Washington vs. ASU Postgame Quotes

Jan. 9, 2003

Washington Head Coach June Daugherty
On Washington Victory
'I'm just really pleased with our team coming out and playing hard. I thought that especially in the first half we came out with a lot of fire and a lot of heart. At halftime we tried to make some adjustments especially on ASU's second shots, and get a little bit more physical in the rebounding area and offensively on our cuts, and the team really responded well.'

On Kayla Burt's Presence: 'Obviously you guys know who we're playing for and the best part of the night was having her out there, and even if she's not out there playing just having her on the bench is something pretty special.'

On Team's Future: 'I think given the circumstances we knew there was going to be a nice crowd. They were awesome and so responsive to Kayla being here. We know it was going to be a very emotional evening and I just think we have to keep taking this one day at a time and definitely enjoy the fact that Kayla's back with us and hopefully get caught up a little bit on our rest. The players are giving us everything they can give us at this point and definitely getting better.'

On Guard Giuliana Mendiola's Play: 'Giuliana played great, I don't know why she went ahead and got 22, she's 21 today. Obviously her leadership and how hard she was playing helped the team just follow suit.'

On Any Differences In The Team: 'I think that they've always played with a lot of emotion, they really have. It's just directed in a different way now. It's directed towards just playing as hard as we can and playing for Kayla. I think it's a real easy thing for them to remind themselves, because they are tired emotionally, physically and mentally. They just remind themselves and draw strength from it. They just continued to inspire the crowd tonight.'

Guard Kayla Burt
On Cheering On The Bench:
'I was trying not to yell too loud, but as loud as I could it was so exciting, and it was like every little thing was so exciting to me like things that probably wouldn't e that exciting, like taking a charge or a turnover. Just the littlest things were so awesome to me. It was definitely different sitting in between all the coaches and listening to everything but it was great. And the girls, I can't even say enough about how hard they played, how tough they were, how inspiring it was for me to be on the bench and be a part of it.'

On Being Announced Pre-Game: 'It was cool, I mean to be even annoucned before the game with my teammates and just to walk out there was real special.'

On Fan Reaction: 'There's no better place to be, I can't say that enough. These people come out every night and support us, and they get better every game and to hear that or when I came out and heard my name announced it hits you. It hits you really close.'

On Her Teammates: 'I've been with them for a few days but to actually be out here in a game situation and just watch them play their hearts out against a good opponent, it was so much fun.'

On Attending The Next Game: 'Oh, I don't know, I'm just so pumped to be out there and it's so much fun. To be able to be out there and be able to cheer. I keep a smile on my face. I mean life is just awesome. Everything, like I said before, everything is so cool, whether it's a basket or a turnover. It's hard to clap, I can't lift my right arm as much, but I'm always pumping my fist. I know I can move that one at least. Its just amazing to be on the bench again.'

On Support Given To Her: 'I haven't had a chance. I mean I received so many things whether its flowers, cards, phone calls, e-mails. I haven't even had a chance to sit down and look at all that stuff and take it all in. I've barely been alone I think since it happened, which is not bad, but at the same time it hasn't really given me a chance to take it all in and just kind of sit back and think about everything that's really happened to me. I think it's going to take me a long time and I know I'm going to have highs and lows, and I know that, but I can't say it enough, I'm here. They saved my life and whether it takes me two months to read everything and take it all in or two years or 10 years, it's going to take a long time probably. It's going to be nice just to see how much everyong has supported me. The prayers, everything, it's been unreal.'

On her relationship now with her teammates: 'We're as close as we could ever be. They gave me CPR, how close can you get? (laughing) We're as close as we'll ever be and we'll stay that way forever. I think it's something that will carry on the rest of our lives.'

Forward Emily Autrey
On What She's Learned From Kayla:
'I think the most important thing I learned is you can't take anything for granted. Most of us are healthy, Kayla thought she was fine and all of a sudden it's something that's taken away from you. No matter what you do whether it's play basketball or your job or whatever, I think you have got to make the most of it. That's what I learned from it.'

On Playing For Kayla: 'She's just a great player. She has so many steals. She's just a presence out there, but its just so great having her back. We played for her, you know we went down there [USC and UCLA] for her. It's just great to have her back and we're still playing for her.'

On Kayla's Presence: 'I think the main thing tonight was just having Kayla with us. It's different when you're playing for her and she's not there, but just to have her there it just pumped up up, it pumped me up. We just went out there and gave it everything.'

Guard Giuliana Mendiola
On tonights' game being her birthday:
'I was just out there trying to have fun and win the ball game for Kayla and when I score 22 points or if I score zero, as long as we win the game. Our team was happy and that's all I care for. The 22 points is for my sister. January 7, she turned 22. Happy birthday to her and my twin brother.'

On helping Kayla: 'I don't look back and say 'Whoa I can't believe I acted,' it's just getting her better. I'm not amazed at what I did. I definitely look back and say whoa, I can't believe what we went through. That night was teamwork at its best. A bunch of girls in one house with our focus just to get our teammate better. We just saw the way she was, she just needed our help, I'm just glad we were there to give it to her.'

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