Cats Beat Texas, 73-70

Dec. 15, 2002

Play-by-play: Texas vs. Arizona

It's rodeo time in McKale...

20:00 - Thomas/Anderson jump, Iguodala controls for Arizona

19:44 - Iguodala does the soap bar in the shower shuffle for the turnover

19:34 - Ford warms up the motor with the drive and scoop layin. Texas 2, Arizona 0

18:52 - Ford slaps the cuffs on Gardner for the hold p1,t1

18:40 - Ivey climbs all over Bynum for the second foul p1, t2

18:32 - Bynum packs his bags and goes for a travel

17:41 - Thomas puts the baby in the cradle on the layin . Texas 4, Arizona 0

17:14 - Iguodala throws in a stick of dynamite from 3P land left wing. Texas 4, Arizona 3

16:50 - Anderson uses his flyswatter on the blocked shot

16:40 - Gardner pours a glass of water for the layin from Anderson and the crowd cranks up the volume

16:14 - Buckman makes some change from 5 feet in front on the Ross assist

16:01 - Mouton with a fingernail scraper foul on Iggy. Iggy misses the first and makes the second. Texas 6, Arizona 5.

15:34 - Anderson washes the threads from 18 ft right wing

15:22 - Adams grabs the laundry from the clothesline for the alley oop layin from Gardner

14:58 - Boddicker cleans up the spilled milk for the offensive rebound and bucket

14:42 - Stoudamire gets three of a kind for a full house from the right wing

14:24 - Harris has dueling banjos from 3P land left wing. Texas 11, Arizona 13

14:02 - Stoudamire rattles the cage from 3P land on the left wing from Gardner

13:22 - Jump ball in a game of twister under the Texas basket. Possession goes to Texas.

13:05 - Ivey is uprooted as he drives the lane and dribbles off his leg out of bounds

12:45 - Latimore likes milk with his cookies for the TWO-HANDED SLAM. Texas 11, Arizona 18

12:25 - Thomas gets credit for the 3 ft J on the UA basket interference

12:01 - Bynum derails Paulino on the driving shot. Paulino misses the first free throw and makes the second. Texas 14, Arizona 18

11:43 - Adams fights for tablescraps under the bucket and gets the offensive rebound and layin. Texas 14, Arizona 20.

11:19 - Adams gets caught on a technicality for the foul on the perimeter. First personal, third team.

11:04 - Thomas with strings of silence from 10 ft right side. Texas 16, Arizona 20

10:39 - Mouton throws his arms in the air from 3P land right wing. Texas 19, Arizona 20.

9:20 - Anderson squirts mustard all over the hotdog behind his back for the turnover. Lute is not a happy man.

9:06 - Anderon gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar for the foul. First personal, fourth team.

8:57 - Buckman passes the buck out of bounds between the wickets of a teammate for the turnover.

8:40 - Mouton sets up a roadblock for the foul.

8:40 - Fox steals one from the henhouse on the inbounds pass for the layin

8:20 - Buckman falls off the La-Z-Boy recliner for the 8 ft jumper right baseline. Texas 21, Arizona 22.

7:53 - Buckman is called for the foul away from the ball.

TV Timeout - Ford's engine is pretty cold this afternoon: So far he is 1 for 3 with two points. The Longhorns will need him to fire up to keep Texas going. The Wildcats are bouncing on a trampoline but have 4 turnovers.

7:13 - Klotz with a less-than-graceful 3 ft turnaround jumper right side. Texas 23, Arizona 22.

6:30 - Klotz puts in some elbow grease on the rebound for the foul. Anderson makes both free throws. Texas 23, Arizona 24

5:43 - Thomas is under the porch for the hoop and some harm from Ross. The foul is on Frye but Thomas misses the free throw. Texas 25, Arizona 24.

5:00 - Fox pushes Thomas out of the window for the foul. Thomas makes the first free throw and misses the second. Texas 26, Arizona 24.

