Huskies Lose to Colorado at Collegiate Match Play Championship

Nov. 9, 2002

Myrtle Beach, SC - The 10th-seeded Washington men's golf team lost to 15th-seeded Colorado 3.5 to 1.5 in the second round of the Collegiate Match Play Championships in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The loss eliminated the Huskies from further play in the 16-team event.

Washington's only win in the Colorado matchup came when Conner Robbins defeated Derek O'Neill 3 and 1. John Robertson halved his match with Stephen Carroll.

Colorado got its winning points when Edward McGlasson defeated Brock Mackenzie 2 and 1, Jeff Hanson beat Dan Potter 1-up and Ryan Anderson was victorious against Corey Prugh 4 and 2.

Top-seeded Clemson and second-seeded August State advanced to Sunday's championship final.

The Collegiate Match Play Championship was Washington's final match of the fall season.

Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championship at Barefoot Resort
Dye Course at Barefoot Resort, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Second Round Results

Winners Bracket
(1) Clemson def. (8) Oklahoma State, 3-2

Matt Hendrix (Clemson) def. Zack Robinson (Oklahoma State), 3 and 2
Gregg Jones (Clemson) halved with Alex Noren (Oklahoma State)
Ben Duncan (Clemson) def. Chris Clarke (Oklahoma State), 1-up
Brian Duncan (Clemson) halved with Dayton Rose (Oklahoma State)
Mike Ostrich (Oklahoma State) def. Jack Ferguson (Clemson), 2-up

(2) Augusta State vs. (7) Florida, 3-2
Oliver Wilson (Augusta State) halved with Camilo Villegas (Florida)
Emmett Turner (Augusta State) halved with James Vargas (Florida)
Jay Haas (Augusta State) def. Ari Savolainen (Florida), 1-up
Scott Jamieson (Augusta State) def. Ryan Cochran (Florida), 3 and 1
Brett Stegmaier (Florida) def. Brendan Fisher (Augusta State), 1-up

(6) TCU def. (3) Texas, 3-2
Jason Hartwick (Texas) def. Adam Rubinson (TCU), 2 and 1
Rusty Kennedy (Texas) def. David Schultz (TCU), 3 and 1
J.J. Killeen (TCU) def. Russell Surber (Texas), 6 and 4
Stephen Polanski (TCU) def. J.J. Wall (Texas), 6 and 4
Colby Beckstrom (TCU) def. Matthew Rosenfeld (Texas), 3 and 1

(5) Arizona def. (13) NC State, 3.5-1.5
Ricky Barnes (Arizona) def. Justin Walters (NC State), 1-up
Chris Nallen (Arizona) halved with Fernando Mechereffe (NC State)
Jason Moon (NC State) def. Reid Hatley (Arizona), 1-up
Andy Connell (Arizona) def. Andrew Lewis (NC State), 1-up
Blaine Peffley (Arizona) def. Rodney Thomas (NC State), 4 and 3

Consolation Bracket
(12) Pepperdine def. (4) Minnesota, 5-0

Brian O'Flaherty (Pepperdine) def. David Morgan (Minnesota), 6 and 5
Michael Putnam (Pepperdine) def. Wilhelm Schauman (Minnesota), 2 and 1
Chris Elliott (Pepperdine) def. Matt Anderson (Minnesota), 4 and 3
Randy Creighton (Pepperdine) def. Simon Nash (Minnesota), 2 and 1
Brandon White (Pepperdine) def. Ben Greve (Minnesota), 2 and 1

(16) Purdue def. (9) Toledo, 3-2
Brad Heaven (Toledo) def. Chris Mayson (Purdue), 3 and 2
Richard Kilpatrick (Toledo) def. Ryan Masuda (Purdue), 6 and 4
Shiv Kapur (Purdue) def. David Jones (Toledo), 6 and 4
Peter Karmis (Purdue) def. Sean McTernan (Toledo), 3 and 2
Dustin Cone (Purdue) def. Justin Bertsch (Toledo), 2 and 1

