Player Profile: Sarah Peters

Nov. 17, 2002

The seventh Oregon soccer profile gets up close and personal with senior co-captain Sarah Peters, a Woodinville, Washington native and Woodinville High School graduate.

  • Nickname: Peters
  • Athlete you admire the most: Michele Akers
  • Worst movie you've ever seen: 15 Minutes
  • Top 3 CD's: Plus One-Obvious, Tim McGraw-Greatest Hits, Hip-Hop CD I made
  • First concert you ever saw: haven't seen one yet
  • Favorite ice cream: anything with peanut butter
  • Coolest place you've ever visited: Kauai
  • Most inspirational book: The Game and the Glory by Michele Akers
  • Favorite web site: any sports website
  • Favorite Adam Sandler movie: Big Daddy
  • Favorite comedian/comedienne: Bill Cosby
  • Favorite breakfast cereal: yogurt with granola
  • Item you have to take on a trip: bible and soccer ball pillow
  • Dream job when you graduate: Play soccer and/or strength and conditioning coach.
  • Favorite TV show: ER
  • Favorite Muppet character: Kermit
  • Favorite pizza toppings: pineapple or BBQ chicken
  • Favorite magazine: Sports Illustrated
  • Favorite kaoroke song: not a chance!!
  • Least favorite vegetable: asparagus
  • Pregame ritual/superstition: I always put my shinguards and socks on my right leg first then my left and the same with my shoes, and I always listen to a certain song as I walk out to the field.
  • Favorite part about Oregon: the people I've met and the campus and facilities
  • The make and model of your first car: '91 Jimmy I shared with my middle brother
  • Favorite cartoon (TV or movie): toss up between Taz and Scooby Doo
  • Your greatest athletic feat: playing collegiate soccer

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