4:30 - Bynum rattles and hums from 18 feet on the right wing. Texas 26, Arizona 26.

3:58 - Fox goes over hill and dale for the tipin on the miss. Texas 26, Arizona 28.

3:26 - Klotz gives Latimore the sledgehammer treatment on the fastbreak for the foul. Latimore makes the first free throw and misses the second. Texas 26, Arizona 29.

3:10 - Harris splashes down from 3P land on top and hits the jackpot as he is fouled. Harris makes the free throw for the four-point play. Texas 30, Arizona 29.

2:43 - Fox pushes in the dresser drawer on the rebound for the foul. Klotz makes both free throws. Texas 32, Arizona 29.

2:25 - Stoudamire has guns blazing from 3P land left wing to tie the game at 32.

2:05 - Klotz turns down the volume ith the bucket. Texas 34, Arizona 32.

1:03 - Thomas has a shove underneath for the foul. Latimore makes both free throws to tie the game at 34.

:41.8 - Ford goes Christmas shopping with his charge card on Anderson underneath.

:29.4 - Gardner leaves some superglue on the driving layin which sticks between the rim and backboard. Jump ball possession remains with Arizona.

:02 - Stoudamire clanks a 3P attempt and Texas rebounds for the quick timeout. Longhorns are looking for the last shot of the half and a morale-boosting lead going into the locker room.

:00 - Gardner intercepts the last ditch pass downcourt.

Halftime: Texas 34, Arizona 34

SECOND HALF:20:00 - Texas inbounds...

19:25 - Ford twists in the breeze for the hanging layin. Texas 36, Arizona 34.

19:12 - Buckman knocks over dominoes underneath for the foul. Fox makes both free throws to tie the game at 36.

19:02 - Stoudamire is whistled for the foul to the crowd's disapproval.

18:47 - Anderson is called for the hack as Thomas gets the rebound in a shark tank. Thomas misses the first free throw and makes the second. Texas 37, Arizona 36.

18:35 - Fox high fives the glass for the layin left side on the Stoudamire handoff pass. Texas 37, Arizona 38.

18:05 - Gardner leaves a trail of smoke as he drives and lays it in. Texas 37, Arizona 40.

17:41 - Iggyfest continues as he steal and eventually gets fouled. Iggy makes the first free throw and misses the second. Texas 37, Arizona 41.

17:26 - Anderson (they call him stick) sticks it to Mouton underneath for the foul. Mouton misses the first free throw and makes the second. Texas 38, Arizona 41.

17:10 - Latimore spins on the merry go round for the 5 foot hook shot. Texas 38, Arizona 43.

16:50 - Thomas is all alone for the HOOK EM JAM

16:24 - Iggy pops with an accidental 6 foot jumper right side. Texas 40, Arizona 45.

16:12 - Klotz clobbers Fox for the foul.

15:58 - Gardner leans out the car window for the 10 foot jumper in front. Texas 40, Arizona 47.

15:36 - Harris turns down the volume from 3P land right wing. Texas 43, Arizona 47.

14:52 - Iggy bonks on the alley-oop slam and misses the bucket off the rim

14:27 - Ford shifts into high gear from 3P land. Texas 46, Arizona 47.

13:36 - Latimore dumps Harris into the laundry basket with the foul. Harris makes both free throws. Texas 48, Arizona 47.

13:22 - Boddicker gives Anderson the rough treatment on the rebound for the foul.

12:51 - Bynum throws up a moon ball that goes out of bounds on the alley oop attempt.

12:36 - Bynum gives Ford a friendly nudge on the drive down the lane for the foul.

12:35 - Boddicker gets a giftwrapped package underneath on the inbounds for the running 3 footer. Texas 50, Arizona 47.

12:05 - Stoudamire loses the handle on the lunchbox for the unforced turnover

11:37 - Adams goes over the rainbow with the rattler from 6 ft in front. Texas 50, Arizona 49.

