Washington vs. Saint Bonaventure Postgame Quotes

Nov. 29, 2002

Washington Head Coach June Daugherty

On game and problem areas: 'I thought that we bounced back. I think we showed that we learned a few lessons down there in Lubbock and I really liked the way we shared the basketball tonight, with the 30 assists. Our off-the-ball movement was better and that's so important in a motion offense. I think defensively I'm very concerned about the amount of penetration that we gave up tonight. And the other thing is we got outrebounded, so those two areas we talked about in the locker room. We've got to get those fixed and get a mindset going into tomorrow's game against a very good SEC Kentucky team.'

On team defense: 'Dribble penetration was a problem right before the halftime and I thought penetration off the dribble to the middle was a big problem. When teams break us down to the middle, we don't have a lot of help-side rotation; it's not the system. So it's something we addressed at halftime, and we did a better job but it's not where it needs to be for the next game. Because if you're going to break us down to the middle it's going to be very tough if our rotations are late.'

On three-point shooting: 'Did it say we tied a record? It's good to see us shoot that way. I think the reason why we got open shots the majority of the time is because we were unselfish as a team and we moved the basketball. And because of that people off the ball were moving well. I thought on screens we popped out well and were able to give ourselves some really good time to take those shots. So we keep playing like that, you know, we are capable of doing better than that. But for me I was just pleased with how we played as a team to get 30 assists.'

On team's character: 'I think it was real important for us to come back out with confidence coming off the road trip. And I really count a lot on the seniors and the experience of this ball club to not get all shook up with what happened but be realistic about how 'we can fix this,' 'that wasn't us'. I'm not sure what personality showed up in Lubbock as a team to be honest, but I hope she doesn't come back. I really like the team that showed up tonight. But I think the seniority, leadership and the amount of upper-classmen here gives me a lot of confidence to know that they can bounce back and take those lessons very hard and come out and make it happen and not sit around and sulk or get back on their heels.'

On freshmen contributions: 'I think that everybody played well tonight, and I'm real pleased to see two freshmen as well as the rest of the team go out there. I think it's a lot to ask sometimes for those freshmen to go out in front of a crowd in the home opener. But I really liked their savvy, their confidence, and the fact that they felt very comfortable running the show on offense and defense. So I'm real pleased with the entire team, but it's good to point out that a lot of the younger kids that didn't have a lot of experience went out there and made the most of their minutes.'

On maintaining lead: 'The other thing that did not happen tonight, which I was really glad to see and I think is a test in the character of this team, is that when you get up like we did at the half sometimes I think selfish team's get really shot happy and it's all about 'I'm gonna get mine, I'm gonna get mine' and I didn't see that tonight, and I'm really glad that that's the character of this team tonight.'

Senior Guard Loree Payne

On quick start: 'It was a good confidence booster, definitely. We needed to get some confidence back, individually, as well as a team collectively. We were able to come out, hot some shots as a team, move the ball, get some easy points, get our confidence back and it really carried over into the rest of the game.'

On personally getting back on track: 'A lot of time as a player, when you miss some shots in the beginning, you can get frustrated. That's how it was the first couple games, individually I got a little frustrated. Our team showed our frustration as well and it rolled like that. Once you hit a couple shots early, get some confidence as a team and carry over and get that confidence.'

On the crowd: 'Our crowd is awesome and it really gets us fired up. There's nothing better than playing in front of our fans here. It definitely get us rolling from the start, once you hit a couple shots, you get the comfortable setting and get a lot more confidence,'

Senior forward Emily Autrey

On quick pace of the game: 'Especially with the personnel we have, we're all pretty fast posts, so that's how we play. It's sort of an advantage because most girls are bigger than us, so we can outrun them, we score a lot that way.'

Senior forward Kellie Dalan

On getting prepared for tomorrow: 'We gave it up last year, this is our house, we need to come out and play our hardest tomorrow. We can't think that just because this is our tournament that they're just going to give it to us.'

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