Washingon vs. Wisconsin Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 2, 2002

Women's Basketball Quotes-12/2/02 vs Wisconsin

Head Coach June Daugherty

On Victory: 'Three out of three ain't too bad. Three out of three in four days. I tell you I'm really proud of this ball club. Obviously we found out our work in the summer and our work preseason working on our conditioning paid off because our kids had their legs and played really really hard in all three games. The other thing, and it's exciting to see it, is against that kind of tall timber to rebound as well as we did and only give up 8 offensive boards, 3 in the second half. We're so excited, that's a great step in the right direction here with this team in the preseason.'

On Loree Payne's Game: 'She was on fire, she can kind of get in that zone. It's a great place for her to be it's scary for the opponent. She's a senior, she's a captain, and she knows how big this game was. We did not play well at Wisconsin last year, so it was an opportunity for us to go out and show how well we can play against a Big-10 team and I just thought she really stepped up and played a great game.'

On Team Growth and avoiding a Letdown: 'There are definitely more levels to go and there are improvements to be made. A couple things that I'm really excited about is the fact that these guys are focused and we're seeing great leadership from the upperclassmen. It would have been easy to have a letdown, to be honest with you, after the tournament, being so excited about beating an SEC team like Kentucky but I don't think the upperclassmen are going to let that happen this year. But we've got to continue to get better at a lot of areas, the players know that and they're committed to that. They know that each opportunity we have in this preseason is about us playing hard as a team and getting better. Each practice is the same thing.'

On Rebounding Improvement: 'I think we made big progress in the rebounding area the last three games. And that's something that we really focused on in the offseason and our trip to Australia is playing more physical and rebounding. And to give up 8 offensive boards, to tell you honestly, against a team with that kind of size, I think our team is to be commended. The other thing is they came off a 59-28 rebounding game in their last game at Pepperdine. So my hat's off to these guys for getting position and really fighting and playing more physical.'

Center Andrea Lalum

On Wisconsin's Size: 'It was the first time I've ever had to look up at somebody. You could go from one block to the other block and it was the same thing. It was a good match-up and something I definitely needed to play against. Being in the Pac-10 we don't have a lot of big girls, so I was fortunate actually playing against them.'

On Defense and Rebounding: 'June makes a big emphasis, we pride ourselves on defense and rebounding and that's our focus. Offense obviously will come to us, but rebounding we've always struggled with so that's something we focus on and something we go after every game.'

Guard Loree Payne

On Team's Momentum: 'We're on a roll, we have three wins. After the Texas Tech game we changed a lot of things in our system and basically started moving the bball more and cutting more and we're getting wide open looks and that's exactly what you want to see. Fortunately we've gotten okay to pretty good starts in each of the games and got the confidence that we needed. It's been really good and the momentum is definitely with us. We have to maintain that and do what works for us.

On fast break: 'I think the whole team is a lot more comfortable in the fast break and when we sit back at half court we have the tendency to go at a fast pace. That's what we need to stop, we have to decipher between half court game, slowing it down, moving the ball and fast break when you catch it on the run and you're going up with it. We need to make a boundary in between the two and we're having a pretty solid balance right now.'

On rigorous schedule: 'We knew that today was going to be a challenge for us. Three straight games in four days, that's more than we have had in a long time. We knew it was going to be a physical struggle and a mental struggle. There were times where we slipped back into old habits, but we constantly get reminded of what we're trying to do, what the system is and that keeps everyone on their toes.'

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