Washington vs. Arizona Postgame Quotes

Jan. 11, 2003

Head Coach June Daugherty
On Defense:
'Defense, defense, defense. I mean we got the stops we needed to get back in the 2nd half. With what energy we had left out there the kids definitely put it to the defensive end. We're fortunate to win this game. Arizona played a great game. Kristen had a great tip-in at the end off Giuliana's (Mendiola) miss.

On The Win: 'I'm just so excited for these kids being through what they've been through and we were definitely drained out there the entire game and somehow they dig down inside and find a way to do this. It's just a great win and we're really proud of everybody.'

On Fatigue: 'In the walkthrough yesterday they didn't really have their legs. Bags under their eyes, the whole bit. Fortunately they were mentally sharp enough to focus in and break down their traps and some of the things that Arizona threw at us at the end. I don't know where they're finding it, I really don't. But I'm glad they do.'

On Kayla Burt's Inspiration: 'You saw the kids surrounding Kayla. They're playing for her and it's an awesome thing.'

On Defensive Adjustments: 'At halftime Sunny talked about defensive adjustments on the boards and I think the kids were definitely a step quicker in the 2nd half and at getting a hand up on the shooters and force them a little bit out of rhythm. Defense won the game. 59 points, when you hold a team like Arizona somehow to 59 points it's an amazing feat.'

On Final Minute: 'I would've liked to have seen us box out the first rebound, but we didn't. We don't put our heads down. We showed our maturity and showed our leadership, our fortitude. And we were able to put our heads down and get the second rebound. Kristen had the hard push. We're gonna go right into our attack and we're competent that the kids are going to find the open player. We're gonna let them go and they make great decisions.'

On Kristen O'Neill: 'Kristen, tip-in of the year, that was awesome. She had a big game, they all did. She was our leading scorer of the game with 17. 9 rebounds, nothing bigger than the last one.'

On Team's Focus: 'Well you look at Arizona State last night and Arizona tonight and they're playing 6 players. I don't think it's anything more than it's more emotional right now. In everything that these kids have been asked to do, with what they've had to go through. You have to remember that these are young people. I don't know how they're finding their energy and their focus I really mean that. They're amazing me and they're inspirational. Every day they come and they're ready to go and they sometime kind of clear out their minds for that hour or two and give us their best effort.'

On Depth: 'At the beginning of the year we were able to play a lot of kids. We sat in here and said 'Can we go 9, 10 deep? This is great kids are getting minutes.' Well it's a good thing because Gioconda Mendiola, Sarah Keeler, Kristen (O'Neill) now in the starting line-up. Cheryl Sorenson, those guys are able to go in there and really play big for us. And we're just going to keep going and hopefully get Kellie (Dalan) back soon.'

Center Andrea Lalum
On Shawntinice Polk:
'She's a great player. It's always nice going up against someone my size. Usually I go up against someone who is six feet or six one, and it was nice to guard someone who I could match up against.

On Team Energy: 'I think we're just pulling together and were defenitely using each other. Some of us don't have it one day and then some of us do. We try to pull it from where we can.'

On Missing Kayla: 'It's been hard for those who have been close to her. I mean we're all pretty close to her, some girls we're real close to her and it defenitely drains them not to see her out there, but that's where we find our inspriation. Each one of us has a lot of stuff goin on in our lives. A lot of stuff the media doesn't know about, which tugs on our eimotions and our time. June only asks for two hours a day and that's what we give her.'

Kristen O'Neill
On Last Second Tip:
'I was just trying to crash the boards. I saw a shot go up which I thought was going in and when it rolled off I was right there to put it in.'

On Coming Back After Missing Last Second Free Throws: 'I owed it to my teammates, I mean you can't miss clutch free throws like that. I was just happy that I could come back and help my team. You have to hand it to every single person on our team, whether on the court or on the bench, everyone pulled together as a team. We didn't stop fighting until the very end and that's what one the game for us. It wan't my tip at the end, it was everyone effort put together.'

On Team's Energy: 'We're just playing with a lot of heart right now. We're playing for Kayla and we're playing for each other, and that's how the game should be played. It's a team game and it's everyone working together, and we're just pulling on each other right now and everyone's giving everything they have and it's working for us, so I think if we continue to play together and work as hard as we possibly can it's gonna be an awesome season for us.'

On Missed Free Throws: 'You can't draw on mistakes. Obviously if we would have lost I would have kicked myself, but you can't draw mistakes. I was just trying to go out there and play as hard a I can for my teammates and I'm glad it worked out for us, but I will continue to keep working on my freethrows.'

On Confidence: 'I think my biggest thing right now is going out there and playing really as hard as I can and not worrying about making mistakes. I think earlier on in the season I was playing hard, but I was a little to focused on that and I think it showed.'

On Fans: 'We love our fans, they are awesome. They are a sixth person out there on the floor and we love how they come out every game and rally around our team and come out to support us. They help give us that fire too, we're not only playing hard for each other, but we're playing hard for the fans too.'

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