross court. I can hit the line fairly well from the right side. It's a lot of fun for me. A lot of quick sets. And I like quick sets. I have never really liked the outside because the sets are too high for me. You can do a lot of different things from the right side.

Most memorable match - UCLA (Oct. 25, 2002, in Pullman). Honestly, it was the most fun I've ever had playing. Everyone was playing together. Everyone was playing great volleyball. I thought it was awesome.

Before every match I - Take a nap for about two hours every day. And then I shower and get ready. I enjoy having my naps and I need my naps. I put my head down and I'm out.

If I wasn't playing college volleyball I would be - That was never an option so I've never really thought about it. I'd probably still be in Saskatoon, working and going to school.

Fantasy job - Working at the San Diego Zoo. For any employers reading this, I'm available for a zoo job.

The best thing about Washington State University - I like Pullman a lot. I like the smallness of it. I like knowing a lot of people - not just students but adults and professors. When you walk down the street you can say hi to four or five people.

If you could bring one thing from your hometown, what would it be? The river. And little bit more flatness. It took me a little while to get used to the hills, I hated them. I'm a prairie girl to the heart. And I didn't like not being able to see. And I do not like not having a body of water around. We have a huge beautiful river in Saskatoon and if you're having a bad day you can go for a walk on the river.

Most prized possession - My cat, Dusty, at home. Here, probably some of my clothes. I've never had very nice clothes and I'm building my wardrobe up. I have a couple of business suits and couple nice pairs of pants and I'm very proud of them.

SUV or Mustang convertible - Probably convertible.

Vacation location and what would you do there? I would go to a beach and do absolutely nothing but sit on the beach and swim. I would love to go to the Caymen Islands. My sister is there right now. She says it is beautiful, the water is crystal clear and its hot all the time. I would love to go there.

If I could change one thing about my game it would be - I think I would have more fun with it. I get really serious sometimes and from experiences this year, we need a little lightening up. Like we did against UCLA. We knew we were going to win but yet we still played hard and it was fun.

Conditioning drill you dislike the most - A drill called Coach on One. You have 60 seconds on the court and the coaches can throw the ball anywhere they want and you have to dig everything. It is so tiring and by the end you cannot feel your legs anymore, you can't stand up, you can't breathe. You're just putting an arm out, going to the floor, the ball's 20 feet away from you and you are just doing whatever you can to not go back down to zero.

What advice you'd give a young volleyball player? Do what you want to do. Play how you want to play and don't let other people influence you. Don't become other people's players. Be a good athlete, be a good teammate, be a good citizen but play your own game and have fun with it.

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