Player Profile: Sarah Denner

Nov. 7, 2002

The sixth stop of the Oregon soccer features file spotlights senior forward Sarah Denner, a Eugene, Ore., native and graduate of Churchill High School.

  • Nickname: Denner
  • Athlete you admire the most: Micheal Jordan
  • Worst movie you've ever seen: Cruel Intentions II
  • Top 3 CD's (at present): Counting Crows (Hard Candy), New Found Glory (Sticks & Stones), Nappy Roots (Watermelon, Chicken, and Grits)
  • First concert you ever saw: Dixie Chicks at the Rose Garden
  • Favorite ice cream: Jerry's Jubilee
  • Funniest thing about any teammate: Manager Kim has removable teeth
  • Coolest place you've ever visited: The Continental Divide (Loveland Pass, CO)
  • Most inspirational book: Their Eyes Were Watching God (Zora Neal Hurston)
  • Favorite web site: Tiffany & Co.
  • Favorite Adam Sandler movie: Mr. Deeds
  • Favorite sporting moment off the soccer field: Marion Jones' Quest for 5 gold medals in Sydney
  • Favorite comedian/comedienne?: Ryan Heath
  • If you could be any other Oregon athlete who would you be and why: Nicole Garbin because she is the best soccer player I know, and she is four times the basketball player I am. Her attitude in unbelievable and her sense of humor is unmatched.
  • Funniest moment so far as a Duck: When I didn't get to start the game against Wisconsin-Green Bay because I was over-hydrated and had to run to the restroom.
  • Favorite breakfast cereal: Frosted Flakes
  • Item you have to take on a trip: A great friend
  • Dream job when you graduate: co-CEO of Nike (with Phil Knight)
  • Favorite TV show: Survivor
  • Favorite Muppet character: Kermit
  • Favorite pizza toppings: Pepperoni, green peppers, and black olives
  • Favorite toy growing up: Pogo ball
  • Favorite video game: Tetris
  • Favorite magazine: Cosmopolitan
  • Favorite kaoroke song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Least favorite vegetable: Brussel sprouts
  • Pregame ritual/superstition: Put on my cleats and go
  • Favorite part about Oregon: That we have a town called Boring
  • The make and model of your first car: Acura Integra
  • Longest word you can spell correctly: Paleontologist
  • Favorite cartoon (TV or movie): The Smurfs
  • Your greatest athletic feat: Bowling 192 at Southside Lanes
  • Funniest Halloween costume you've ever worn:? My junior year, dressing up as Paul Geotze, our high school athletic trainer
  • Favorite gameshow host: Jeff Probst (Survivor)
  • Famous celebrity hairstyle you admire the most: Always Jennifer Aniston-Pitt

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