Swimmers Match Season Mark

Feb. 1, 2003

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State (12-2, 2-2) tied the school record for dual meet victories in a season with a 102-84 victory over Washington State Saturday in Pacific-10 Conference women's swimming action at Stevens Natatorium.

'It's nice to have that, but from a coaching standpoint, it doesn't make that much difference in the overall scheme of things,' OSU head coach Mariusz Podkoscielny said about matching the 1979-80 team's season win total of 12. 'It is important that we swim against tough competition. Our record wouldn't change a whole lot of things with what we do at Pac-10s and NCAAs.'

Kristin Huston led the Beavers with two first place finishes. The sophomore won the 50- and 100- yard freestyles. Birte Steven finished first in the 1,000 freestyle and set a pool record in the 200 breaststroke with a time of 2:15.05.

Mari Embertson (400 individual medley) and Naya Higashijima (200 freestyle) also had event wins for Oregon State, which finished 4-0 in home meets this season.

Before Saturday's meet, Oregon State honored seniors Paula Finlay, Higashijima, Jillian McMinn and Suzanne Starkey who participated in the final home meet of their career.

'They were the ones that came here four years ago and helped build the program to where it is now,' Podkoscielny said. 'Anytime you have a group of seniors like that it is hard to see them go. I told them that it will be easier to replace the swimmers that we are losing, but it will be impossible to replace the people. They are quality student-athletes.'

Oregon State completes the dual meet portion of its season when it travels to face Washington Saturday, Jan. 8. The Huskies won last year's meet on the final event to beat the Beavers 132-130.

'There is always hype about going against UW,' Podkoscielny said. 'They are ranked No. 22 and there is an additional twist in that we've never beaten them. It's just going to be another meet for us. This is the best team that we've had going against Washington, and it is a meet I think that we have a chance at winning.'


Oregon State 102, Washington State 84

400 MEDLEY RELAY- 1. Oregon State A (Pacebutaite, Finlay, Starkey, Huston) 3:53.83; 2. Washington State A (Chinn, Copeland, Henahan, Ouellette) 3:58.60; 3. Oregon State B (Miroslaw, Embertson, Schaab, Thomas) 4:09.87; 4. Washington State B (Schm). 1,000 FREESTYLE - 1. Birte Steven, OSU, 10:17.60; 2. Kristi Kuhlmey, OSU, 10:31.42; 3. Jill Olson, WSU, 10:36.41; 4. Leanne Svoboda, OSU, 11:23.80. 200 FREESTYLE - 1. Naya Higashijima, OSU, 1:53.95; 2. Sara Schmied, WSU, 1:55.88; 3. Paula Finlay, OSU, 1:55.91; 4. Danielle Kinney, OSU, 1:56.25; 5. Sasha Taylor, WSU, 1:59.53; 6. Andrea Lubeck, WSU, 2:14.76; Christina Kinney, OSU, x1:59.28. 50 FREESTYLE - 1. Kristin Huston, OSU, 23.64; 2. Suzanne Starkey, OSU, 25.02; 3. Sara Schmied, WSU, 1:55.88; 4. Ausra Pacebutaite, OSU, 25.47; 5. Natascha Renfro, WSU, 26.49; 6. Theresa Dunn, WSU, 26.63; 7. Ashleigh Thomas, OSU, 26.68; Chelsea Keown, OSU, x26.94; Lynsey Foree, OSU, x26.97; Anna Zucker, OSU, x29.65. 400 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY - 1. Mari Embertson, OSU, 4:33.28; 2. Leah Schaab, OSU, 4:33.35; 3. Monika Miroslaw, OSU, 4:35.23; 4. Jane Copland, WSU, 4:35.92; 5. Nicole Chinn, WSU, 4:55.44; 6. Karen Eldred, WSU; 5:04.07; Jessie Hong, OSU, x4:36.70. 200 BUTTERFLY - 1. Naya Higashijima, OSU, 2:03.98; 2. Christina Kinney, OSU, 2:08.46; 3. Monica Miroslaw, OSU, 2:10.72; 4. Sheena Mills, WSU, 2:13.82; 5. Nicole Chinn, WSU, 2:22.49; 6. Jill Olson, WSU, 2:23.86; Jillian McMinn, OSU, x2:14.76. 100 FREESTYLE - 1. Kristin Huston, OSU, 53.47; 2. Lindsay Henahan, WSU, 53.77; 3. Suzanne Starkey, OSU, 54.62; 4. Lesley Ouelette, WSU, 56.48; 5. Lynsey Foree, OSU 56.87; 6. Chelsea Keown, OSU, 58.55. 200 BACKSTROKE - 1. 1. Sasha Taylor, WSU, 2:10.67; 2. Nicole Chinn, WSU, 2:16.97; 3. Therresa Dunn, WSU, 2:19.31; Ausra Pacebutiate, OSU x2:07.14; Jessie Hong, OSU, x2:09.16; Ashleigh Thomas, OSU x2:10.93; Andrea Lubeck, WSU, x2:31.27. 500 FREESTYLE - 1. Jill Olson, WSU, 5:13.88; 2. Becca Cohen, WSU, 5:15.87; Naya Higashijima, OSU, x5:00.63; Kristi Kuhlmey, OSU, x5:09.86; Danielle Kinney, OSU, x5:32.96; Leanne Svoboda, x5:32.96. 200 BREASTSTROKE - 1. Jane Copland, WSU, 2:20.35; 2. Lesley Ouellette, WSU, 2:30.41; 3. Karen Eldred, WSU, 2:41.02; Birte Steven, OSU, x2:15.05; Paula Finlay, OSU, x2:21.42; Mari Embertson, OSU, x2:25.04; Leah Schaab, OSU, x2:29.46. 400 FREESTYLE RELAY - 1. Washington State A (Schmied, Henahan, Mills, Cohen) 3:36.39; Oregon State A (Pacebutaite, Starkey, Huston, Higashijima) x3:36.72; Oregon State B (Kuhlmey, C. Kinney, D. Kinney, Hong) x3:38.20; Washington State B (Chinn, Dunn, Renfro, Taylor) x3:47.55.

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