Washington vs. Oregon Postgame Quotes

Jan. 23, 2003

Head Coach June Daugherty
On Rebounding:
'We're excited. One of the things we were obviously focusing on all week was improving our rebounding and to be +12 against a big front line like Oregon is exciting. It's definitely progress; we're just looking to improve right now. It's pretty good stuff to see these players step up and get it done on game day.'

On Loree Payne's Game: 'She's back! We've talked about it as a team we've been a little step behind offensively, going through two starters being out of the line-up. Loree is one of the purest shooters in the country; I've always believed that. Fortunately for Loree she knew we all had confidence in her; teammates, her coaches, the fans. The big thing is Loree doesn't stop shooting and that's what good shooters have to do is keep shooting and find your way back. It was great to see her get on tonight and play the way she did.'

On Kellie Dalan's Return: 'I about came unglued when she got that first (offensive) board, scored and got the foul. That's the toughness in the post that we've dearly missed. The rebounding, going down there. Kellie will mix it up with you; she'll get physical. She went right out there and said 'This is the way we play guys, this is how we do it.' And it was really exciting. We got the clearance right after the shoot-around today so hopefully her foot will confine to improve and we'll get more and more minutes out of her.'

On Kristen O'Neill's Game: '[Kellie Dalan's] little sister was kind of hogging the boards there. Kristen had an unbelievable game. You look at the stats and how many times did she seal off the backside board and come up big and get us in our running game. I thought defensively she gave a lot of problems to Oregon with her pressure on the basketball. It's so fun to see us get stops or get rebounds and get in our running game and whether it's Giuliana (Mendiola) or Kristen just throwing the long pass to teammates filling lanes. It's exciting basketball, I enjoyed it.'

Forward Kellie Dalan
On first game back:
'Awesome, there's nothing else to say. It was a long break and now I'm back. It's going to feel one hundred percent no matter what. I'm still trying to strengthen it. I was only given ten minutes to play tonight, so hopefully that'll climb next game.'

On helping with rebounding: 'I don't get that many rebounds on the stat sheet, but I know that I box out and I try to bring a physical presence. A couple of our posts were doing that, but some of us weren't, so I hope that's something I helped out with.'

Guard Kristen O'Neill
On rebounding performance:
'Obviously, after our last game we needed to pick it up on the boards and I was trying to do everything I could to help my team out in that area. Go in there and be physical. It's all about who wants it more.'

On Giuliana Mendiola's reverse lay-in: 'Leave it to Giuli. She does everything for this team. She gets the crowd into it and gets everybody fired up. We were playing hard, but it's plays like that that make you go all the more.'

Guard Loree Payne
On shooting performance:
'My mindset coming into the game was forget everything in the past. We wrote on the board: 'history is what you make tomorrow, it's not about the past'. I think the mindset going in, 'yeah, we took a loss at Stanford, we learned a lot about our team, we got a weakness exposed'. We were able to fix that and come out plus twelve on the boards this game. You have to forget about the past and the prior game. You have to come out and play like you've never played before. The games are getting limited as far as what I have left. The seniors are starting to feel that way. We're going out every game and playing it like it's our last because pretty soon it's going to be.'

On making her first shot: 'I think you build a lot of confidence when you do hit that first one. The last couple games I've missed that first shot. Even though you try to not let it bother you, it's in your mind a little bit. I think our team really utilized the drive lanes and was able to sink the defense in a little bit and get some kick-outs and open shots on the perimeter.'

On UW, Oregon rivalry: 'Everyone knows the history between the Dawgs and the Ducks. Everytime we play them, it's a little bit different of a game. We knew they were coming up here and we're really excited to go down to Eugene, but we have a lot of business to take care of between now and then.'

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