11:02 - Adams goes whitewater rafting on the fastbreak for the falling layin from Gardner. Texas 50, Arizona 51.

10:41 - Thomas with a ring of fire from 18 feet on top from Ford. Texas 52, Arizona 51.

9:45 - Ford drives around the block for a loaf of break from 12 feet on the left side. Texas 54, Arizona 51.

9:35 - Buckman teeters on extinction with his fourth personal foul.

9:31 - Barnes asks the Arizona fans riding him in the front row: 'Where's the (fullcourt) press?'

9:02 - Anderson gets a handful of twine for the bucket. Texas 54, Arizona 53.

8:48 - Rodgers gets the bucket but is called for the charge. Texas 54, Arizona 55.

7:57 - Klotz drops a hammer on Fox as the Cats keep pounding inside. Fox makes the first free throw and misses the second. Texas 54, Arizona 56.

7:46 - Gardner breaks out the kid gloves on Ford for the foul. Ford misses the front end of the one and one

7:36 - Fox bounces on a trampoline for the tipin of the Anderson miss. Texas 54, Arizona 58.

7:09 - Stoudamire with the pickpocket steal but Anderson gives it back at the other end.

6:52 - Ivey climbs the wall for the hoop and some harm on the fastbreak. Stoudamire is called for the blocking foul. Ivey makes the free throw. Texas 57, Arizona 58.

6:31 - Stoudamire blows the roof off the place from 3P land right side. Texas 57, Arizona 61.

6:08 - Ford finds a friendly rim from 18 feet on top. Texas 59, Arizona 61.

5:37 - Stoudamire goes to the high wire act to save the errant pass from Fox but loses it out of bounds.

5:11 - Buckman is the victim of the make-up call from the officials and fouls out (the buck stops here). Frye makes the first free throw and misses the second but Arizona rebounds. Texas 59, Arizona 62.

4:45 - Fox gets another make-up call for the Horns. Thomas makes both free throws. Texas 61, Arizona 62.

4:35 - Ivey clings in the garden for the foul call. Gardner misses the first free throw and makes the second. Texas 61, Arizona 63.

4:15 - Fox gets near the limit with the foul on the perimeter. Ford makes both free throws. Fox is out of the game. Texas 63, Arizona 63.

3:58 - Iggy squirms and puts the bread in the toaster from 15 ft right wing. Texas 63, Arizona 65.

3:26 - Iggy uses hedgeclippers on a lunging Thomas who gets the hoop and some harm. Thomas misses the free throw but Texas gets the rebound. Texas 65, Arizona 65.

2:53 - Gardner gets called for the mystery charge on the perimeter (hooking) and the turnover.

2:04 - Gardner flops onto the couch from 18 ft right wing. Texas 65, Arizona 67.

1:51 - Harris tosses away the potato in a pressure cooker for the turnover.

1:21 - Gardner lights the firecracker from 18 feet and the crowd goes wild. Texas 65, Arizona 69.

:59.2 - Ford drives into a crash-test on the baseline for the charging foul.

:57.2 - Gardner makes one of two free throws. Texas 65, Arizona 70.

:51.8 - Anderson is close to the edge with his fourth foul. Thomas makes both free throws. Texas 67, Arizona 70.

:20.8 - Ford tries to duplicate Gardner's fall but is called for the blocking foul. Stoudamire makes both free throws. Texas 67, Arizona 72.

:14.1 - Boddicker bags a clutch three pointer from long distance and Texas calls an immediate timeout. Texas 70, Arizona 72.

:13.2 - Ross hacks Gardner immediately to put the game on the free throw line. Gardner misses the first free throw and makes the second. Texas 70, Arizona 73.

:04 - Ford tries to open up the throttle from 3P land but the crowd exhales with relief as he hits the front of the rim and the Wildcats escape with the victory.

FINAL: Texas 70, Arizona 73

(more to come...)

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