(15) Colorado def. (10) Washington, 3.5-1.5
Edward McGlasson (Colorado) def. Brock Mackenzie (Washington), 2 and 1
Jeff Hanson (Colorado) def. Dan Potter (Washington), 1-up
John Robertson (Washington) halved with Stephen Carroll (Colorado)
Ryan Anderson (Colorado) def. Corey Prugh (Washington), 4 and 2
Conner Robbins (Washington) def. Derek O'Neill (Colorado), 3 and 1

(14) Tulsa, def. (11) Georgia Tech, 4-1
David Inglis (Tulsa) halved with Troy Matteson (Georgia Tech)
Marc Zien (Tulsa) halved with Thomas Jordan (Georgia Tech)
Billy Lowry (Tulsa) def. Chan Wongluekiet (Georgia Tech), 6 and 4
Chris Noel (Tulsa) def. Michael Barbosa (Georgia Tech), 8 and 7
Aaron Bell (Tulsa) def. Nicholas Thompson (Georgia Tech), 1-up

Third-Round Results

Winners Bracket
(1) Clemson def. (5) Arizona, 4.5-0.5

Matt Hendrix (Clemson) def. Ricky Barnes (Arizona), 1-up
Gregg Jones (Clemson) def. Chris Nallen (Arizona), 2 and 1
Ben Duncan (Clemson) def. Reid Hatley (Arizona), 4 and 3
Brian Duncan (Clemson) def. Andy Connell (Arizona), 3 and 2
Jack Ferguson (Clemson) halved with Blaine Peffley (Arizona)

(2) Augusta State def. (6) TCU, 3-2
Adam Rubinson (TCU) def. Oliver Wilson (Augusta State), 2 and 1
David Shultz (TCU) def. Emmett Turner (Augusta State), 4 and 3
Jay Haas (Augusta State) def. J.J. Killeen (TCU), 3 and 1
Scott Jamieson (Augusta State) def. Stephen Polanski (TCU), 4 and 2
Kalle Edberg (Augusta State) def. Colby Beckstrom (TCU), 1-up

Winners Consolation B
(8) Oklahoma State def. (13) NC State, 4-1

Justin Walters (NC State) def. Zack Robinson (Oklahoma State), 3 and 2
Alex Noren (Oklahoma State) def. Fernando Mechereffe (NC State), 4 and 3
Chris Clarke (Oklahoma State) def. Jason Moon (NC State), 2 and 1
Dayton Rose (Oklahoma State) def. Andrew Lewis (NC State), 3 and 2
Mike Ostrich (Oklahoma State) def. Rodney Thomas (NC State), 2-up

(3) Texas def. (7) Florida, 3-2
Matthew Rosenfeld (Texas) def. Camilo Villegas (Florida), 3 and 1
J.J. Wall (Texas) def. James Vargas (Florida), 1-up
Brett Stagmaier (Florida) def. Rusty Kennedy (Texas), 5 and 4
Ari Savolainen (Florida) def. Jeff Bell (Texas), 6 and 5
Jason Hartwick (Texas) def. Dwight Rogers (Florida), 6 and 5

Consolation Bracket
(12) Pepperdine def. (16) Purdue, 4-1

Shiv Kapur (Purdue) def. Brian O'Flaherty (Pepperdine), 4 and 2
Peter Karmis (Purdue) def. Michael Putnam (Pepperdine), 1-up (20 holes)
Dustin Cone (Purdue) def. Chris Elliott (Pepperdine), 1-up
Randy Creighton (Pepperdine) def. Ryan Masuda (Purdue), 4 and 3
Chris Mayson (Purdue) def. Brandon White (Pepperdine), 5 and 3

(14) Tulsa def. (15) Colorado, 4-1
David Inglis (Tulsa) def. Edward McGlasson (Colorado), 3 and 1
Jeff Hanson (Colorado) def. Marc Zein (Tulsa), 3 and 1
Billy Lowry (Tulsa) def. Stephen Carroll (Colorado), 3 and 1
Chris Noel (Tulsa) def. Derek O'Neill (Colorado), 2 and 1
Aaron Bell (Tulsa) def. Ryan Anderson (Colorado), 4 and 2

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